Restaurants, bars, vineyards in Saint Tropez

Best Cocktail Bars in St Tropez

Best Cocktail Bars in St Tropez Whether you prefer a long cold Mojito, or you are more into Sex on Pampelonne, you will find plenty of cool bars in Saint Tropez in which to find your favourite cocktail. Saint Tropez is renowned for its great night life and string of exclusive bars, and its choice of cocktail venues close to our portfolio of Saint Tropez luxury rentals is second to none. So, when you come off the beach on Pampelonne and fancy Caipirinha to cool you down, here’s where we suggest you head to:

Le Bar du Sube, Quai Suffren

Without doubt one of our favourites is this great little bar on the Saint Tropez port. Located in a hotel of the same name, Le Bar du Sube is a no-frills venue with an extensive and exceptional list of cocktails.

Le Quai, 22 quai Jean Jaures

Le Quai A few steps away from le Bar du Sube is the glamorous Le Quai, where cocktails will certainly set you back a few more euros but the taste – and experience – will be equally as memorable.

White Bar, White 1921, Place des Lices

For ultimate tranquility when you sip your first champagne cocktail of the evening, try to recently opened White Bar in the White 1921 Hotel. It’s my favourite, hands down.

Papagayo, Route Residence du Port

If you are up for a large night and want to get going early, this bar which sits on the port is a fantastic place to start. La Papagayo starts off the day as a great little restaurant and then turns crazy after dark.

Hotel Sezz, 151 Route des Salins

If you are staying in a luxury rental property in central Saint Tropez but fancy a sundowner after you leave the beach, consider dropping in to the Dom Perignon Bar, where there is a live DJ every night in July and August and every weekend from June to September

Nikki Beach, Pampelonne

Nikki Beach Pampelonne For those of you who can’t even wait until you leave the beach for your first Bellini, then Nikki Beach on Pampelonne is a great place to pop in to. The ultimate beach club holds a number of themed events which are hugely popular with the in crowd.

Zanzibar, Pampelonne

Another personal favourite, this restaurant/bar has really comfy sofas to sink into whilst sipping your first cocktail in Saint Tropez on the night to some exceptionally cool tunes.

Provencal Delicacies

French Buche de Noel

As with many celebrations in France, a large emphasis during Christmas is put on food.

But you can forget roast turkey and Christmas pudding if you are spending the festivities in one of our St Tropez House luxury villas this year – unless of course you have brought a few treats from home in your suitcase.

France – and Provence in particular – has its own gastronomic traditions our favourites of which are noted below. Should you wish to stick to your own particular traditions, however, during your holiday in one of our St Tropez House luxury properties, we can help you find whatever your heart desires.

  • Christmas Eve Supper – Le Réveillon

The most significant meal over Christmas in France is held on the eve of December 24th. Family members begin the evening with an entrée of seven very plain dishes which symbolise the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary. The dishes usually exclude meat but often include shellfish and seafood. The next course will be a meat of some kind and while turkey is sometimes served, most families choose goose or capon.

  • The 13 Desserts

The meal is followed by the 13 desserts, which signifies the 13 participants at the Last Supper and traditionally should be eaten after Midnight Mass.  The ingredients of this Provencal dessert can vary from house to house, but they tend to fall into three categories: Mendicants, fruit and local sweetmeats. Typical components include dried figs, raisins, hazelnuts, black and white nougats, apples, mandarins and pears.  The dish should also contain a pompe à l’huile – sweet bread made of olive oil and orange flower water.

  • Buche de Noel

No home should be complete without a Christmas log – known in France as a Buche de Noel. This chocolate sponge dessert with rich icing replaces the British Christmas pudding, and can be found in almost every patisserie up and down the country if you can’t face making your own. There are also non chocolate varieties for those who prefer vanilla. Either way, they are délicieux.

Coffee Spots in Saint Tropez

Best Coffee in St Tropez

France has an unshakeable café culture which means that most French will take at least ten minutes out of their busy day to sit down – and enjoy a short sharp hit of caffeine.

There’s no coffee on the run here; but an amiable coffee stop to savour the hot drink and watch the world go round until you are ready to move on.

