La Tarte Tropézienne: A Legend Born in St Tropez

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The story of La Tarte Tropézienne is an incredible tale of serendipity, culinary skill, and passion. From its roots in Saint-Tropez to international recognition, this dessert and its history are as rich and layered as the pastry itself.

The success of La Tarte Tropézienne owes much to the chance discovery by Brigitte Bardot, an international icon, who happened upon the dessert during a film shoot and promptly fell in love with it. This highlights the unpredictability of success – sometimes, it takes just one right person to discover and champion a product.

While Polish founder Alexandre Micka’s original recipe, passed down from his grandmother, remains a closely guarded secret, the story showcases the importance of both maintaining traditions and embracing innovation. Albert Dufrêne, Micka’s successor, later brought new ideas, from car racing collaborations to international brand registrations, all while preserving the essence of the original dessert.

Under the guidance of Albert Dufrêne, the brand underwent significant expansion, from new storefronts to increased production facilities. Yet, even amidst this growth, there was a concerted effort to ensure quality and authenticity, demonstrating that expansion doesn’t have to come at the cost of integrity.

Alexandre Micka’s dessert didn’t have an official name until Bardot coined and suggested “La Tarte Tropézienne” be its rightful name; emphasizing the importance of a strong brand identity. The subsequent registration of the recipe, the trademark, and the logo further solidified the brand’s identity, ensuring that imitators could never truly replicate the magic of the original.

St Tropez House delves into the rich history of this iconic landmark of St Tropez’s identity and the questions surrounding its birth and continued success:

Where and when was La Tarte Tropézienne born?

La Tarte Tropézienne was created in Alexandra Micka’s patisserie in 1955. Located in the heart of Saint Tropez village in ‘Place de la Mairie’, this small storefront was the birthplace of the mythical new pastry which would soon become a trademark of the village itself.

Who is credited with creating La Tarte Tropézienne?

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Polish immigrant and talented pastry chef, Alexandre Micka, is credited with the creation of La Tarte Tropézienne in 1955. Inspired by the ingredients and methods of a traditional French brioche coupled with a treasured family recipe from his Polish grandmother, Alexandre created a dessert the world had never seen before.

Who is Albert Dufrêne and what is his connection to La Tarte Tropézienne?

Albert Dufrêne was a hairdresser from Annecy who crossed paths with Alexandre Micka in 1983. Micka recognized him as a potential successor. By July 1985, Dufrêne officially took over the company, and under his guidance, the brand underwent significant expansion.

How has La Tarte Tropézienne expanded its product line over the years?

They expanded their product line by adding a wide range of pastries filled with the company’s signature La Tarte Tropézienne cream. For instance, a millefeuille becomes a Millefeuille Tropézien, and a Paris-Brest is renamed Paris-Saint-Tropez.

What is special about La Tarte Tropézienne’s recipe?

The recipe is a secret, passed down from Alexandre Micka’s grandmother, and consists of a brioche filled with a mixture of two creams – a pastry cream and a butter cream.

What makes La Tarte Tropézienne so unique and difficult to replicate?

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Only three people know the closely-guarded recipe for La Tarte Tropézienne, ensuring its uniqueness and making it hard for others to copy. Its uniqueness lies in the high standards, expertise, and the secret recipe that goes into its making, ensuring that no imitation can truly replicate the original pastry.

Where is the recipe for La Tarte Tropézienne stored?

The recipe, written by hand on cardboard, is kept in a metal box which is hidden in a safe. Only three people on the team can access this treasured document.

How did Brigitte Bardot get involved with La Tarte Tropézienne?

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Brigitte Bardot discovered the cream-filled brioche by chance during the filming of “And God… Created Woman” in 1955. It was Bardot who coined the name of this special dessert she fell in love with, suggesting to name it after the town. It was then that La Tarte Tropézienne and its popularity truly began taking shape.

What did Brigitte Bardot say about the texture of La Tarte Tropézienne?

Brigitte Bardot described La Tarte Tropézienne as appearing very heavy and filling but is, in reality, very light and airy.

Have any pastry professionals tried replicating La Tarte Tropézienne?

Yes, many professionals, including some of the biggest names in pastry-making, have tried to reproduce its textures and flavor but have not succeeded in unraveling its secret.

How many La Tarte Tropézienne locations are there?

La Tarte Tropeziennes currently has 28 locations in 20 cities in France. It also has a successful online shop where products can be purchased.

What is the significance of the shop on the Place des Lices?

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The shop on the Place des Lices is the company’s “Flagship” location. It was renovated and reopened in 2016. At this location, visitors can experience the entirety of La Tarte Tropézienne’s expertise, including the pastry chef, the baker, and a restaurant/tea room upstairs. This is the only location which features a restaurant. Visit their flagship location:

La Tarte Tropézienne
Address: Bd Vasserot, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France
Hours: Open 7 days/week from 8:00 – 18:00
Phone: +33 4 94 97 94 25

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