Gigi: The new ‘IT’ spot to be on Pampelonne beach this summer 2021!

Gigi: The new ‘IT’ spot to be on Pampelonne beach this summer 2021!

It’s all about Gigi

Visitors from all over the world who love to soak in the Saint Tropez sun during the summer months should prepare themselves to experience the new ‘IT’ spot in Pampelonne this season, the name on everyone’s lips is……Gigi!
This sophisticated new establishment remains very exclusive, without ample amounts of publicity or information currently being shared about it thus making it all the more attractive to VIP guests.
Gigi embodies the elegance of Italy, sharing with its guests the beauty of Italian flavors, design and hospitality under the Saint Tropez sun. Its features include a restaurant serving elevated Italian classics, Bellini Bar, Wellness centre, Gigi Circus and a boutique.
Its slogan Alla Grande’ meaning brilliant, is a simplistic description of the pleasures awaiting guests at this exciting new spot in Saint Tropez this summer 2021!

Stay Tuned….

Stay tuned to learn more about St Tropez House’s upcoming visit to Gigi where we will be conducting an interview and receiving a tour of this exclusive new hot spot.
Contact –  Gigi Ramatuelle, – 1050 Chemin des Barraques, 83350 Ramatuelle, – +33 (0)4 22 40 00 30 – Instagram 

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