Domaine de la Castellane – affordable luxury in the heart of Saint Tropez

Domaine de La Castellane is an up-and-coming choice for St Tropez villa rentals for those in the know, combining comprehensive amenities with an attractive price point and an ideal location within walking distance of St Tropez town centre and the beaches of Bouillabaisse.  The Castellane area in St Tropez is ideal for villa rentals by families with children and groups of friends alike. The Castellane area is a magnet for those looking to enjoy the unique charm of St Tropez life from a charming Riviera home.

rent villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane property backyard

The Amenities at Domaine de la Castellane

If quiet tranquility, birdsong and breathtaking views are what you’re after – look no further than a St Tropez villa rental in Domaine de La Castellane.

Castellane is completely peaceful. A welcome respite from the 100,000 daily tourists which St Tropez welcomes in the summer months. Each of the twenty-one Castellane rental villas is set in beautifully manicured private gardens, in a peaceful oasis away from the road and traffic noise. In the mornings guests can fling open the classic French wooden shutters and let the beautiful clean sunlight of St Tropez stream in.

An impressive gate with an entrance code marks the entrance to the Domaine de La Castellane. During the day, the territory is secured with a guard.

rent villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane gated community

The Castellane villas are all carefully spaced apart, meaning that you have distance from your neighbours but without a feeling of isolation.

rent villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane swimming pool

Inside, the villas are appointed in the classic French style and a perfect for large groups. Houses with 4 bedrooms and homes with 5 bedrooms are available to let in Castellane – all of which boast beautiful gardens and outdoor swimming pools with loungers and expansive outdoor dining areas.

rent villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane living room

Another benefit for the Castellane Domain is that it not only welcomes families, but also offers pet friendly rentals in St Tropez. Therefore, guests are free to bring the family pet – for a relaxing St Tropez vacation.

 let villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane bedroom rent villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane bedroom holiday rental villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane bedroom
Three of the en-suite bedrooms are upstairs and finished in a classic Provencal colour palette. Another bedroom is located on the ground floor. Bed linens and bathroom amenities are all provided to ensure the perfect night’s sleep for all guests. Of course, the surroundings help. If you’re looking to rent a home with a garden in St Tropez, the fresh coniferous air of the region will no doubt soothe and revitalise.

For those looking for St Tropez villa rentals with parking, you can also find villas with private garages on the Castellane domain.

Beaches near Domaine de la Castellane

Whilst Pampelonne beach is a favourite with tourists and the international jet-set alike, locals in the know prefer the fine golden sand of Bouillabaisse Beach, positioned just West of Saint Tropez village. The luxury rental homes of Domaine de la Castellane occupy a prime spot just 300 meters from Bouillabaisse Beach. Many families are therefore drawn to Castellane because renting a summer home in the domain allows them to enjoy the clean shallow water of one of St Tropez’s finest beaches. On duty lifeguards are yet another reason why renting a villa in Castellane is so desirable for families with young children.

After a day in the sun, many sea-worn guests choose to enjoy one of the many beach clubs on Bouillabaisse beach. There are many options to choose from including the eponymous La Bouillabaisse Plage Restaurant and Bar.

rent villa near pampelonne beach

However, those looking for more robust entertainment should look no further than Pampelonne beach. The beach clubs on Pampelonne beach are a mere 7 minute drive from the villa rentals in Domaine de la Castellane and offer guests the flexibility to set the pace of their St Tropez sojourn.

Of course, all Castellane villas come fully equipped with large American-style kitchens. It will therefore come as little surprise that as part of their summer rental, many guests will hire a private chef to cook the freshest locally sourced ingredients with Provencal flair.

Restaurants near Domaine de la Castellane

There are many outstanding dining options for guests who can bear to leave the beauty and tranquility of Castellane. Just a short walk or drive away, lie some of St Tropez’s finest restaurants.

vague d’or restaurant st tropez

La Table de Marche, owned by celebrity chef Christophe Leroy, offers modern bistro dining and a gourmet bakery, just a few moments from the old port.  For more refined culinary palates, the Vague d’Or at the La Résidence de la Pinède offers three Michelin star cooking. And the Brasserie des Arts are just some of the few options available to those who are gastronomically inclined.

Entertainment near Castellane

Of course, the possibilities don’t end with St Tropez beach clubs and restaurants. No Saint Tropez vacation would be complete without a visit to one of the town’s high octane night clubs. The Byblos hotel’s Les Caves du Roy nightclub, Villa Romana and VIP Rooms are among the most renowned and within easy drive of the villa saint tropez domaine de la castellane heated pool

Booking your Summer Retreat in Saint Tropez

The properties in Castellane are very competitively priced. The villas on the compound are among the few St Tropez villas available to rent by the week during the Summer months. Over the high season, the typical cost for a week’s stay is between 10,000 – 12,000 Euros. Off-peak, prices are around 20% less.

