An Influencer’s Guide to an Enviable St Tropez Instagram

An Influencer’s Guide to an Enviable St Tropez Instagram

Today on the blog we interview Hanushka Toni, a Monaco influencer on approaching St Tropez with a travel blogger’s mindset and how to create that perfect St Tropez Instagram feed.

How do you create the perfect St Tropez Instagram?

St Tropez is the quintessential Riviera resort. Its charming Provencal architecture, sunworn houses and peeling walls make it  deeply Instagrammable. My advice would be not to get hung up on curating the perfect feed, which can feel manufactured and to instead focus on conveying the real side of St Tropez as you experience it.

What are your favourite places in St Tropez?

Each year my friends rent a villa on Pampelonne Beach, in Ramatuelle. It’s a bit of a hidden gem with this endless infinity pool and ancient Cedar trees which give off this incredible fragrance. It’s close to everything including the beach clubs – so we end up having one too many brunches and all the things that go with it!


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How do you take the perfect Instagram photo?

There’s a really cool trick I learnt from a fellow travel blogger and it’s quite counter-intuitive. Essentially, you shouldn’t look with your eyes because the camera interprets visuals quite differently. So you should essentially use the camera to pan your surroundings and find the perfect shot before you actually take it. It works a charm.

Are there any under-the-radar St Tropez places you can recommend?

As popular as St Tropez is, there are of course great places to check out that aren’t on the tourist trail. St Tropez cemetery is known for its still tranquil beauty, the views from the Citadel are unmatched and the  Maison des Papillons (a butterfly house with 35,000 species of exotic butterflies) is pretty quirky.

What are the most beautiful places to stay in St Tropez?

It can be incredibly difficult to book a hotel in season – so I always prefer to rent a villa in Saint Tropez. I like the sense of home it gives you and also that I can have friends and family stay at any given moment.

rent villa near pampelonne beach

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