Visiting St Tropez This Summer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know For A Safe Holiday

Visiting St Tropez This Summer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know For A Safe Holiday

The COVID-19 situation in St Tropez is constantly changing, with the government doing everything it can to keep citizens and visitors safe. You are still very welcome to visit and enjoy the beautiful French Riviera, however you will need to take some extra precautions.

COVID Update For St Tropez Visitors

Wearing a mask

Masks are now obligatory everywhere in St Tropez centre, including while you are strolling the streets or browsing the markets. This is necessary for everyone from the age of 11 upwards. People who don’t wear a mask face a €135 fine. 

Also please remember that it is still important to practice social distancing when you are out and about – you need to keep a 1m distance between yourself and others.

Some beach club & restaurant closures

There are still plenty of beach clubs and restaurants that are open for your enjoyment, such as the iconic Club 55, however a few have had to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Moorea, Verde Beach and Indie Beach House are currently closed. The world-famous Senequier cafe has shut for the next two weeks after a COVID outbreak amongst staff, and restaurants Pablo and Noto are also currently closed to the public. 

If you need a restaurant or beach club recommendation, our concierge will be happy to assist.

Two week quarantine if returning to the UK

It has been announced travellers returning to the UK from France will face a two week quarantine from 4am BST on 15th August. Upon coming back to the UK, holidaymakers must go straight to their home and stay there for 14 days in order to prevent the virus spreading.

How to enjoy your St Tropez holiday

How to enjoy your St Tropez holiday

Luckily, with St Tropez House there is plenty to entertain you and your family and friends without even leaving the villa. Most of our properties offer luxury amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, luscious gardens and comfortable living areas ideal for relaxing and watching movies together. You can rest assured that we have been following the highest standards of cleaning and disinfecting, in order to make your stay with us safe.  

We can arrange for live-in staff, including a chef and butler, to cater to your every need, plus online food deliveries as required. We can also arrange private transport to allow you to see the sights of St Tropez in a protected environment. 

We hope that we will see you in St Tropez very soon, and look forward to hosting you.

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