As these villas are extremely popular, we recommend you contact Emilia for availability as soon as possible.

St Tropez Villa Rentals – 2017 in Figures

St Tropez House boasts an extensive and extraordinarily select portfolio of 275 luxury villas for rent in glorious, eternally chic and perpetually sun-kissed region of Southern France.

Known for our commitment to first-rate service and to our rapid and pinpointed responses to all communications, the team at St Tropez House makes it our mission to help customers find their absolutely perfect property in St Tropez, the one that meets and exceeds their every unique need and deep desire.


St Tropez House: 2017 – A Year in Review


2017 was a stellar year for St Tropez House, with more visitors enjoying stays at our offering of luxury villas than ever before. Due to our promise that we will aid each client to locate the lavish villa that most suits their specifications, in 2017 St Tropez House was able to match clients with properties that provided them a particular and opulent slate of amenities, such as helipads, swimming pools and additional superb butler service.

This infographic gives an idea of the sheer scale of what St Tropez House delivered to our clients in 2017. It also depicts where our luxury villas are located and the origins and interests of our distinguished and growing clientele. At St Tropez House, we look forward to another fabulous, record-breaking year in 2018, and to welcoming more and more guests to enjoy fabulous luxury villa rentals in the Saint Tropez region.

Bitcoin – The Up-and-Coming Currency Choice for Luxury Real Estate

Bitcoin, defying all the insurmountable odds that seemed to stand in the way, is fast becoming an attractive currency for the high-end real estate market. In fact, it’s becoming almost commonplace for buyers and investors to use bitcoin for luxury real estate purchases. This is a direct result of some of the most attractive features that this cryptocurrecny brings to the table, which have the ability to particularly affect luxury transactions, such as substantial property deals.

Charting the Recent Rise of Bitcoin for Luxury

bitcoin for luxury real estateWhen it initially appeared on the global financial stage, bitcoin was roundly dismissed. Indeed, conventional wisdom expected it to fizzle out quickly. However, bitcoin’s fortunes have recently undergone a change, reflected in a meteoric rise in usage. In fact, current estimates suggest that bitcoin has up to 10 million unique users and, with its use continuing to surge, there may be no limit to bitcoin’s growth.

One significant cause of bitcoin’s skyrocketing popularity can be traced to its specific suitability as a payment method for truly big-ticket luxury items, such as highly valuable pieces of art and luxurious real estate properties. As more and more luxury purchasers and investors begin to recognise the positive effects it can bring to complex asset transfer processes, bitcoin’s prospects will only improve.

Why Bitcoin Is Such a Good Fit for the Luxury Real Estate Marketplace

buy luxury real estate on st tropez with bitcoinThe reasons why bitcoin has been able to dramatically transform its image from a flawed currency instrument into an acceptable and even desirable type of money include factors are multiple. They include its extreme convenience, its adoption by several Asian indexes, its legitimisation by blockchain technology and its portability and speed of movement, due to its freedom from traditional monetary regulations.

However, when it comes to bitcoin’s ascendancy in the luxury realm, there is one specific benefit, which has endeared it immeasurably to buyers of high-end, luxury products, such as artwork, yachts, private jets and real estate. To put it plainly – bitcoin seriously reduces, and even virtually does away with, the hefty transaction fees and middleman costs that are customarily associated with purchases involving large sums of currency.

Whereas, most financial institutions that handle vast asset transfers, traditionally charge their customers for the movement of funds from one account to another, transactions involving bitcoin function quite differently.

Under normal circumstances, percentage-based transaction fees, which are levied on most monetary payments by banks, credit card companies and the like, only grow in accordance with the size of the purchase. Not surprisingly, on large-scale transactions, these fees can end up being quite substantial, if not prohibitively expensive.

For example, if someone were to buy a painting or an automobile for €100,000, the wire transfer costs associated with this transaction could reach up to €4,000. Now, extrapolate that amount out to match sums on purchases involving millions of Euros. The fees would expand exponentially. This comes into play when dealing with truly significant investments, such as art or luxury real estate. Transaction costs associated with luxury villas in the South of France, for example, could prove to be considerable.

This is where bitcoin offers an outstanding advantage, because, with bitcoin, a typical transaction fee on a million-euro purchase usually will range from under €1 to less than €2. Of course, this represents an incredible savings for those who use bitcoin for luxury investments, including real estate. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why more and more investors are utilising bitcoin for their high-end real estate purchases.

