It’s all about to kick off down the road…

It's all about to kick off down the road from #sttropez for the 2015 #cannesfilmfestival which begins on Wednesday.

A closer look at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival – The Local

The Cannes Film Festival will lift the curtain on Wednesday to 12 days of glamour, movies, deals and parties drawing the elite of the cinema world, from Hollywood honchos to arthouse auteurs.

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The 66th #cannesfilmfestival  opens today…

The 66th #cannesfilmfestival  opens today in #cannes – a 90 minute drive away from #sttropezor  a mere 20 minute hop in a #helicopter

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Today’s big news in #Sttropez: #stevenspielberg…

Today's big news in #Sttropez: #stevenspielberg  is to preside over the Palme d'Or jury at this year's #cannesfilmfestival

Steven Spielberg sera le président du jury du 66e Festival de Cannes

Le réalisateur et producteur américain, un des hommes les plus puissants d’Hollywood, présidera le jury du 66e Festival de Cannes, du 15 au 26 mai. Il succède à Nanni Moretti.

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