Bagatelle St Tropez Is Back! Here’s What You Need To Know

Bagatelle St Tropez Is Back! Here’s What You Need To Know

This year, party-goers feared the worst – along with two other clubs, Bagatelle Beach St Tropez was faced with closure following a 2015 decision by local authorities to return Pampelonne Beach to a more natural state. Yet, happily, Bagatelle has won a reprieve, and to celebrate, opened the summer season with one of the most epic 2019 Summer Events In St. Tropez, a Bastille Day party on July 14th. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is Bagatelle St Tropez?

Bagatelle St Tropez may be considered a beach club, but its concept worldwide is of excellent restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine in an informal, south of France-style setting. Such is its popularity that there are now Bagatelle restaurants in Miami and New York, St Barths, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Uruguay’s Punte del Este, Buenes Aires, London, Dubai and Ibiza – with plans to open more.

Bagatelle Beach St Tropez has always been an elegant and stylish gathering-place where guests can lounge around soaking up the sun, enjoy refined Mediterranean cuisine in a chic, French atmosphere, and party to lively music. There really is something for everyone, making it extremely popular with locals, tourists and foodies alike.

bagatelle st tropez beach club

Has the vibe stayed the same?

We were delighted to see this stunning beachfront venue has kept its elegant décor in blues and whites, with a flower-filled dining area with tables for couples and small groups. On the beach, there is the usual generous spread of sun loungers where guests can sip cocktails under the shade of umbrellas, and even romantic white day beds with curtains for extra privacy. Fundamentally, it’s still a glamorous setting for a Riviera lunch where the party never stops, and the staff are friendly, fun and welcoming – after all, if it isn’t broken why fix it?

bagatelle st tropez seafood ceviche

What’s on the 2019 menu?

The restaurant, led by Executive Chef Nicolas Cantrel, continues to offer a sophisticated and extensive menu of Mediterranean cuisine, combining fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

This year’s cold appetizers include lobster Caesar salad, king crab with citrus fruits, and a classic beef tartare, with shallots and capers. There’s a choice of meat or fish Ceviches, and warm appetizers such as Fritto Misto of tiger prawns, calamari and vegetables, and grilled octopus salad.

For a blow-out indulgence to share with friends you could always try the Ossetra Royal Caviar by Petrossian, or platters of sushi, sashimi, maki and California rolls. Other tempting platters range from ribeye beef to Burrata, fisherman’s catch of the day, and grilled spiny lobster.

Signature dishes include Bagatelle’s whole truffled roast chicken, and Tartare de Thon Bagatelle, made with yellowfin tuna tartare, avocado, coriander and a lime soy vinaigrette. Meat lovers will enjoy the rack of lamb, beef tenderloin or sirloin steak, and pasta devotees will appreciate the sea urchin and black truffle caviar linguini.

With a menu like this, Bagatelle St Tropez surely deserves a place on the mythical Pampelonne Beach – long may its presence continue! To really make the most of Bagatelle Beach St Tropez, why not book one of our many villas for rent in Pampelonne beach, meaning you can enjoy this glamorous establishment all summer long.


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