St Tropez House Accepts Bitcoin Transactions

saint tropez port real estate for bitcoinIn keeping with our commitment to offer the latest, state-of-the-art tools, technologies and advances, in order to enhance our client experience, St Tropez House now accepts bitcoin for real estate transactions. This introduction of bitcoin as an acceptable currency forms another element of our promise to deliver our clients the very best service, prices and portfolio in the high-end real estate market in the region.

Thus, when you are ready to close on a villa in Saint Tropez, or throughout the Cote d’Azur, you can choose to use bitcoin and reap the rewards that this emerging cryptocurrency can provide. But, even for those who are not yet quite comfortable with the concept of bitcoin, it’s probably still reassuring to be aware that St Tropez House leaves all options available.


8 St Tropez Shortcuts your GPS Won’t Know

Saint Tropez is renowned the world over for its beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea and cool vibe. The scenic town in the South of France has also got itself a name for something else not quite so picturesque: traffic.

Anyone who has stayed in one of our villas in Saint Tropez before will know that getting in and out of the town in the summer months can be enough to get you reaching for the rosé wine as soon as you finally arrive at your destination.

Long lines of traffic building up on the single track road from Sainte Maxime to Saint Tropez in the searing heat can dampen the holiday mood of any sane motorist, as they battle their way to the idyll of their holiday rental.

St Tropez Traffic Shortcuts

The reason for the jams is the sheer volume of traffic on essentially a tiny, unsophisticated road network, which at any other time of the year adds to the charm of this one in a million holiday spot.

No efforts have been made to carve up the stunning countryside to cater for the extra car loads; a factor which must be remembered and applauded.

But it can make for frustrating driving nonetheless. Once you have left the motorway there is little chance to overtake on the wiggly road which traverses huge swathes of stunning forests. And when you finally reach the coast, the single track clings to the water’s edge making the journey a remarkably pretty one, if incredibly slow!

Repeat visitors to Saint Tropez will also know that there is little reprieve from the traffic which strikes at almost all times of the day, from 10am to 7pm on weekends with a slight let up over lunch during the week.

St Tropez Scenic Routes by Car

If a helicopter transfer in and out of Saint Tropez is not an option, our team of local experts at St Tropez House have come up with these sneaky short cuts to help you drive to and from your St Tropez villa in style.

1) How to get to Saint Tropez from the A8 motorway trouble-free

To avoid getting stuck in long lines of traffic once you have left the A8 on the Le Muy turn-off (D25) at Exit 36, which eventually leads you to the congested D559 between Sainte Maxime and Saint Tropez, take Exit 35 at Le Luc (D558), which will bring you through the Garde Freinet, Grimaud and Cogolin and straight into La Foux roundabout at Gassin.

This sneaky short cut is especially useful for motorists coming from Aix-en-Provence, and is worth considering if you are travelling to St Tropez from Nice at peak times.

St Tropez Shortcut Le Luc

2) What to do if you are stuck in traffic on the D25 from Le Muy to Sainte Maxime

If you find yourself stuck in traffic on the D25 from Le Muy to Sainte Maxime, one possibility to avoid the queues is to head onto the D44 to Plan de la Tour.

From here you can go all the way to La Foux roundabout at Gassin over the Marres hills which is a stunning way to drop down onto the coast.

Alternatively, you can cut back onto the main road on the D244 and follow directions to Saint Tropez.

St Tropez Shortcut Plan De La Tour

3) A sneaky shortcut via Le Muy for motorists leaving Saint Tropez

If you are in a hurry to catch your plane at Nice Airport or have a meeting in Monaco, a consideration is to take the D44 from Grimaud all the way to the A8 via Plan de La Tour on the D25.

This backroad is a real find when the more commonly known exit through Sainte Maxime is congested.

St Tropez to Le Muy Shortcut

4) How to avoid heavy traffic when heading towards Aix-en-Provence

Likewise, if you are leaving your St Tropez rental villa and heading home to the Uk via Aix-en-Provence, follow signs to Grimaud, and La Garde Freinet on the D588 straight out of Saint Tropez towards the A8.

St Tropez Shortcut Aix en provence

5) How to avoid getting stuck on La Foux Roundabout when heading to Saint Tropez

The La Foux roundabout is a notorious traffic blackspot which can be hugely frustrating for holidaymakers. However, it can be avoided.

Savvy drivers should leave the roundabout on the D559 direction La Croix Valmer and then take the first left after a school before turning left again past the Polo Club de St Tropez on Route de Bourrian.

The St Tropez House alternative GPS then recommends you take the first right at the roundabout towards Ramatuelle on the picturesque D61, which will take you past the Minuty & La Roulliere vineyards, before turning left onto the D93 Route Des Plages if you are heading to the beach clubs on Pampelonne.