We love this enviable element of French life. For us at St Tropez House, few things beat sipping a grand creme on a pavement café in Saint Tropez people – and super yacht – watching in the morning sun.

But it’s important that you know where to go for a really good cup of coffee, and the ambiance to match.

So for our clients who are renting one of our luxury villas in Saint Tropez this autumn, we have put together a list of our favourite haunts so you know where to head for your caffeine fix.

  • Without doubt one of the most famous cafés in Saint Tropez, and a short stroll from our more central St Tropezienne villas to rent is LE SENEQUIER, on the port. A favourite with former president Jacques Chirac this café is the perfect place from which to people watch, and the coffee is pretty excellent too.
  • Another café institution in Saint Tropez is the CAFÉ DE PARIS, which is also located on the port in a prime position to allow those indulging in a morning coffee to watch the superyachts come and go in the summer season.
  • Saint Tropez is particularly busy on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the year when the market comes to town. On these days we recommend those renting one of our Saint Tropez luxury villas to head to Place des Lices for your morning coffee so that you can watch the colourful market unfold. There are some fantastic little bars and cafes around the place, but our favourites have to be the BRASSERIE DES ARTS and LE CAFÉ DES ARTS.

Coffee Spots in St Tropez

And here, for our non-speaking clients, are a few words to help you order the perfect coffee:

  • un café crème/café au lait = a coffee with milk
  • une noisette = a short coffee with a hint of milk
  • un café = an expresso
  • un café allonge/ un americain = a long coffee

Restaurants Open All Year Round in Saint Tropez

Restaurants Open During the Winter in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is so much more than just a seasonal holiday resort. It has a very active local community, a thriving commercial centre and is surrounded by stunning scenery perfect for walking, cycling and golf making it the perfect place to come on a luxury villa holiday all year round.

The town, unlike many other popular coastal resorts, also has a large number of restaurants that are open throughout the year although a few of our favourites do shut for several months in the winter.

Street Resturant in St Tropez

Below is a list of some of the top restaurants in Saint Tropez which remain open all year round for our clients coming to stay in one of our St Tropez House villas out of season.

  • Brasserie des Arts

This brasserie situated in the heart of Saint Tropez in the famous Place des Lices is a fabulous place to come at any time of year. The food is simple yet delicious and the ambiance perfect for those long winter evenings. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 40 27 37

  • Chez Maggy

Chez Maggy’s is a real institution in Saint Tropez, and it’s easy to see why. It serves exemplary Mediterranean food in a lively atmosphere even in the depths of winter. There is often live music and never a dull moment in this delightful restaurant which is hugely popular with locals. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 97 16 12

  • Au Caprice des Deux

Another great find in the backstreets on Saint Tropez is Au Caprice des Deux, which also serves fantastic Provencal cooking all year round, except for in January, when the friendly staff all take their annual leave. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 97 76 78

  • La Table du Marche

La Table du Marche is a restaurant, tea-room, patisserie and deli all in one, which serves first-class Provencal dishes lovingly prepared by chef Christophe Leroy. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 97 02 58

  • Plages des Jumeaux

Many of the beach restaurants are close until spring, but Les Plages des Jumeaux is open all round which will no doubt suit those renting a luxury villa near Pampelonne. The beach club serves great food and even has an area in which the kids can play.  The restaurant is open every day for lunch. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 55 21 80


The Art of Mushrooming

Clients holidaying in one of our luxury villas for rent in Saint Tropez over the next few weeks should not be surprised if they spot a number of people walking through woodland hugging baskets to their chests.

For late September and October are the months of ‘mushrooming’ in the South of France, and weekends for many during this time of year are taken up hunting for ‘champignons’  of all shapes and sizes.

Mushrooming in France

Incredibly, more than 3,000 varieties of mushrooms grow in France, and the fields and forests surrounding many of our most exclusive properties for rent in Saint Tropez are packed full of edible fungus at this time of year.

But those staying in one of our exclusive Saint Tropez rentals should be aware that there is certain ‘mushrooming’ etiquette when it comes to picking the much-loved vegetables in the forests of Provence.


