Superyachts Spotted in Saint Tropez This Summer


The former fishing village of Saint Tropez is so popular with the rich and famous that heads barely turn when a celebrity is spotted wandering along its white sandy beaches.

This summer has seen the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono and Elton John and many more sauntering along the famous Saint Tropez beach at Pampelonne before stopping at the stars’ favourite lunch spot, Club 55, without so much as a second glance.

Well-known faces are two a penny in the south of France’s most glamorous resort, so to get really noticed these days stars have to arrive on a seriously mega yacht – which we’ve also seen in abundance this year.

The season kicked off this year with photos of a bare-chested Cristiano Ronaldo doing some kind of work-out on the foredeck of a ridiculously large superyacht in waters off Saint Tropez. Once he’d been put through his paces the Manchester midfielder was joined on board by Sir Philip Green and his family who are known to be fans of Saint Tropez – and superyachts.

Also making waves in Saint Tropez this summer was supermodel Elle Macpherson who was pictured jumping from the upper deck of the superyacht she and her family hired for one week this July. The yacht, named Mad Summer, is a 56 metre motor yacht which has previously won the Boat International World Superyacht Award in the Custom Motor Yacht 51 metres to 65 metres category.

The award-winning yacht comfortably sleeps up to 10 guests with a crew 14, and a week on board can cost up to 325,000 Euros.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was also photographed on a yacht in Saint Tropez this summer but failed miserably to look anything as nimble as The Body, Elle Macpherson.

The 78-year-old man was snapped stumbling into a tender, where he gashed his head on the canopy. The unfortunate accident left him with an unsightly cut on his forehead which he soothed with ice as he made his way to his awaiting superyacht. The former Italian Prime Minister was on holiday in the south of France with his daughter Marina and her children.

Hermes comes to St Tropez House

St Tropez Hermes boutique

Saint Tropez is synonymous with sophistication and style, so it makes perfect sense that the charming resort in the South of France is home to a number of leading fashion brands.
Within its beautiful paved streets are dozens of luxury boutiques selling designer labels and one off pieces, making the former French fishing town a must-visit destination for travelling fashionistas.

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The ultimate family home from home: Villa Castel

villa castel

With temperatures in Saint Tropez hovering around 35°C with no sign of a let up, it can be tricky to summon up the energy to do anything whilst on holiday, bar lie by the pool.

So when you arrive in Saint Tropez with a hoard of kids, you might wonder how on earth you will find the force to entertain them.

Here at St Tropez House, we have the solution: Villa Castel! This incredible seven bedroom house comes fully equipped with a whole host of activities which promises to keep the kids – and grown-ups – amused for weeks.

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Two New Beach Clubs for Pampelonne


Saint Tropez is famous for its highly exclusive and luxurious beach clubs, some of which have been around longer than many of its residents – and certainly us.

For example, the legendary Tahiti Beach Club opened on Pampelonne Beach in 1946, with celebrities favourite Club 55 being established a short distance away on the same stretch of sand some nine years later – in 1955.

And as much as we love the old institutions of Saint Tropez, it is always very exciting when new places open up.

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International Polo Cup Saint-Tropez 2015

polo 1

From the 2nd to the 12th of July 2015 the International Polo Cup, one of the most prestigious tournaments of the Polo Club in St Tropez, takes place. The tournament is registered in the international calendar of the World Polo Tour and, thus, allows players to score points for the world ranking of the sport.

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Tips for surviving a long-haul flight


Are you planning an exotic vacation somewhere in Asia just after your luxury holiday in Saint Tropez but are not sure how to feel about the long-distance flight that comes with it? In most cases there are only two possible options: Either you love the plane journey because it takes you to distant places, or you hate it because of the long travel time. After all, one thing is clear, they are the first and a crucial step to reach distant countries and new adventures. Many are put off by the long flight hours of over 10 hours or more. If you regularly fly short-distances and, thus, think you are ready for a long-haul flight, you might realise that it is somehow different … Nevertheless, you really do not need to worry about them. However we still suggest to properly prepare beforehand, even if you are flying business-class!


In order to prevent boredom, sleep deprivation and backaches and enjoy a comfortable long-haul flight follow our 7 tips below:

1. Charging of your electronic devices

Assure that you have all electronic devices charged. Not all airlines offer the possibility of recharging mobile phones, iPods, Notebooks, tablets and other gadgets. For efficiency reasons we advise you to bring some work on your electronic devices, however emails and spreadsheets will fail you after a few hours. Hence, before the flight, still in your St Tropez villa, download the newest Hollywood blockbuster movies, series and music on your device in order to make time fly by. 32. Comfortable clothing

It is quite simple. For a comfortable flight you have to dress appropriately in order to make up for cramped seats, temperature changes and and the general lack of space.  Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes of breathable fabrics and combine it with simple shoes. Other essentials for any jet-setting flyer’s wardrobe include shawls, wraps, cardigans or sweatshirts to wear in layers to provide you with optimal comfort.


