Sailing in Style: Luxury Yacht Experiences around Saint Tropez

Sailing in Style: Luxury Yacht Experiences around Saint Tropez

Embarking on a summer adventure to Saint Tropez by yacht, whether your own or a chartered yacht, is an unparalleled example of decadence and freedom. The Mediterranean coastline of St Tropez, renowned for its starlit culture and breathtaking scenery, becomes even more beautiful when approached from sea. One can instantly spot their arrival to the port of St Tropez when they catch a glimpse of the bright red canopies of the iconic Café Senequier. Chartering a yacht offers the flexibility to explore hidden coves and bustling marinas at your leisure, while joining the prestigious maritime events that Saint Tropez is famous for. From the glamour of exclusive summer yacht parties to the excitement of internationally renowned regattas such as Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, the town transforms into a haven for yacht enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable blend of high-end leisure and nautical prestige.

Can I charter a luxury yacht to travel to and from St Tropez?

charter yacht yachting saint tropez france
The yacht-filled bay of Saint Tropez

Yes, it is possible to charter a yacht to and from Saint Tropez. This is, in fact, the preferred method of travel and transportation for a number of St Tropez House guests as it avoids the traffic of the high season and is by far the most picturesque and prestigious manner to arrive in Saint Tropez. Spend leisurely days in the bay of Saint Tropez, enjoying watersports and fun under the Tropezien sun, and then head back to your luxury rental villa to prepare for evening festivities in St Tropez centre.

Ask your St Tropez House rental specialist to assist you with chartering a private yacht to or from Saint Tropez.

Can I arrive via private or chartered yacht to Saint Tropez?

Yes, visitors can certainly arrive in Saint Tropez via private or chartered yacht. This method of arrival is preferred among guests seeking a luxurious and scenic approach to the French Riviera during their summer getaway. Saint Tropez’s harbours are well-equipped to accommodate yachts of various sizes, offering an elegant and convenient way to reach the town. Arriving by yacht provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the stunning coastal views and access the heart of Saint Tropez directly by sea.

How long does it take to charter a yacht from Monaco to St Tropez?

The distance by sea between Monaco and Saint Tropez is approximately 60 nautical miles. The duration of a yacht charter from Monaco to Saint Tropez can vary depending on several factors including the speed of the yacht, the chosen route, and sea conditions. It can take anywhere from 2-6 hours to journey via yacht from Monaco to St Tropez.

Why is St Tropez a premier destination for yachting enthusiasts?

Saint Tropez is regarded as a top yachting destination due to its idyllic setting on the French Riviera, which offers both stunning natural beauty and a lavish atmosphere. The town’s marinas are equipped to accommodate a wide range of yachts, from sleek, modern vessels to classic sailboats. Additionally, Saint Tropez hosts prestigious sailing events like Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, attracting sailing enthusiasts from around the world each year. The town’s blend of exclusive clubs, high-end dining, and famous beach beaches further enhances its appeal to the yachting community, making it a much-desired location for maritime leisure.

Are there boating events in or around Saint Tropez?

pampelonne ramatuelle charter private yacht
The 3 mile stretch of Pampelonne Beach in Ramatuelle

Saint Tropez and its surroundings host a variety of prestigious sailing events throughout the year, attracting sailing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Notable regatta events include:

  • France Sail Grand Prix: Known for “Sensation & Adrenalin,” this event is a highlight in the sailing calendar, showcasing high-speed racing and thrilling competitions.
  • Rolex Giraglia: This classic race is a prestigious challenge in the sailing world, drawing competitive sailors for a week of intense racing.
  • Bailli de Suffren Trophy: This traditional regatta first began in 2001 and is named after the 18th-century French admiral Pierre André de Suffren de St Tropez. It is known as “The gentlemen’s race” and runs from Saint Tropez to Malta.
  • Les Voiles de Saint Tropez: This is the sailing world’s flagship event, it brings together classic and modern boats in a spectacular display of maritime skill and is highly-anticipated each year.

What is Les Voiles de St Tropez?

Les Voiles de St Tropez is a prestigious international sailing event held in Saint Tropez. It was first organised in 1999 by the Société Nautique de Saint Tropez and it marks a gathering of both classic boats, some over a hundred years old, and ultra-modern vessels, showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful boats. The event is renowned for its spirit of fair play, adhering to the motto: “the best regattas on the water and the best atmosphere on land”.  Approximately 250 boats participate in this event, bringing together a blend of tradition and cutting-edge sailing technology​ to the shores of St Tropez.

When and where does Les Voiles de St Tropez take place?

Les Voiles de St Tropez takes place in late September to early October each year in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. This prestigious sailing regatta brings together the best sailors and nautical enthusiasts from around the globe to share in a week of competitive racing and social events, both on water and on land. It’s known for its spectacular setting and the festive atmosphere it creates in the town of Saint Tropez.

Can I rent a villa in St Tropez close to Les Voiles de Saint Tropez?

yachting saint tropez luxury lifestyle charter
Yes, there are a selection of luxurious waterfront villas for rent in the St Tropez House collection. Below is St Tropez House’s top choice rental villas to book for Les Voiles de Saint Tropez:


agape les parcs saint tropez luxury villa rental
Villa Agape is a beautiful 400m2 holiday villa for rent in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. Located only 7 minutes from St Tropez centre and its bustling port, this 5 bedroom villa features chic interior designs, an outdoor fitness area and a heated 14m x 5m swimming pool to enjoy during the cooler months of Les Voiles de St Tropez.

Water’s Edge

waters edge saint tropez luxury villa rent

Villa Waters Edge is a stunning rental villa located in the private gated domain, Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. Enjoying direct access to the sea and gorgeous sea views, this 6 bedroom villa features an infinity swimming pool and its own helipad.


sunset saint tropez belle isnarde villa rental
Villa Sunset is a 650m2 luxury villa located in the private domain La Belle Isnarde, walking distance to St Tropez centre and the action of Les Voiles de St Tropez. This 6 bedroom property is the ideal choice for participants and spectators of the prestigious sailing events which take place in Saint Tropez and features a fully-equipped fitness centre and jacuzzi.

Off-market villas

off market rental villas waterfront saint tropez

The St Tropez House collection is proud to offer an exclusive selection of off-market villas for rent in St Tropez. These lavish rental estates feature such extraordinary amenities as private tennis courts, helipads, unparalleled sea views and vast gardens offering total privacy. For more information about off-market rental villas in St Tropez contact St Tropez House.

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