Alternatively, if you are heading to Place des Lices in Saint Tropez village, take Chemin de Sainte Anne.

St Tropez Shortcut Le Foux

6) How to Leave Pampelonne after a day at the Beach Clubs

There is little worse than getting stuck in a hot car after a relaxing day on the beach.

To avoid this nightmare, we recommend you head left out of Patch, Epi, Tamaris, or other beach club roads onto the Route des Plages D93.

Continue on this road towards Ramatuelle village, before turning right onto the D61 past the Minuty & La Roulliere vineyards and onto the main D98A past the La Foux roundabout.

St Tropez Shortcut Ramatuelle

7) For those of you who like the scenic routes…

If you don’t mind winding mountain roads and fancy getting away from the crowds, there are a couple of sneaky routes that we recommend in the hills above Saint Tropez.

For example, take the D559, a mountain road between La Croix Valmer and Ramatuelle and the D98 to Toulon, La Mole, or Cogolin for a beautiful shortcut.

St Tropez Shortcut Croix Valmer

8) How to get to Pampelonne from St Tropez without sitting in traffic

To get to the beach clubs on Pampelonne in a calm and collected fashion, use the Chemin de Sainte Anne, there and back.

St Tropez Shortcut

We sincerely hope that these shortcuts make your holiday in Saint Tropez as problem-free as possible. If you discover any other sneaky diversions to help others avoid traffic, please let us know.

St Tropez Style: Men’s Sartorial Guide for 2017

It’s the final countdown to your long-awaited holiday in the South of France; you’ve selected your reading material and reserved a few rounds of golf, but you still haven’t decided what to wear in St Tropez.

While you wife or partner has probably been planning her St Tropez style for the last six months, it’s probably a fair assumption that many men leave packing until the very last minute.

So, for those of you who have no idea about St Tropez fashion and are worried about what to pack, St Tropez House have created a Sartorial Guide for 2017.

Beach wear for men

If you are serious about adhering to the St Tropez dress code and want to look the part, then make sure you get your hands on the latest men’s beach wear to hit Pampleonne – trunks and matching beach blazer from Monaco-based 209 Mare. The fledgeling brand has come up with an exciting new alternative to a crumpled linen jacket for the beach in its water-resistant jacket-robe in four hues: Portofino Green, Santorini White, Formentera Blue and Havana Brown.

Casual wear for men

Once you’ve slipped out of your beach wear, why not slip into another mainstay of St Tropez fashion wear for men – shorts and polo shirts by luxury brand Vilebrequin, which was set up in the summer of 1971 by a young man called Fred Prysquel. Fast forward more than 40 years, and the St Tropez brand and its impressive collections for men, women and children is now found all over the world. We particularly love this seasons’ printed Emperor Penguins Straight Pants, worn with a Nikki Beach Tee shirt.

Evening wear for men

How to dress in St Tropez when the sun goes down? Well, the great thing about St Tropez fashion is that it never gets very formal, so that even when you are heading out for a night on the town, less is more. But if you really want to make that extra effort, don’t forget to pack your European stretch linen shirt which will be perfect for the casual chic look which optimises the St Tropez style. European Saint-Tropez is a luxury brand with boutiques in St Tropez, Bandol, Sanary, Le Lavandou, Juan Les Pins and Saint-Barth in the Caribbean.  Team this off with a pair of chinos and loafers and your will look perfectly at home in any St Tropez night spot.

St Tropez House are leading real estate experts located in the South of France. We have a stunning portfolio of villas to rent and to buy in the St Tropez region. Rent a villa in St Tropez here, or make an enquiry with Emilia to find out more.


Schools out, what to do with the kids in Saint Tropez?

The long summer term has almost ended, the suitcases are packed and you are days away from departing for a dream holiday in Saint Tropez. Meanwhile, in the South of France, the keys to the luxury villa are ready and waiting, the swimming pool is heating up and the rosé wine is on ice – but there is one thing niggling at the back of your mind. What to do with the kids?

Our team at St Tropez House, leading luxury real estate experts with a portfolio of properties to rent, give you their Top 5 Kid-friendly activities to ensure a happy family holiday in Saint Tropez this summer.

The South of France and Saint Tropez, in particular, is an ideal place to come with kids, with endless activities to keep youngsters of all ages entertained. A great idea before you leave for your luxury holiday in Saint Tropez is to take note of the following day-trips so that you hit the ground running when you arrive in your villa in the South of France.

