A Curated Collection of Villas for Rent for Art Enthusiasts

A Curated Collection of Villas for Rent for Art Enthusiasts

For decades Saint Tropez has been the source of inspiration for such well-known artists as Paul Signac, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and David Hockney. Captivated by the unique light and natural beauty of St Tropez, artists from all over the world choose this village as their ‘art hub’, setting up Saint Tropez art galleries and exhibitions in this special place. Saint Tropez is home to several top galleries including Galeries Bartoux, Bel Air Fine Art Gallery and Galeries Orlinski. Saint Tropez artists have significantly influenced the allure of Saint Tropez.

How is art chosen for luxury rental villas in St Tropez?

The art which adorns luxury rental properties is chosen for a wide range of reasons, from its contribution to the pure aesthetics and ambiance of a villa to being able to create a cultural connection or even strong emotional impact; a curated selection of art has the power to elevate the villa rental experience in Saint Tropez to a whole new level.

Each villa in the St Tropez House collection has a unique identity and character in which architecture, geography, layout and especially art play an essential role. Some villas however stand out when it comes to their exquisitely curated collection of art which adorns the inside and outside of the property and adds to the striking, one of a kind beauty of the villa.

The three stunning villas below have been chosen by St Tropez House CEO Emilia Jedamska specially for clients with a close affinity and appreciation for art:

Villa Ama: a haven of contemporary art

villa for rent pampelonne contemporary art

Villa Ama is a 500m2 luxury villa in Pampelonne, built around the priceless works of art it contains. The 7 bedrooms, outdoor cinema, and fitness area are impressive amenities in themselves; however, the 100,000m2 garden adorned with incredible sculptures is what art enthusiasts will truly appreciate.

Sharing a likeness to renting your own personal contemporary art museum; villa Ama boasts pieces from acclaimed American artist Jeff Koons. Koons’ signature and controversial blend of neo-pop aesthetics and high-end art is displayed at the heart of villa Ama with his ‘Ballerinas’ sculpture. So captivating is this sculpture that it has been put on display in the center of the main living space, as if the villa was built purposely around it. This sculpture speaks to the same style as his famous ‘Seated Ballerina’ inflatable sculpture, which was displayed at the Rockefeller Center in New York City in 2017 and aimed at raising awareness around child safety and abduction prevention.

bellerina jeff koons villa rental st tropez ama
‘Ballerinas’ by Jeff Koons

Another notable artistic gem on display at Villa Ama is Ugo Rondinone’s ‘Miami Mountain’. This vibrant and impressive piece by Swiss contemporary artist Rondinone weighs 40 tons and is reminiscent of a larger exhibition of similar works called ‘Seven Magic Mountains’, which was displayed in Las Vegas in 2016 against the stark backdrop of the desert. This stunning piece of art adorns the manicured gardens of Villa Ama and stands as an artistic beacon overlooking the sea.

saint tropez rental villas priceless art
‘Miami Mountain’ by Ugo Rondinone

Influential English artist Damien Hirst is also among the top artists whose work was selected to display at Villa Ama. A large figure in the global art community, Hirst is most well-known for his ‘Natural History’ pieces of animals preserved in formaldehyde and, of course, his ‘Spot Paintings’, which are featured at Villa Ama. These randomly placed, colorful dots are driven by the artist’s fundamental questions about life, death, and the nature of existence, and the series originated in the late 80s during the birth of the Young British Artists (YBA) movement.
Other notable artists at this luxurious villa include Franz West, Ron Arad, and Richard Serra.

Off-Market villa MATISSE: an oasis curated by world-renowned designer India Mahdavi

villa for rent curated india mahdavi

A step back in time to the most glamorous, starlit-filled days of St Tropez are the feelings and atmosphere evoked when stepping into Villa Matisse. Its own work of art, this exceptional 10-bedroom villa boasts a whimsical display of hand-picked vintage furniture, one-of-a-kind tapestries, and a prized sculpture in the sprawling gardens. The panoramic sea view provides the most picturesque backdrop to the carefully cultivated surroundings of this luxury rental villa.

India Mahdavi, acclaimed Iranian architect and designer, has left her distinctive touch on every corner of Villa Matisse, curating a totally unique environment where luxury meets creativity. Mahdavi is known for her ability to blend different cultures and eras, resulting in spaces of eclectic elegance. In designing Villa Matisse, she interweaves the villa’s historical roots with a contemporary flair, ensuring each room tells its own Tropézienne story. The essence of Mahdavi’s design philosophy, rooted in comfort, warmth, and color, is vividly displayed at Villa Matisse.

villa for rent saint tropez contemporary art

villa for rent st tropez contemporary art

Off-Market Villa

off market villa earthy luxury

This off-market rental villa is the embodiment of ‘Earthy Luxury’ interior design. Through the use of natural fabrics, stone floors, organic architecture and carefully curated pieces of art and furniture, this villa is a feast for the eyes at every turn. Sitting on 2 hectares of land overlooking the sea and featuring a private tennis course, this 7 bedroom villa is an artistic masterpiece.

For more information about the St Tropez House collection or to speak with one of our rental experts about your ideal summer villa rental, contact St Tropez House.

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