The ideal selection of rental villas in St Tropez for cyclists

The ideal selection of rental villas in St Tropez for cyclists

Stunning trails through coastal roads, urban areas and past picturesque Provence vineyards await cyclists visiting St Tropez for a summer getaway. Known for some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, the South of France, and more specifically the village of St Tropez, offers an ideal layout and infrastructure to welcome cyclists to enjoy its beauty each season.

St Tropez House explores important information and questions to know when visiting St Tropez on a cycling holiday:

What are some popular cycling routes in and around Saint Tropez for cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels?

Saint-Tropez and its surrounding areas offer a fantastic variety of cycling routes which cater to enthusiasts of all skill levels, from leisurely rides to challenging climbs. The routes cyclists can choose in around St Tropez include coastal rides and scenic paths along Pampelonne Beach; this is a great option for families and riders of all levels interested in taking a leisurely ride to enjoy the beauty of the South of France. Another lovely cycling path is that which takes riders from Saint Tropez to Ramatuelle village. This is a picturesque path which goes through local vineyards and provides the chance to explore the charming village of Ramatuelle. This path is hilly and therefore is best suited to intermediate cyclists. Advanced cyclists can choose instead a more challenging course which is the circuit of the Capes. This is a full-day ride of challenging routes which take riders through Cap Taillat, Cap Camarat, and Cap Lardier.

Each of these routes offers a unique way to experience the natural beauty and charm of the Saint Tropez and Var region, from its stunning coastlines to its lush inland areas.

Why is St Tropez a top summer holiday location for cyclists?

Saint Tropez is a top summer holiday location for cyclists for a combination of reasons, such as amazing landscapes, diverse terrain, favourable climate and cyclist-friendly infrastructure. These factors make Saint Tropez not just a premier destination for beach club enthusiasts and luxury travelers, but also a paradise for cyclists looking for an enriching and active summer holiday experience.

How does the terrain in and around Saint Tropez vary for cyclists, and what should riders expect in terms of difficulty?

The terrain around Saint Tropez offers a diverse range of cycling experiences, varying in difficulty to cater to cyclists of all levels. It includes coastal flatlands which are flat and smooth, rolling hills around vineyards and in local areas moving away from the coast. Advanced cyclists looking for an adventure and to train for full days can also choose to travel a short distance from St Tropez to the Massif des Maures mountain range to complete the circuit of the Capes.

Why is cycling a top family activity when renting a villa in Saint Tropez?

Cycling stands out as a top family activity when renting a villa in Saint Tropez for several reasons, making it an appealing choice for families seeking both recreation and relaxation. The cycling paths in and around St Tropez offer an ideal setting for scenic exploration and quality family time. Whether it’s discovering hidden gems off the beaten path or enjoying a picnic in a picturesque spot, cycling in St Tropez with family is sure to leave lasting impressions and memories of summer fun.

What are the best times of year for cycling in the Saint Tropez region in terms of weather and tourist traffic?

The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn offer the best balance of pleasant weather and lower tourist traffic, making them the most favourable times for cycling in Saint Tropez. The beautiful summer months (July and August) are often hot and coincide with the peak tourist season, leading to crowded roads and cycling paths. Summer is still a perfect time for cycling however it’s advisable to plan for early morning or late evening rides when it’s cooler and less crowded.

Can I rent a bicycle and/or electric bicycle in St Tropez?

Yes, there are a selection of trusted bike rental companies which St Tropez House refers guests to for the rental of regular and/or electric bicycles. Ask your St Tropez House rental expert to assist you in renting the bicycles of your choice for you and your guests when renting a luxury villa in St Tropez this season.

What are the road safety conditions for cyclists in Saint Tropez, and are there any specific local cycling regulations to be aware of?

The road safety conditions for cyclists in Saint Tropez are generally very good, but like any popular tourist destination, there are certain aspects that cyclists should be aware of to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience The roads in and around Saint Tropez are well-maintained, especially the main routes.

During the peak tourist season (summer months), the roads can become quite busy, especially in the town center and along the coast. During these sunny days cyclists should remain on the designated cycling paths to enjoy their ride in total comfort and security.

What are the best villas for rent in St Tropez with easy access to cycling routes?

St Tropez House hosts a selection of luxury rental villas in St Tropez which are located within close proximity to cycling routes. See below the top choice villas to rent for cyclists:

La Vigna

la vigna villa rental pampelonne
The picturesque outdoor living spaces of La Vigna in Pampelonne

Villa La Vigna is a newly renovated neo-Provençal villa located in Pampelonne, within walking distance to top beach clubs such as Nikki and Club 55. This beautiful, 5 bedroom villa features floor-to-ceiling bay windows in the main living area which leave the villa drenched in golden sunlight throughout the day. This villa is located within walking and cycling distance to scenic coastal cycling paths.

La Ferrera

laferrera capon saint tropez villa rental
The living room of villa La Ferrera designed by India Mahdavi

Villa Ferrera is an exceptional estate located in Le Capon, Saint Tropez. Surrounded by lush green landscapes, this designer villa (envisioned entirely by India Mahdavi) features 9 lavish guest bedrooms, a fitness area, private cinema room and tennis court. This villa is located in a quiet residential area, perfect for exploration via bicycle.

La Bella Vita

bella vita les parcs sttropez villa rental
The lush surroundings of villa La Bella Vita in Les Parcs de St Tropez

Located in the highly-sought after gated community, Les Parcs de Saint Tropez, is the beautiful villa La Bella Vita. This 650m2 villa enjoys breathtaking sea views and a large heated infinity swimming pool. It features 6 guest bedrooms and is located within a cycle-friendly community from which it is easy to access the cycling routes of St Tropez.

For more information about top villas to rent in Saint Tropez contact St Tropez House via their website or Instagram page.

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