Jets Cool

With sea temperatures averaging a pleasant 25C in July in Saint Tropez, it will come as no surprise that many of the most popular activities for kids are based around water. Our favourites include Jets Cool, a company specialising in custom built ‘mini’ jet skis meaning that all the family can have a go at this exhilarating past-time in 100 per cent safety. The company is based in Theoule sur Mer, a beautiful coastal town an hour and a half drive from Saint Tropez. Visitors are advised to book ahead to avoid disappointment.


Another hugely popular water-based activities which has seen a massive growth in the South of France in recent years is stand up paddling, also known as SUP, which is suitable for older kids and teenagers. To book boards why not visit TeamWaterSport on Pampelonne beach, a stone’s throw from our portfolio of luxury water-front properties in Saint Tropez and next to La Voile Rouge beach club?

Parc Areca Jardin Botanique

If our children are more the land-loving kind, there are huge areas of stunning parkland to discover on your luxury holiday in Saint Tropez. One of the highlights of the Parc Nationals in the South of France for us is the Parc Areca Jardin Botanique, not far from Saint Tropez in Frejus, with stunning views over the Mediterranean and wonderful shady canopes for memorable picnics. For those of you renting a luxury villa in Saint Tropez whose kids need more action, why not also pop into the Base Nature Francois Leotard, a spectacular park covering 135 hectares with cycle paths, volley ball pitches and more than 3000 m2 of skate park.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Well worth the expedition from your rental villa in Saint Tropez is the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The museum on Monaco’s Rock is not only home to a huge lagoon of baby sharks that you can touch, but also features more than 4000 species of fish. It’s a perfect day out for kids, and if you don’t fancy the two hour drive to get there, why not reserve a private helicopter ride and arrive in the lap of luxury in just 25 minutes with St Tropez House partner Heli Securite? To enquiry about helicopter transfers from Saint Tropez to Monaco go to For more information about the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco go to

Foundation Maeght

For those of you renting a luxury villa in Saint Tropez with artistic children, we thoroughly recommend a trip to the Fondation Maeght in the art mecca of Saint Paul de Vence, approximately 1h45 minutes away by car (although considerably less by helicopter!). The Fondation Maeght is a contemporary art museum set in stunning landscaped gardens which kids will love exploring. Children under 10 get in free.


Tahiti Beach, St Tropez: A Wonderfully Luxurious Area for Villa Rentals

The ultra-famous Plage de Tahiti is one of the best spots on the Riviera to take a luxurious break. It’s an iconic sight, distinguished by bright orange parasols, at the northern end of Pampelonne. Tahiti Beach exudes a nostalgic glamour that appeals to a more mature demographic – people who remember its undisputed heydey as the European summer destination of choice for sirens of the silver screen and Hollywood heavyweights. It became an iconic hotspot when Brigitte Bardot starred in ‘And God Created Woman’ in the mid-1950s and has attracted a devoted clientele of showbiz favourites ever since.

Tahiti Beach takes pride of place on the shoreline of beautiful Ramatuelle and attracts a discerning selection of holidaymakers who appreciate its mellow vibe. This extraordinary corner of Pampelonne Beach has an abundance of natural beauty and wonderful establishments from which to enjoy your surroundings. Fine white sand and scrub-covered dunes form the backdrop to clear blue waters and one of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous party scenes.

Tahiti beach, St Tropez

Tahiti’s water sports facilities and its renowned beach club restaurants will appeal to children and adults alike. Similarly, St Tropez’s stunning marina, its megayachts and cosmopolitan cafe culture are just under two miles away. Tahiti really is close to everything you could need but tranquil enough to enjoy the lush natural surroundings from the privacy of your own secure luxury villa rental. We’ll take a look at the Tahiti area and its domains in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Cap Tahiti Domain

The secured domain of Cap Tahiti overlooks Pampelonne Beach and has direct access to Tahiti Beach on foot. This beautiful section of Ramatuelle is surrounded by verdant gardens and protected by a guard 24 hours a day. There are approximately 30 houses in the residence, with a guardian’s cottage at the entrance for security. Cap Tahiti has two key selling points in addition to its exclusivity and security. Firstly, at the peak of its vantage point over the glittering St Tropez coastline, Cap Tahiti boasts stunning views. Secondly, it’s idyllic location guarantees fast access to the town centre and its surrounding attractions.

Villa Rokko

Villa Rokko

To fully appreciate these panoramic views, we recommend Villa Rokko, which boasts breathtaking sea views beyond subtropical gardens and contemporary design that will impress even the most discerning of guests. It has a medium/high rental price from €25,000/week. The 6-bedroom luxury villa is a modern masterpiece and features an American kitchen, outdoor dining area and large swimming pool.

