St Tropez’s Best Kept Secret: Escalet Beach

Escalet Beach St Tropez

Escalet Beach St Tropez


Since 1975, the Conservatoire National du Littoral has been maintaining unique environmental zones of extraordinary beauty along the French coast. A brief stroll along the coastal routes between Cap Taillat and Cap Camarat will tell you why Plage l’Escalet has fallen under their privileged protection.

A myriad of pretty little beaches, coves and rocky inlets along the shore are testament to nature’s great diversity and the Plage l’Escalet’s abundant natural beauty. A far cry from the nearby glamorous but often overcrowded Pampelonne beaches, Plage l’Escalet remains a rare hidden gem of the French Mediterranean, one that is not to be taken for granted. So rare is it to find such a peaceful and wild beach in the congested St Tropez area that a visit to Plage l’Escalet is a bonafied luxury.

Being under the surveillance of the Conservatoire National du Littoral has its advantages. Escalet beach is extremely well maintained and is perhaps the cleanest among the beaches of St Tropez. Away from the beach bars and restaurants elsewhere, all building work is strictly prohibited on the coastline, allowing you to rediscover the nature upon the French Riviera. Here, fish frolic in the sea, crustaceans move busily to and fro about the rocks and Mediterranean birds swirl around, sunning themselves in the southern sun. Snorkelling and diving conditions are ideal and the perfect combination of rocky and sandy beaches makes Escalet beach a treat to indulge all tastes.

So whether you enjoy long romantic coastal walks, pristine shorelines, watersports or nudist beaches, Plage l’Escalet has it all!

If you are willing to stay in a villa next to Escalet Beach next summer, visit this page.



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The Food Fairs of St Tropez in Autumn

French local market

France is a country synonymous with fine dining. From the endless rows of bountiful vineyards to the wild forests of the hinterland, French cuisine is all about making the most of the varied ingredients the nation’s diverse landscape provides them with. In order to do so, all the best French chefs will tell you that you need to visit the local markets for the freshest and finest ingredients. St Tropez House looks at some of the best and most beautiful food markets in the area for you to visit in preparation for the explosion of local produce that autumn brings.

The market season began this year in January with the fifth edition of the Fête de la Truffe. Market stall vendors lined the streets of Grimaud shoulder to shoulder with some of the region’s finest chefs to share with visitors their passion for truffles. Menus were exhibited with a great variety of dishes each with its own inventive twist on truffle based dishes. In spite of the rain, the food and the market were very well received by all who attended. Likewise the olive and flower fair of le Plan de la Tour in April was a great success and a worthy display of the best produce in spring time Provence.

The autumn market season in the St Tropez area truly launches at the end of September with the Fête du Vin Cuit once more filling the streets of Le Plan de la Tour. This year, visitors were offered the chance to sample an authentic grape pressing experience and to enjoy the fruits of their labour with a wine tasting reception afterwards. As with most local festivals, there were traditional dancers in the local red and white gowns of Le Plan de la Tour who performed to live music. A perfect companion to the Provençal wine.

French local market

Just under two weeks later, Sainte Maxime was enjoying festivities of its own as l’Association Saveurs et Terroir de Provence organised the twentieth instalment of the Salon du Gout. Around forty stands were installed outside the town’s tourist office for one of the Côte d’Azur’s largest autumnal gastronomic gatherings. A packed programme of gourmet food tasting, cooking competitions and regional dishes were laid on for the lucky visitors. Event president Michel Hebreard stressed that the Salon du Gout should not be confused for a simple market. The quality of the chefs and the handpicked ingredients and the beauty of their resulting artisanal dish mean that this is a rare chance to see and taste the finest dishes and natural produce of the French Riviera.

For something rather less serious, La Fête de la Chataigne at La Garde-Freinet is one of several market festivals across France to celebrate the chestnut season. A total of seventy market stalls bring to life the quaint and charming town of La Garde-Freinet between the 19 and 26th October. There you will find chestnuts in all their various forms: Marrons glacés, marrons grillés, crème de marron, glace à la crème de marron. Truly a feast for food lovers! A series of guided visits to the chestnut groves of the Maures mountain range also provide an excellent excursion opportunity from the lively town centre.

The final autumnal festival before the arrival of the Christmas markets is the glorious Fête de l’Huile d’Olive at Sainte Maxime on the weekend beginning Friday 14th November. A true Provençal introduction to the region’s passion for making fine Mediterranean olive oil and a chance to get up close and personal with the creators before taking some gourmet olive oil products back home.

