#brigittebardot  is still looking for her…

#brigittebardot  is still looking for her cat, Rontonton. The cat is two years old, does not have a collar or a tag, and is 'small and round'. If anyone has seen a tortoise shell cat of this description in #sttropez  they should contact the Var Matin newspaper who are running an appeal. 

Info locale, sorties, météo à Saint-Tropez (83119) | Var-Matin

Toute l’actualité locale de Saint-Tropez. Météo, sorties, spectacles, sports, cinéma, les bons plans de votre ville Saint-Tropez. Les informations pratiques et les services de votre commune Saint-Trop…

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News alert: #sttropez’s most famous resident…

News alert: #sttropez's most famous resident #Brigittebardot  has lost her cat and is offering a reward for anyone who can find it. 

Distraught Brigitte Bardot offers €600 for lost cat – The Local

A major cat-hunt is underway on the French Riviera to try and track down Brigitte Bardot’s favourite moggy. The French icon has reportedly put up a reward of �‚

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Thank goodness for that – #brigittebardot…

Thank goodness for that – #brigittebardot  has confirmed in a newspaper interview that she has no plans to leave #sttropez . Her threat to follow #gerarddepardieu  to exile in Russia was just to make her pleas about the future of two sick elephants heard, loud and clear. http://www.lepoint.fr/ces-gens-la/brigitte-bardot-ne-quittera-pas-la-france-10-01-2013-1611878_264.php

Brigitte Bardot ne quittera pas la France

En poussant un coup de gueule, la star voulait juste impliquer le gouvernement sur le cas des éléphantes menacées d’euthanasie. Elle a été entendue.

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Hot off the Press: #brigittebardot  – one…

Hot off the Press: #brigittebardot  – one of #Sttropez's most famous residents – has threatened to leave France and join fellow French exile #gerarddepardieu  in Russia if two sick elephants in a #Lyon zoo are not saved. 

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