Villa Tahiti Charm

Villa Tahiti Charm

Nearby (but not inside) Cap Tahiti, the aptly-named Villa Tahiti Charm is part of a private domain of two villas. The 4-bedroom luxury rental property is minutes away from Tahiti beach and just around the corner from the wonderful Pomme de Pin restaurant. It’s an oasis of calm with an outside dining area and swimming pool set within a generously sized garden and is priced from €15,000 per week.

Tahiti Road

Villa Mangueira has seven bedrooms and is perfect for those who love an outdoors holiday since it has 26 000 m² of park. The grounds contain a swimming pool with a pool house, a tennis court with and a helipad station which gives maximum transportation convenience. Villa Mangueira is beautifully furnished and has a sea view from its exquisite master bedroom.

Villa Mangueira

Villa Mangueira is not overlooked by any other property but it is close to its neighbour on Tahiti Road, Villa Pareo. This superb 800 m² modern property is located on a large 11,000 m² garden and has 8 bedrooms. Villa Pareo is an ultra-luxurious villa with a swimming pool; in fact, it has two pools, one for the main house and another for the guesthouse, along with two al fresco dining areas. There is parking for several cars, an automatic gate and an alarm system, and soon a house for the staff will be located near the entrance gate. These two gated properties are wonderful examples of Cap Tahiti’s exclusive buildings that offer high-level security and comfort.

Villa Pareo, St Tropez

Villa Pareo


La Capilla

The gated community of La Capilla is another sought-after domain in the vicinity of Tahiti Beach, which ensures that guests have complete privacy and security. It is smaller and less well known than Cap Tahiti but equally prestigious and beautiful and has some medium/high budget properties. Just like Cap Tahiti, it is very close to St Tropez centre and the traffic-free roads make travelling to the beaches a breeze.

Villa La Capilla

The eponymous Villa La Capilla is a wonderful Ramatuelle property available for fortnightly (approx €60,000) and monthly rental in the heart of the domain. The elegant 5-bedroom villa was recently renovated and restored to its original beauty and is situated in a tropical garden which offers a glimpse of the sea. It is within walking distance of Tahiti Beach and Place des Lices with its famous market is just 5 minutes drive.

Cap Bastide, St Tropez

Villa Cap Bastide

Cap Bastide is another premium property located in the Tahiti area, just outside La Capilla. It’s just three minutes walk away from family-friendly Tahiti beach making the large landscaped garden seem like a verdant extension of the beach. The large shallow pool is perfect for all ages and the five bedrooms leave plenty of room to accommodate a nanny or housekeeper alongside your family. It’s one of our economical options at around €15,000 a week.

Chateau Messardiere

The highlight of the Tahiti area is Saint‑Tropez’s largest hotel, Chateau Messardiere. Set in 25 acres of immaculately-kept grounds, this five-star hotel has 117 rooms and features a spa, two restaurants, bars and an art gallery. It is a fantastic location for weddings and celebrations because its magnificent grounds and interior are simply stunning. The gardens include a botanical footpath and it takes preservation seriously as the French Bird Protection League’s (LPO) only partner-hotel.

Villa Bellazard

St Tropez House is delighted to present the ultra-luxurious Villa Bellazard, just 5 minutes away from Chateau Messardiere. It is one of the best villas to rent in St Tropez and boasts an exceptional array of features such as a fitness room, a library, a personal chef and 2-car garage. The 5-bedroom villa has outstanding views of the hotel and the Bay of Pampelonne beyond an abundance of Mediterranean flora. The property is controlled by intelligent home technology and has a video and alarm system for extra security.

Summary of our Tahiti Property Prices

Economical Budget – from 15K/week

Cap Bastide

Tahiti Charm

Medium/High Budget

Rokko – from 25K/week

Tahiti – from 30K/week

La Capilla -from 30K/week

High Budget – from 45k/week


Top luxury –  from 80k/week.



Tahiti Beach Essential Information

Not only are our favourite villas all located within walking distance of the best beaches in St Tropez, but getting to the centre is a very short car drive on roads without traffic. Here are some of our favourite restaurants and hotels in the vicinity of Tahiti Beach.

Restaurants and Hotels

Tahiti Beach Club – This iconic private beach club is the area’s oldest (1946) and most popular. It’s a sophisticated but laid-back establishment with an excellent menu of gourmet cuisine and snacks to be enjoyed right at the edge of the water. Its small hotel is chic and less expensive than you would expect given the fabulous location. It was one of the most popular hangouts for celebrities in the fifties and sixties.

Chateau Messardiere – As mentioned earlier in the article, this luxury hotel is the gem of Tahiti with its immaculate grounds and top-class service. Set in large and beautifully-kept grounds, everything about this chateau is soothing and pristine from its restaurant terrace to its spas. The 400-strong wine list is bound to have something to suit your palate.