With so many festivals taking place there is little wonder St Tropez continues to draw the crowds long into the autumn. The French Riviera is truly a beautiful place to be during this magical season and is best enjoyed with a serving of the region’s finest traditional dishes and best local produce. All of the host towns are within an hour’s drive from St Tropez. Discover them all and more from the comfort of a luxury villa in the French Riviera’s most glamorous port town.



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Rihanna Spotted in St Tropez

Rihanna in St Tropez



When film director Roger Vadim and his then wife Brigitte Bardot set about filming And God Created Woman in 1955, little did they know that the quaint seaside town they were shooting in was to become as legendary as the actress herself.

Following the film’s release a year later, the beautiful Provencal town was henceforth destined to become a hotbed of celebrity VIP chic. These days the glamorous port town is less known for its films and more widely renowned for the sound of Cristal bottles opening, the roar of superyacht engines and supercars and the incessant flickering of paparazzi camera shutters.

Year after year, this image of class and elegance has slowly been scorched indelibly onto the sandy beaches of the French Riviera town. It is this which attracts the rich and famous to these Mediterranean shores today. Only last week in fact Brigitte Bardot celebrated her 80th birthday at her luxury waterfront property, proving St Tropez still retains the charm that once seduced her nearly sixty years ago.

Likewise, many other celebrities have this year also been lured to the luxury resorts of the southern French town. In our blog Celebrities Are in Love with St Tropez, we brought news on all the stars to have visited this summer: from tennis ace Martina Navratilova in the early season to Leonardo Di Caprio and Jared Leto in the later season. Last of all to soak up some final summer sun was celebrity singer Rihanna.

After having enjoyed a luxury cruise around Sardinia and Corsica, the pop singer’s yacht finally laid anchor in St Tropez last month. Following a long summer of work caught between her stadium tour of America with Eminem and the recording of her new album, Rihanna allowed herself to kick back and enjoy some hard earned holiday. Rather unsurprisingly she once again chose the Mediterranean as her destination of choice.

Making the tabloids however was her ex Chris Brown who was also spotted in St Tropez at the same time. Two years earlier they had been captured enjoying some more tender moments together in the same resort but this summer, Rihanna seemed keen to keep her distance. Instead she appeared content to soak up some sun aboard her yacht alongside her best friend Melissa Forde.

That concludes another sun drenched summer at the Mediterranean celebrity paradise of St Tropez. With endless beautiful sandy beaches, a multitude of luxury villas and the usual choice of decadent bars and fancy restaurants, next year is certain to bring some more familiar faces back to the Cote d’Azur.



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10 Things You Must Do in Saint Tropez This Summer

Helicopter Nice Saint Tropez Club 55 in St Tropez Reservations Les Palmiers in St Tropez Reservations Senequier in St Tropez Reservations Lec Caves du Roy in St Tropez La Villa Romana St Tropez Gassin villa to rent Nikki Beach Pampelonne Jazz Festival in Ramatuelle Cap Lardier

Just so you won’t get lost at the wrong places our St Tropez House team in Saint Tropez have put together a great list of places-to-be when you are in Saint Tropez this summer-time. We are also putting together an off season Saint Tropez Guide. Also if you have any suggestions please use the comments below.

  1. Get choppered in to Saint Tropez by helicopter to avoid the traffic – helipad behind Kon Tiki – Route des Plages
  2. Have a luxury lunch at famous Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach Patch Ramatuelle before heading back to your yacht.
  3. Rent a beach bed (mattelas) with the celebs at Les Palmiers on Pampelonne Beach Ramatuelle
  4. Have a glass of french rosé for apéro and some little bites people watching at Senequier au Port
  5. Get dressed up for a club night at Les Caves du Roy in Les Places des Lices
  6. Have a party dinner at La Villa Romana in Saint Tropez
  7. Have a romantic dinner at villa in Gassin (the village perché) looking over the Golphe de Saint Tropez
  8. Have a beach party at Nikki Beach on Pampelonne Epi Beach
  9. Go to the Jazz Festival in Ramatuelle for your favorite music
  10. Walk to Cap Lardier from your villa in Gigaro Beach
Villa Calliope, Ramatuelle

Villa Calliope, Ramatuelle

For your perfect vacations in St Tropez choose one of the villas on, and once decided to follow our list, reserve places in restaurants and bars with

Discover the Cannes Yacht Show from your luxury Saint Tropez villa

boulevard patch

One of the beauties of deciding to rent a house in Saint Tropez is that you will find yourself at the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside in France, yet within easy reach of a number of the most glamorous resorts along the French Riviera.

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