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Les Voiles de Saint Tropez: Clothing Inspired by Saint Tropez


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If you are a fan of Saint Tropez, you will have no doubt heard of Les Voiles de St Tropez, one of the most famous sailing regattas of the nautical calendar held here every September.

This year’s event will take place from 26th September until 4th October – and is a wonderful occasion to visit Saint Tropez and rent one of our St Tropez House villas.

But what many of you might not realize is that Les Voiles de St Tropez is also a brand of clothing for men and women which is said to reflect the ‘skipper spirit’ and focuses on the values of waters sports: lifestyle, tradition and authenticity. [Read more…]

Tips for surviving a long-haul flight


Are you planning an exotic vacation somewhere in Asia just after your luxury holiday in Saint Tropez but are not sure how to feel about the long-distance flight that comes with it? In most cases there are only two possible options: Either you love the plane journey because it takes you to distant places, or you hate it because of the long travel time. After all, one thing is clear, they are the first and a crucial step to reach distant countries and new adventures. Many are put off by the long flight hours of over 10 hours or more. If you regularly fly short-distances and, thus, think you are ready for a long-haul flight, you might realise that it is somehow different … Nevertheless, you really do not need to worry about them. However we still suggest to properly prepare beforehand, even if you are flying business-class!


In order to prevent boredom, sleep deprivation and backaches and enjoy a comfortable long-haul flight follow our 7 tips below:

1. Charging of your electronic devices

Assure that you have all electronic devices charged. Not all airlines offer the possibility of recharging mobile phones, iPods, Notebooks, tablets and other gadgets. For efficiency reasons we advise you to bring some work on your electronic devices, however emails and spreadsheets will fail you after a few hours. Hence, before the flight, still in your St Tropez villa, download the newest Hollywood blockbuster movies, series and music on your device in order to make time fly by. 32. Comfortable clothing

It is quite simple. For a comfortable flight you have to dress appropriately in order to make up for cramped seats, temperature changes and and the general lack of space.  Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes of breathable fabrics and combine it with simple shoes. Other essentials for any jet-setting flyer’s wardrobe include shawls, wraps, cardigans or sweatshirts to wear in layers to provide you with optimal comfort.


3. Sleeping aids

Take blindfolds, earplugs or noise-canceling headphones on the plane, depending on which one will help you fall asleep faster. On a long-haul flight we definitely recommend you to gear up and bring some small survival tools! You will thank us later …


4. Without electronics

If you are not into tablets, e-readers and similar devices, then take a good old book or some magazines with you. Reading an interesting novel or a romantic love story makes even long flights pass by quickly. 5

5. Eating

In almost all long-haul flights you will get something to eat, however often not at the time when you are starving. Bring a small snack to have in between meals and do not forget to drink a lot during the flight to prevent dehydration. Visualise how much you would drink on a 16 hours flight (or longer) beforehand.  6

6. Seat belts

Keep your seat belts fastened at all times and try to place it in a way that the cabin crew can see that you are buckled up. If not, the flight attendants have to wake you up if there are turbulences. 7

7. Be nice to each other

Finally, be nice to each other and avoid conflicts at all costs. You are all sitting in the same plane – and will do so for at least a few hours! 8

Have a safe trip 🙂

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Top Marque’s Top-10 Facts

Last weekend you probably had the opportunity to drive your supercar from Saint Tropez to Monaco to attend the famous Top Marques event that took place at the Grimaldi Forum. If you did, you will have seen dozens of luxury cars, beautiful jewelry expositions and several fashion shows. However, there are some interesting facts that you might not have realised:

The supercar show welcomed up to 42,000 visitors this year The AeroMobile 3.0 presented at the show would go on sale for “hundreds of thousands of euros” according to its producers The most expensive luxury product on display at the show was the Cloud 9 60m superyacht, on sale for more than 34 million Euro During the show the test drive team held 1,300 rides for potential supercars buyers The most expensive water toy presented at the show was the jet surf, which has a price tag of 12,500 Euro The 2015 Top Marques Show was broadcasted by more than 30 TV crews from all over the world During the show Prince Albert II of Monaco unveiled six world premieres The total value of sales that took place during the show is expected to top 200 million Euro The most expensive car presented at the show was ZENVO ST1, with a price tag of around 800,000 Euro Steven Saltzman, director of Top Marques Monaco, said that this year’s show “has topped all our expectations, and the expectations of our exhibitors.”