La Ferme de Augustin – This 4-star hotel is set amid lovely gardens and has some fantastically relaxing communal areas like the lounge with a fireplace, the heated outdoor pool and the terrace. The gardens and orchard provide the seasonal vegetables used in the hotel restaurant’s regional cuisine.

La Pomme de Pin – This lovely restaurant offers delicious Italian cuisine served on a shaded terrace close to Cap Tahiti. Famous for its pizza and fresh food prepared simply, this is a place you should definitely make a reservation for since it is very popular with locals and holidaymakers alike.

Tropezina Beach – Just along from Tahiti Beach, Tropezina offers a menu of fresh seafood and Provencal specialities served by friendly staff. Unlike many of the beach clubs, Tropezina is open for most of the year allowing customers to enjoy the Riviera’s mild winter climate.


The Best Villas to Rent in Ramatuelle

Ramatuelle villa for rent

Ramatuelle is a beautiful historic village perched above the Mediterranean overlooking Pampelonne beach. It’s close to the beaches and St Tropez, but quiet enough to relax in the beautiful villas and their picturesque gardens. Invoke the envy of your friends by renting one of these stunning Ramatuelle villas for the perfect care-free holiday.

Villa Pampelonne Dream

As its name suggests, this modern sea view villa is close to the vibrant beach of Pampelonne and its lively beach clubs. Surrounded by an attractive Mediterranean garden full of pine, olive and palm trees, the tropical wood facade of Villa Pampelonne Dream perfectly complements the surrounding nature. Its luxurious features include a spacious light-flooded living area of around 80 m2 with roof beams and high ceiling, an American kitchen, a loggia and a garage. Each bedroom from the master suite to the 4 guest bedrooms have their own bathroom and open onto the terrace, garden and pool area.

Pampelonne villa rental

Villa Pampelonne Dream

Villa Ferle

A Tuscan-style villa on the French Riviera is a beautiful combination! Villa Ferle’s location in 10,000m2 of grounds on a prestigious estate is simply breathtaking. The 350m2 5-bedroom bougainvillaea-covered property is characterised by a refined simplicity and careful attention to detail that permeates the entire house from the high ceilings to the Italian tiled floors. It has unique features such as a private bar, piano room and summer kitchen. Villa Ferle is a wonderful family vacation rental tucked away from the bustle of St Tropez.

Villa Briesc

This modern waterfront villa is perfect for art and interior design enthusiasts, who are sure to appreciate its thoughtfully-planned contemporary design. All of its stylish rooms have styled finishes – exquisite furniture, wooden floors and marble touches. Villa Briesc can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 bedrooms and is a wonderful Ramatuelle property rental. Its spacious living and dining area boast huge windows with fabulous sea views. Guests can also enjoy access to their own luxurious heated swimming pool from the first-floor deck and a spacious balcony on the second floor.

Villa rental Ramatuelle

Villa Briesc

Villa Grand Lagon

Villa Grand Lagon is a Provencal villa of 400m² with a garden of 7500m². Its large heated pool is separated into 5 distinct pools and is a standout feature, and it’s overlooked by the sumptuously furnished living room and terrace area. This villa is the epitome of luxury with two kitchens (one professional grade), a fully-equipped gym, a steam/shower and sauna for 6-8 people, an interior patio, covered parking and a helipad. Security is a priority with 12 cameras in the garden and a volumetric alarm system in all areas. All 9 rooms are ensuite and two have Jacuzzis.

Villa Violaine

Located in the heart of Ramatuelle village, this beautiful Provencal property offers tranquility and privacy. Villa Violaine is close to the sea, offering captivating sea views over the Pamplelonne Bay and surrounding hills and vineyards. The large garden (10,000m2) is the perfect oasis for relaxation and there’s a child’s pool with the main swimming pool. All 6 bedrooms are ensuite and have air-con.

luxury villa rental Ramatuelle

Villa Violaine

Villa Lou Casa

Located in a prestigious and secluded community in the rolling hills of Ramatuelle above the area’s exclusive beaches, Villa Lou Casa could be your own slice of Riviera paradise. The stone bastide villa is idyllically situated in 20,000m2 of beautifully landscaped garden with an adjoining guest house and pool house. It also has access to a private tennis court, fitness room, Jacuzzi and a large heated swimming pool. The 400m2 villa has 6 bedrooms, a TV lounge, modern kitchen, but the real standout features are its generous terrace and outdoors lounge area with spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Villa Paradise

The ultra-modern 500 m² Villa Paradise certainly lives up to its name and is a luxurious Ramatuelle villa. Its quiet location, just five minutes from the beaches of Pampelonne and Escalet, makes it ideal to create treasured memories with your family and friends. Each of the 8 bedrooms has its own bathroom and four of them are king-sized and two have large terraces with sea views. The sumptuously furnished lounge opens onto the 6000 m2 manicured garden and the views are simply breathtaking. This property is available to rent and to buy.