3. Sleeping aids

Take blindfolds, earplugs or noise-canceling headphones on the plane, depending on which one will help you fall asleep faster. On a long-haul flight we definitely recommend you to gear up and bring some small survival tools! You will thank us later …


4. Without electronics

If you are not into tablets, e-readers and similar devices, then take a good old book or some magazines with you. Reading an interesting novel or a romantic love story makes even long flights pass by quickly. 5

5. Eating

In almost all long-haul flights you will get something to eat, however often not at the time when you are starving. Bring a small snack to have in between meals and do not forget to drink a lot during the flight to prevent dehydration. Visualise how much you would drink on a 16 hours flight (or longer) beforehand.  6

6. Seat belts

Keep your seat belts fastened at all times and try to place it in a way that the cabin crew can see that you are buckled up. If not, the flight attendants have to wake you up if there are turbulences. 7

7. Be nice to each other

Finally, be nice to each other and avoid conflicts at all costs. You are all sitting in the same plane – and will do so for at least a few hours! 8

Have a safe trip 🙂

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Laying on a sun lounger on the sundeck of the super yacht ANEDIGMI, the sunshine warming your skin, the Mediterranean breeze brushes over you… You breathe the fresh sea air in deeply, the azure blue sky surrounds you in every direction, Gin & Tonic in hand, and you think to yourself…is there is no better feeling than this?

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Your own private chef will cater for your every wish during your yacht charter holiday, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fresh sushi galore at the sushi bar on deck.


This highly sophisticated super yacht comes with ample accommodation for your esteemed guests, accommodating 10 guests total in 5 staterooms, 3 double (2 king, 1 queen) and 2 twin (4 single).

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Charter Yacht ANEDIGMI comes with…WATER SPORTS GALORE!

The feast of toys on-board will keep you all entertained day after day after day…

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1 SeaBob
Inflatable Slide from top deck

Don’t think while on your luxury Mediterranean yacht charter you can skimp on your daily gym routine…she comes with a private gym, with Kettler Cross Training and a ProVib Vibration Platform.

Not forgetting the fabulous jacuzzi on deck, the perfect place to while away your afternoons taking in the formidable scenery, sipping on Champagne and tasting the delights of the sushi bar.

A luxury Mediterranean yacht charter on ANEDIGMI means enjoying the sunshine and splendor of the Med in ultimate luxury. She is available to charter in the Mediterranean all summer, including the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia. Take in the breathtaking scenery from the luxury of your own super yacht.

To Charter Oceano Yacht Anedigmi and create the perfect charter vacation, talk to the yacht charter experts at Worth Avenue Yachts as they can create the ultimate personalized experience for you, your family and friends or for your corporate event this summer.

Best of Pain de Sucre Swimwear Lookbook 2014

Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - 1 Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Honolulu Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Kaila Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Andra Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Shorty Geane Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Desta Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Yano Pain de Sucre - Lookbook - Moha

If you have decided to refresh your swimwear collection while staying in St Tropez, have a look on the selected models from luxury Pain de Sucre swimwear look book 2014.

The Pain de Sucre line was established almost 30 years ago with a workshop in the south of France.
 During the last quarter of a century, Pain de Sucre’s two head designers sought to make their line the final word in smart French designer swimwear. In addition to being one of the predecessors of bikini-jewelry, second-skin materials and ultra-light quick-drying fibers, Pain de Sucre also redefined beach-wear with a wide range of coordinated apparel accessories.

Pain de Sucre boutique in St Tropez:
94 Rue Général Allard
Saint-Tropez, France
Tel : +33 4 94 97 32 31

Top 10 Celebrities in Saint Tropez

Ever since a young, scantily-clad Brigitte Bardot discovered Saint Tropez in the 1950s, the exclusive resort in the South of France has been a magnet for the rich and famous.

Countless stars, from A-list Hollywood actors to leading politicians, have made Saint Tropez their summer retreat, largely due to the privacy they can find here under the Mediterranean sun.

Many of the luxury waterfront villas have large gardens, so prying lenses are not a problem. They also give easy access to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, where many superstars have luxury yachts at their disposal.

St Tropez also boasts a number of exclusive night spots, such as the legendary VIP Rooms, where celebrities have been letting their hair down for decades.

Who can you expect to see in and around Saint Tropez? We look at the Top 10 Celebrities in Saint Tropez:

1. Kate Moss

British supermodel, Kate Moss, is a frequent visitor to Saint Tropez. A summer barely passes without Kate dropping in to the resort, where she is often seen wining and dining at the famous Club 55 on Pampelonne beach. Regularly joined by other celebrities, such as Lily Allen, the star looks right at home in Saint Tropez.


Celebrities in St Tropez – Kate Moss – Photo Source:

2. Beyonce & Jay Z

American singer Beyonce and husband Jay Z are firm fans of Saint Tropez, with Jay Z even rapping about the resort in one of his hits. It is quite common to see the power couple strolling about Saint Tropez, and a few years ago they were even spotted out at sea, when they hired a magnificent luxury yacht for $377,000 a week!

beyonce st tropez

Celebrities in St Tropez – Beyoncé and Jay Z – Photo Source:

3. Lady Gaga

The Mother Monster herself was also recently spotted sampling the good life, onboard a luxury yacht in the waters off Saint Tropez. And who could blame her?