For next year edition of Top Marques, follow the updates on

Salon Vivre Cote Sud St Tropez

169_ed05128150a751254564a3cfd93be092 (1)

It finally feels as if spring is here; which in many people habitually inspires a spot of spring cleaning in their homes.
And where better to go if you are short of a few ideas on how to spruce up your holiday home in Saint Tropez than the Salon Vivre Cote Sud St Tropez, a home design show which will take place in the famous fishing village next month (April). [Read more…]

Easter in Saint Tropez

Easter in Saint Tropez

After a week of rather disappointing weather it looks like spring has finally spring in the South of France, with temperatures of up to the early 20C in Saint Tropez last weekend. [Read more…]

Saint Tropez Events Calendar 2015

St Tropez Events

Image Attribution: CC 3.0, Starus

With its endless choice of premium restaurants, stunning ports, exquisite countryside and lively bars, the French Riviera is at once a flamboyant, elegant and exciting destination. Nothing quite encapsulates the extravagant culture of the Côte d’Azur more so than the annual selection of events that take place along its glittering coastline – from small-scale local and nationwide celebrations to international ceremonies, competitions and exhibitions. Enjoy a luxury stay on the French Riviera in one of our St Tropez villas for rent or for sale and experience some of the most spectacular shows in the world in 2015. Here is a list of the finest St Tropez events to attend this year:

St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015 St Tropez events 2015

For more information about booking your perfect villa rental in St Tropez or purchasing your dream luxury villa in St Tropez, contact Emilia by email on or by phone on +33 428 31 18 46, and make sure you don’t miss any of these fine events across the French Riviera in 2015.

24 Hours in Saint Tropez

Luxury cars in St Tropez

If you had only 24 hours in Saint Tropez this summer, what would you do? It would seem an enormous shame to leave your luxury villa in the South of France after just arriving, but if that’s all the time you had, where would you head for the best food, wine and fun?

Here are our suggestions for a night and day to remember in this unforgettable town:


This is a good as time as any to arrive in Saint Tropez. For your first drink of the evening – that all important apéro – we suggest you head to White Bar, White 1921, Place des Lices for a coupe to celebrate the fact that you’ve arrived.


For a blast of something different before heading for supper, why not grab yourself a Red One (Scotch, amaretto, lemon, strawberry and fig syrup) at the Pan dei Palais Hotel, where you can lounge on four-poster beds around the pool.


It’s fashionable to eat late in the South of France, so relax and enjoy the last sips of your cocktail before sauntering off to the Hotel Sezz, on the Route des Salins, for a Mediterranean meal in the restaurant, called Colette after the French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. Here you can tuck into roasted scallops under the stars whilst listening to the tunes of the resident DJ. Who could ask for more?


No night in Saint Tropez would be complete without a trip to Les Caves Du Roy, the legendary nightspot in the equally famous Byblos Hotel. Bring a full wallet, and your dancing shoes and you will be sure to have a brilliant night.


Not ready to retreat back to your luxury St Tropez villa but in need of a change of scene, then we suggest you pop along to the VIP Room for a night cap listening to some live music. This popular venue is open until 6am in the summer season so no need to rush anywhere.


Those with stamina can pop into the Senequier on the Port for a coffee and a pause whilst watching the rest of Saint Tropez slowly come to life, before heading back to their rented villa for a quick 40 winks.

11 am

Revived by a quick cat nap, it’s back into the heart of Saint Tropez for a refreshing citron pressé in Le Sporting, a laid back bar on the very animated Place des Lices where the brave hearted can do some shopping in the weekly market.


There’s only one place for lunch if you only have 24 hours in Saint Tropez, and that is on the beach with the sand in your toes and the breeze of the Mediterranean on your face. There is a plethora of excellent beach clubs to choose from, but if you want to go all out, then we suggest Club 55 for its pure and unadulterated sophistication and charm.


To ensure you leave Saint Tropez on a high, drop into Nikki Beach near our most sought after waterfront properties to rent for a final cocktail and dance. This beach club has become a hot spot for international jet setters and celebrities who come to Saint Tropez each summer, and couldn’t come more highly recommended.