So, our team at St Tropez House has put together a few guidelines to keep you out of trouble:

  • Do not enter any private property to pick mushrooms.
  • In some places there is a limit to how many mushrooms you can pick on any one day. It is worth checking with the local mairie to check the rules before you start.
  • Make sure you get your collection of mushrooms checked by a local expert before you tuck in. Most pharmacies have trained staff to help detect toxic and poisonous mushrooms, some of which can actually be fatal if eaten.
  • Ask around for the best place to go for mushrooms, although don’t be surprised if some people refuse to divulge where they head to find the best crops. Mushrooming is a competitive sport in France, and some locals will be reticent to share.
  • When you find the mushrooms, cut them at the base using a knife so you do not damage the mycelia.
  • Store your collection in a wicker basket and not in a plastic bag as this will spoil the mushrooms.
  • When you get back to luxury villa, keep the mushrooms in the fridge to keep them fresh and ideally eat them within a few days. Mushrooms should be cooked, and not eaten raw.

Cooked Mushrooms

Happy Mushrooming!

A Guide to the Markets of Saint Tropez

French local market

No holiday in one of our luxury villas in Saint Tropez would be complete without a meander around the market, basket in hand to fill up with delicious local produce.

The local market is the very essence of French living, with villages and towns the length and breadth of the country erecting stalls at least once a week on which to display a large variety of goods from local cheeses, cured hams and wine to hand-crafted gifts, clothes and antiques.

Shopping at the local market is still very much the thing to do in France, with many French people tending to shun supermarkets in favour of stalls in their nearest town. Locals and tourists alike flock to the weekly stands come rain or shine to buy up local produce, have a natter and generally soak up the atmosphere.

St Tropez is no different. The town’s Place des Lices, a stone’s throw from some of our more central villas to rent in Saint Tropez, is the venue for two markets every week throughout the year.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, the local food market selling produce from local farms, vineyards and other outlets takes place in the Place des Lices between 8am and 1pm.

French local market

We recommend that your leave your St Tropez House villa as early as possible so that you can wander around the stalls before the crowds arrive, and then reward yourself with a petit dejeuner on the terrace of one of the café’s lining the square and watch the world go by.

There is also an excellent Fish Market which takes place in La Halle Aux Poissons in the Place aux Herbes at the heart of the Vieux Port at the crack of dawn every day in the summer and from Tuesday to Sunday during the winter.

Here you will find some of the freshest fish and seafood available in the whole of the South of France. The daily market closes at lunch-time.

French local market

Exotic Flavours Delivered to Your Villa

Gourmet food deliveriesGood cooking, fine foods and exquisite meals are one of life’s pleasures. If you own or rent a villa on the Cote d’Azur or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you may be bored of arriving to find an empty parlour and fridge. Well now there’s a service from Gourmet Deliveries to take the stress out of your arrival and make sure the cupboards are always stocked with high quality produce. The service has been designed to complement your lifestyle and cater for all your gastronomic and household needs. Whether you simply need to fill the fridge, re-stock cupboards, cater for a dinner or throw an extravagant party, Gourmet Deliveries will guarantee the very best of everything.

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Ice Tropez

Ice Tropez

Ice Tropez – French Cocktails – St Tropez

Are You a Lover of French Cocktails?

You may have heard of the Sidecar, Serendipiti, the Libertine or the French 75 – all of which pack a lot of punch and are full of flavour – but have you heard of the Ice Tropez? Just as elegant, refreshing and cool as the town which is also its namesake, the Ice Tropez is a sweet cocktail of rosé wine and carbonated water, with a fruity and subtle hint of peach.

Ice Tropez: How It All Started

This delicious tipple was the brainchild of Saint Tropez local, Greogory Chaix, the owner of Bar du Port, one of the trendiest night spots in the region. Spotting a gap in the market, he created this exquisite drink to appeal to his stylish and lavish clientele.

The Evolution of This Rosé Wine Cocktail

Ice Tropez is now one of the best selling alcoholic concoctions in St Tropez, with many visitors and locals wanting to sample the cocktail. Because of the drink’s success and the high level of demand, there is now also a non-alcoholic version called Ice Tropez 0%, which makes for a lighter alternative, ideal for designated drivers and those who do not drink. So what’s stopping you?

Ice Tropez Bottles

Designed by Christophe Pillet – whose previous work includes Hotel Sezz in Paris and packaging for L’Oreal, Lacoste and Veuve Clicquot – these ultra-cool Ice Tropez bottles are a work of art and are just as iconic as the drink itself.

