The best transport in St Tropez by land, air and sea

The best transport in St Tropez by land, air and sea

Need a run-down of the best ways to traverse St Tropez? Whether you’re looking for an airport transfer, want to explore the stunning surroundings of your villa or would like to enjoy a waterborne trip from the beach, our handy guide to the best transport in St Tropez can help.

The best transport in St Tropez


For short trips getting around St Tropez and the surrounding peninsula, taxis provide a convenient and economical option. Travel by taxi offers a window-seat view of the gorgeous local scenery as you weave along winding local roads through the countryside and small villages to your destination.

Taxi companies operate 24/7 all year round in the French Riviera, offering top-of-the-range vehicles to accommodate multiple passengers, along with reliable and professional drivers. In addition to the traditional taxi services, Uber also serves St Tropez and is available at the tap of an app on your phone. However, due to the limited number of Ubers in St Tropez wait times can often be longer than a traditional taxi service, and prices are typically the same, which is why we recommend taxis for a seamless travel experience.

If you fancy a more adventurous foray to surrounding towns such as St Maxime or Port Grimaud, water taxis are available (weather permitting) up to four times per hour for much of the year. The shortest of these journeys take just 15 minutes and is bound to offer additional excitement for younger passengers.

Private chauffeur

A private chauffeur service represents a premium option for transport in St Tropez. Luxury limousines offer best-in-class comfort and quality, as well as an appropriate wow-factor for those who plan to frequent the prestige beach and polo clubs that inhabit the St Tropez locale. By hiring a private chauffeur and limousine, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you have a dedicated driver on hand to suit your own personal transport needs in any eventuality.

Helicopter hire

Chartering your own helicopter offers a unique and unparalleled experience for getting around St Tropez – not only in terms of speed of travel but also the unique and spectacular views of the local area it provides. One of the most common helicopter flight options is a transfer from nearby airports to your villa or yacht, but bespoke journeys can be made to any accessible destination through prior arrangement.

Helicopter charter companies offer transfers from major airports such as Nice and Toulon to much closer and more conveniently located private airports including La Mole and Mandelieu-Cannes. Landing times in the St Tropez area are restricted by the French authorities to the hours of 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 8 p.m., however, it is possible to land without restriction between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. at St Tropez La Mole airport, just 35 minutes by car from the centre of St Tropez.

In addition to private airports, helicopters can land on a helipad or large grassy area, with St Tropez offering a plethora of spots for a helicopter to touch down at, ensuring getting around St Tropez is effortless. Popular touchdown spots include the elegant Tahiti Beach and the beautiful Les Parcs de St Tropez.

Of course, one of the huge benefits of travelling by helicopter is that you can avoid the stresses and strains of traffic congestion, which can be significant during peak season.

Private jets in St Tropez_Private plane at sunsed

Private jets

Private jets offer the ultimate indulgent way to travel into St Tropez. Many of the world’s wealthiest who are travelling from further afield opt to travel by private jet. Private jets offer the ultimate hassle-free travel experience, coupled with six-star service in the sky. They can be chartered throughout the year, and accommodate parties of a range of sizes.

There are travel options available in St Tropez to suit all budgets, lifestyles and preferences. Luckily, those who choose to stay in one of our villas for rent in St Tropez will benefit from an exclusive (delete: 24-hour) concierge service, always on hand to cater for all your transport needs. Get in touch to find out more about our luxurious home rentals.

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