Top Marques Monaco 2015

mclaren 650s

The first signs of spring have begun to appear in the French Riviera, with temperatures once again reaching the late-teens. This means the events season can really begin in earnest and Monaco, as ever, will be among the most important destinations for many of the most exclusive events. One such event is Top Marques, which has become the fourth biggest event in Monaco’s calendar behind the Grand Prix, the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters.

This year, the show will run from the 16th to 19th April and those attending will be treated to an extensive portfolio of the world’s most exclusive supercars. Guests will also be treated to the AeroMobile, a prototype of a roadster which transforms into a flying a two-seater light sport plane. Monaco is around a two-hour drive from our luxury St Tropez villas and whilst it will add a little more time to your journey, we recommend exiting near Villefranche sur Mer to enjoy stunning sea views on the twisting coastal road.

Follow this link for ticket Top Marques ticket information.

We can help you rent a luxury car during your stay in St Tropez.

Nice Carnival 2015

Crazy as it seems it’s Nice Carnival time again, when for three weeks the seaside city just 90 minutes drive from our St Tropez House properties will be a mass of colour, music and partying people.

The massive street parade, which begins tomorrow and will run until March 1st, is renowned the world over and is now considered one of the oldest and biggest carnivals on the planet.

The atmosphere throughout the town is electric, and we thoroughly recommend a trip from St Tropez if you are staying in one of our luxury villas for half term or a late winter break.

By car the journet from St Tropez to the heart of Nice takes approximately 90 minutes with plenty of options for parking signposted clearly before you hit the city centre.

But if you fancy spalshing out and making a real day of it, why not reserve a luxury helicopter that will fly you there in 20 minutes. The nearest heliport is located at Nice Cote d’Azur International Airport, a five minute taxi ride from the thick of the action.

Whether you choose to come by car or luxury helicopter, we promise you will not be disappointed by this magical fiesta, which dates back to the 13th century when the first Corso Carnavalesque took place in the centre of Nice.

The event quickly became an institution, with a street parade taking place yearly until 1873, when organisers made changes which saw the fiesta starting to take the shape of the carnival as we know it today. Decorative floats were introduced and stands were set up for spectators, of which there are more than one million each year.

This year’s carnival, which celebrates the King of Music, will comprise of 18 floats which will take part in a continual moving procession day and night, involving more than 1000 musicians and dancers from across the globe.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the carnival is when the floats pass along the famous Promenade des Anglais, on the seafront, as spectators are showered with mimosas, gerberas and lilies.

For more information on the carnival go to

Best Tennis Events in French Riviera 2015

Tennis in French Riviera

Photo: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 2014 © Stéphane Danna/Realis

Tennis fans do not necessarily equate the South of France to exciting tournaments, but there are in fact a number of extremely important competitions which take place within a short distance of our St Tropez House villas.

Take the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, for example. This glamorous event on the edge of the Mediterranean in the Principality of Monaco always attracts some of the biggest names in tennis and is a fabulous day out from St Tropez.

Tennis in French RIviera: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 4 Tennis in French RIviera: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 2 Tennis in French RIviera: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 1 Tennis in French RIviera: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 3

Last year, Swiss player Stanislas Wawrinka won the ATP tournament which is held at the Monte-Carlo Country Club every April, but for the eight years from 2004-20012 the top prize went to Rafael Nadal, from Spain.

The tournament will this year take place from 11th to 19th April, and is easily accessible from our villas in St Tropez, either by helicopter to the heliport in nearby Fontvieille or by car.

Another significant tournament is held every May at the Nice LTC approximately 90 minutes drive from our portfolio of luxury villas with tennis courts in St Tropez. This tournament is, like the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, is an integral part of the ATP World Tour and attracts some of the most promising young players from all corners of the globe.

This year, the Open de Nice Cote d’Azur will take place from 17th to 23rd May, when the French Riviera will be particularly busy with both the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix being held simultaneously.

Perhaps our favourite tennis event which will no doubt appeal to those of your renting one of our St Tropez House villas this summer is the Classic Tennis Tour, which will take place in the Port of St Tropez on the 12th and 13th July.

Tennis in French Riviera: Classic Tennis Tour

Photo: Classic Tennis Tour

This annual tournament is a chance for fans to see legendary players such as Ilie Nastase, Henri Leconte, Thomas Enqvist and Mansour Bahrami take to the courts again in front of the public.

For more information on this event go to