Sample the Ice Tropez Cocktail Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it! Try the Ice Tropez cocktail for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. We have a wide range of luxury villas and properties in St Tropez to rent, as well as the surrounding areas, making for the ideal base for you, your partner, and/or your friends. And for the foodies amongst you, we have selected the very best our villas near the best bars and restaurants.


Make an enquiry with a member of our team today and start planning your next holiday to the South of France.

Third Michelin Star for a St Tropez restaurant

michelin star restaurants st tropez

Arguably Saint Tropez’s most luxurious hotels was celebrating last month after one of its chefs was awarded a third Michelin star for the culinary masterpieces that he creates in its five star restaurant.

Talented chef Arnaud Donckele was awarded the prestigious accolade for his work in La Vague d’Or, La Residence de Pinede’s world-class restaurant and a favorite amongst clients staying in our St Tropez villas.

The coveted award is the highest possible prize given to a restaurant in France by the Michelin brothers, who publish The Michelin Guide – the ‘bible’ to good eating across the world.

The Michelin star system was introduced in 1993 by Andre and Edouard Michelin and is given to a small number of restaurants of outstanding quality. One star indicates “very good cuisine in its category”; two stars represent “excellent cuisine, worth a detour”; and a rare three stars are awarded to restaurants offering “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

There are only 27 three star restaurants in France – and only 81 in the world –  so why not spoil yourself when on holiday in one of our exclusive St Tropez House villas and make a reservation at La Vague d’Or for a gastronomical feast to remember?

michelin awarded restaurants in st tropez

However, those staying in a luxury villa in Saint Tropez are more than spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding on which Michelin star restaurant they dine in as there are more than six within a 30 minute drive.

Below we have noted those nearest to our luxury villas in Saint Tropez:

  • Residence de la Pinede, Plage de la Bouillabaisse, 83990 Saint Tropez
  • Villa Belrose, Boulevard des Cretes, 83580 Saint Tropez
  • La Bandiane, Rue Fernand Bessy, 83120 Sainte Maxime



Arguably Provence’s best known vineyard: Château Minuty

Provence vineyards Chateau Minuty

In the summer months the roads between the picturesque hilltop towns of Gassin and Ramatuelle and the golden beaches of Pampelonne below are jam packed with the steady flow of cars, their occupants all craning out of the windows to get the first glimpse of the sparkling Golf of St Tropez.

However, in October, the constant stream of traffic is due to another mode of transport: the slow-moving tractor, which makes dozens of aller et retours from the hundreds of hectares of fields of vines to the region’s vineyards, with its precious cargo of grapes.

Gassin Ramatuelle road

For September and October are the months  when the copious lines of vines which surround many of our villas to rent in Gassin are picked, and wine production can truly begin in earnest.

Provence is one of France’s most important wine producing regions with more than 150 million litres of wine produced in the Var alone, with more than 80 per cent of that being Rosé wine.

Arguably one of Provence’s best known – and certainly best loved – vineyards is Château Minuty, a stone’s throw from some of our exclusive houses to rent in Gassin.

Château Minuty has been producing some of the region’s most reputable wines since the business was set up by Gabriel Farnet, grandfather of current owners’ Jean-Etienne and Francois Matton, in 1936. Less than two decades later the chateau became one of 23 wineries to be classified as ‘Cru Classe des Cotes de Provence’.

Over the next couple of decades, under the careful tutelage of Farnet’s son Etienne Matton, the vineyard went from strength to strength and secured the reputation of being the number one selling Rosé in Cannes, Nice and St Tropez.

That success is now being mirrored by brothers’ Jean-Etienne and Francois, who have gone to great efforts to bring the vineyard into the 21st century without in anyway detracting from the quality of the wine.

Château Minuty’s famous Rosés are a blend of a majority of Grenache – known by those in the know as the superior varietal for rosé, and of Tibouren, a grape which is symbolic of the St Tropez peninsula.

Vineyard Chateau Minuty

Wine lovers staying in any one of our houses in Gassin are more than welcome to visit the caves at Château Minuty to taste and buy the famous wines. For more information go to