Celebrities in St Tropez – Lady Gaga – Photo Source:

4. Rihanna

Rihanna is another superstar singer who likes to holiday in the French Riviera. In the past RiRi was seen partying on board the $300 million yacht of friend, Yuri Shefler, with her then on-off boyfriend Chris Brown. She has since visited the beautiful town of St Tropez on a number of occasions.


Celebrities in St Tropez – Rihanna – Photo Source:

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Many A-listers pop along to Saint Tropez after the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place for a fortnight every year in May. Perhaps this was where Leonardo DiCaprio had been hanging out prior to a recent visit to Saint Tropez, where he was seen arriving by helicopter before jumping on to a luxury yacht?


Celebrities in St Tropez – Leonardo DiCaprio – Photo Source:

6. Joan Collins

It is no secret that Joan Collins loves St Tropez. In fact, she has written a whole book on the place! When asked by The Telegraph why she is drawn to this town in the South of France, she says “It has a unique atmosphere, a joie de vivre, particularly in the summer months, that is infectious.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Celebrities in St Tropez - Joan Collins

Celebrities in St Tropez – Joan Collins

7. Vanessa Paradis

French singer and movie star, Vanessa Paradis, loves Saint Tropez so much she even bought a villa nearby, in the village of Plan de la Tour. It is here that she likes to spend time with her children, John Christopher and Lily-Rose Depp.


Celebrities in St Tropez – Vanessa Paradis – Photo Source:

8. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Another (ex) power couple who used to regularly visit the region, is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. As well as spending many summers in the French Riviera, they have a home nearby in the Var. It was also in the South of France, in Nice, where the Hollywood actors welcomed their twins, Knox and Vivienne.

Celebrities in St Tropez - Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Celebrities in St Tropez – Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt – Photo Source:

9. Victoria & David Beckham

Although they have managed to escape the paparazzi lenses in recent years, Victoria and David Beckham are also known to be fans of Saint Tropez. Here they are pictured in 2005 without their four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. They also own property in the South of France, and are regular visitors to the region.

Source: Bauer Griffin

Celebrities in St Tropez – Victoria & David Beckham – Photo Source: Bauer Griffin

10. Neil Patrick Harris

With a house figuratively speaking just down the road in Nice, it’s an easy trip to Saint Tropez for Sir Elton John and his family, who have been spotted hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris, his partner David Burtka and their beautiful brood.



Here you have our Top 10 Celebrities who holiday in Saint Tropez, and this summer we will be keeping an eye out for even more superstars who own or rent villas in this beautiful corner of the world.

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Best nudist beaches in Saint Tropez, South France

10 Things You Must Do in Saint Tropez

Top 10 Villas With Stunning Sea Views in St Tropez

Villa Bella Luxe Villa Valmarine Villa Leto Villa Point du Vue Villa Eos Villa Paradise Villa Rhea Villa Cap Sauvage Villa Amourai Villa Kapobana

10 – Villa Bella Luxe
Nice property situated in a private domain with garden in 5 minutes to Pampelonne beaches, offering a nice view over the bay.

9 – Villa Valmarine
Beautiful contemporary 5-bedroom villa near St Tropez with a small but wonderful sea view.

8 – Villa Leto
This elegant and luxury 4-bedroom-villa built in a modern, contemporary style. Awooden terrace leads to the heated pool with beautiful views on the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

Villa Leto

Villa Leto – St Tropez


7 – Villa Point du Vue
Great provencal style 7-bedroom-property located in the district of Sinopolis with a great sea view on the Gulf of St Tropez and only in 10 minutes from Saint-Tropez centre.

6 – Villa Eos
Full-service spacious 5-bedroom villa with panoramic view of the bay of Pampelonne, located in a highly sought after area in Ramatuelle close to the famous restaurant Club 55.

Villa Eos

Villa Eos – Pampelonne Beach


5 – Villa Paradise
Contemporary 6-bedrom-villa of 400 m² with sea view located in a quiet area of Ramatuelle 5 minutes from the beach.

4 – Villa Rhea
Magnificent luxury 4-bedroom-villa with a breath-taking panoramic sea view over the Gulf of Saint Tropez from nearly every room.

3 – Villa Cap Sauvage
Contemporary wood 6-bedroom-house of 270 m², land 2200m² in 15 minutes driving to Saint Tropez,

2 – Villa Amourai
A real seafront line with a fabulous sea view for this design property situated in the private area of “Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez”.

1 – Villa Kopabana
Seafront 8-bedroom-villa of 700 m² with 9 000 m² of garden with pool and helipad station. One of the most luxury properties with a sea view.

Villa Kopabana

Villa Kopabana – Les Parcs de Saint Tropez


And if you didn’t find your perfect villa in the list above, browse our website for more villas with sea views.