The article we have written for those of…

The article we have written for those of you who are in love with #French food –

The Food Fairs of St Tropez in Autumn – St Tropez House Blog

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The #french  have it all: beautiful countryside…

The #french  have it all: beautiful countryside and charming towns like #sttropez, delicious food and now we hear they have the longest holidays in the world! 

French have most holidays, but feel most deprived as they continue to work – The Connexion

FRANCE tops a recent survey for the number of days of holiday leave given to employees – but 90% of French claim they are “holiday deprived”. The Vacation Deprivation Study of 8535 working adults in 24 countries, was carried out by the online travel firm Expedia.

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Travel & Adventures: Gassin. A voyage to…

#gassin article #french village near #sttropez article

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Travel & Adventures: Gassin. A voyage to Gassin, Var near St-Tropez, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, Europe.

Characterised by sunset-hued pink, orange and deep red townhouses framing its flotilla-filled port, St-Tropez is, effectively, two different towns, depending on the season. If you visit during the mad…

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