Celebrities Are in Love With St Tropez

Brigitte Bardot Painting

Last week the golden haired beauty who put Saint Tropez firmly on the world map celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by family and friends in her luxury waterfront property on the outskirts of the town.

The outspoken actress, who is now almost as famous for her work as an animal rights activist as she was as a silver screen goddess more than half a century ago, has never strayed far from Saint Tropez after discovering it as a young starlet in the 1950s.

Bardot was filming And Got Created Woman in and around Saint Tropez in 1954, and fell instantly in love with the area as many other celebrities have done so since.

This beautiful region of the South of France is like a magnet to the rich and famous, with many of the great and good of Hollywood, world politics and the sporting stage choosing to holiday in luxury villas in Saint Tropez every summer.

This year was no different. A quick scour of the newspapers and celebrity websites reveal that Saint Tropez and the surrounding countryside was the holiday destination of choice for many celebrities during the summer months.

June saw actress Nina Dobrev hanging out with her mum in the cobbled streets of Saint Tropez, just moments away from our central St Tropez House villas, while tennis player Martina Navratilova also took advantage of an early summer holiday in the region with her partner Julia Lemigova.

Meanwhile, in July, the beaches of Pampelonne were packed with famous faces, from Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Lily Allen to Gwen Stefani and Selena Gomez, who was seen partying on a yacht off Saint Tropez with British model Cara Delevingne.

Our celebrity spotting did not stop there. Also seen enjoying the sea, sand and sunshine in Saint Tropez this summer were the likes of U2’s Bono, Chris Brown, and his former girlfriend Rhianna, who was pictured on the deck of a luxury yacht off Pampelonne beach.



Kate Moss in St Tropez

Top 10 Celebrities on Holiday in St Tropez

How Brigitte Bardot has inspired a town

Brigitte Bardot on Pampelonne beach in St Tropez

Brigitte Bardot on the beach in St Tropez


Mention Saint Tropez to anyone, and one of the first images they will no doubt conjure up is that of curvaceous Brigitte Bardot, posing sexily on the beach in And God Created Woman.

The blonde bombshell shot scenes of the film, directed by her then-husband Roger Vadim, on Pampelonne Beach close to some of our most exclusive villas in Saint Tropez more than 60 years ago – but is still arguably the most famous person associated with the seaside town.

brigitte bardot and roger vadim in st tropez

Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim in St Tropez


In fact, time has done little to dent the impression the scantily-clad actress left on the former fishing village, which itself has grown beyond recognition and is now home to some of our most luxurious houses in Saint Tropez.

To pay homage to its most famous resident, who incidentally still lives in an isolated property in Saint Tropez, there are a number of shops, hotels and galleries linked to the actress, who is still one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the silver screen.

  • Brigitte B is a quintessentially Tropezienne boutique where glamorous women’s fashion items hang from every rail. All the mannequins in the shop have long blonde hair – and look frighteningly like the actress in her prime. Tel:  +33 (0)4 94 97 43 43
brigitte b shop st tropez

Brigitte B shop in St Tropez

  • Club 55 is arguably the coolest beach club on Pampelonne Beach and has been an institution in Saint Tropez ever since it provided on-set catering for Bardot and the rest of the cast in And God Created Woman. www.Club55.fr
  • Hotel La Ponche is now a luxurious four star hotel a stone’s throw from the water’s edge and near to some of our rental property Saint Tropez. But its origins were a traditional fisherman’s bar on the square La Ponche, where Bardot was a regular client. www.laponche.com
la ponche hotel st tropez

La Ponche hotel in St Tropez

Brigitte Bardot through the eyes of local artist Sasha de Saint Tropez

Sasha de St Tropez. Artists St Tropez

One of the greatest icons of Saint Tropez is without doubt the delectable Brigitte Bardot, who is practically responsible for discovering the town when it was an unknown fishing village more than half a century ago.

The pouting actress was in Saint Tropez filming And God Created Woman, a now cult movie directed by Bardot’s then-husband, Roger Vadim. As the story goes, the film crew used to spend hours chilling out in beachside restaurants in between takes of naked Bardot frolicking on the sand, and some of the team never left.

Brigitte Bardot and le gandarme in St Tropez

The film put Bardot – and the town in which she still lives – on the map, and the rest, they say, is history.

Those who wander around the town on any given day will soon see that there is still a great affection for the actress, who is now 77 years old and resides in an isolated property in Saint Tropez called La Madrague.

There is Bardot memorabilia of all shapes and sizes to be found in shops and galleries around the town, perhaps the most striking of which can be found in the gallery of Sasha de Saint Tropez, a light and airy venue not far from some of our more central villas to rent in Saint Tropez.

Sasha de St Tropez

Sasha de Saint Tropez has been likened to pop art legend Andy Warhol since setting up in Saint Tropez in 2001.

The talented artist specialises in portraits using different media and techniques, such as acrylic, plexi-glass, canvas prints and limited editions. His best known portraits of icons past and present include Brigitte Bardot, who seems to literally come alive in his studio under his stroke of genius.

Brigitte bardot young

Other portraits in his gallery – a visit of which we highly recommend to our clients renting houses in Saint Tropez – include Marilyn Monroe, Woody Allen, Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, Lenny Kravitz, Audrey Hepburn and many more.

The address for those who would like to visit this iconic gallery is 10 Place de l’Ormeau in St Tropez.