ramatuelle luxury villa rental

Villa Paradise

Villa Castel

This luxurious property is the ultimate in refined taste. Villa Castel is located in an enviable position within walking distance from the Moorea and Bora Bora beaches of Pampelonne. Its fantastic facilities include a small office with computer, a home cinema video projector, bar and toilets, a gym room in the garden and a large bar and summer kitchen area. The beautiful 750 m² villa sleeps 14 guests across 7 rooms and it’s surrounded by a huge garden with private and direct access to the beach.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these properties or any other luxury villas from St Tropez House’s extensive portfolio.


Saint Tropez Beaches: What to look out for in 2016

Days lounging around on a white sandy beach may seem a long way away right now, but we find the months pass with alarming speed these days.

So we thought we would offer you a flicker of light at the end of this recurring ‘tunnel’, otherwise known as winter, and look ahead at some of the best beach clubs due to open in Saint Tropez this year.

Saint Tropez is famous for its highly exclusive and luxurious beach clubs, with dozens lining the three mile long white sandy Pampelonne Beach. The first, the legendary Tahiti Beach Club, opened in 1946, with arguably the most sought–after establishment, Club 55, setting up a short distance away on the same stretch of sand some nine years later – in 1955.

Saint Tropez Beaches What to look out for in 2016 (2)

It is virtually impossible to pick out our favourites, as they all offer an excellent service and share the same incredibly beautiful backdrop, but if we had to choose five, they would probably be:

  • Relative newcomer Riva Plage opened its doors to customers at the beginning of the last year. Situated along the Patch stretch of Pampelonne Beach close to some of our premier properties for sale and rent, it is a welcome addition to the more established clubs along this stretch of coast. For reservations call +33 (0) 4 94 79 96 95.
  • Another new restaurant which we expect to be making waves again this summer is Bagatelle, which opened in 2014 close to Route d’Epi. Bagatelle is owned by Aymeric Clemente and Remi Laba, a dynamic duo who also have successful restaurants in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, St Barths and Sao Paolo.
  • We love the cool vibe and great tunes you can enjoy at Moorea, which boasts one of the most famous bars on the beach, Claudy’s Bar. The cocktails here are particularly good, as are the massages which you can enjoy in cabins on the beach.
  • For a really fun afternoon on the beach, we recommend you head to Nikki Beach which belongs to the same family as Nikki Beach in Miami and St Barths. Here you can party to your heart’s content around the pool at this popular club set back from the beach by a few hundred metres. Nikki Beach will open this year for Easter, on March 27th.

We mentioned Club 55 earlier, but we think this world-famous club deserves a few more lines. Hidden behind a discrete garden in the middle of Pampelonne beach, Club 55 is the favoured Saint Tropez restaurant of world politicians, Hollywood stars and supermodels. Here you will find delicious grilled fish, simple salads and bags of charm and ambience.

Christmas 2015 Countdown

With exactly 12 days until Christmas, there is plenty to keep families in Saint Tropez busy and feeling festive in the run up to possibly our favourite time of year in the South of France.
If you are staying in a luxury villa in Saint Tropez this December or indeed are lucky enough to live here all year long, why not check the St Tropez House countdown to Christmas below:

Day 12: Check out the Christmas Theatre show at the Cinema La Renaissance where a performance of Les Deux Timides (the Two Shy People) will start at 5pm with music from ABBA.
Day 11: Make sure you are padded up well and try your hand at ice skating on the ‘Pop-up’ ice rink in the Place des Lices. Perhaps pick a day when the kids are still at school for ultimate safety.
Day 10: Visit the Marche de Noel in Place des Lices, where you will find piping hot mulled wine, Christmas present ideas and general merriment.
Day 9: For the last Wednesday of term time, a classic Disney film will be showing at the Cinema La Renaissance; Mulan – as part of the Disney Festival in Saint Tropez.
Day 8: A spot of Christmas shopping in the town centre. There are some fantastic boutiques all within walking distance and a wide range of choice so you are sure to find something for all the family.
Day 7: Time for another theatre production, this time a play called ‘Sous Les Sapins des Emmerdes’ at 9pm, again in the Cinema La Renaissance.
Day 6: The first day of the Christmas holidays for most children in Saint Tropez, so things could get a little busy in town. It’s also the first day of the Salon du Chocolat et des Gourmandises at the Salle Jean Despas. The exhibition is on until December 21st, from 10am to 7pm.
Day 5: Really get into the Christmas spirit with festive music in La Pastorale at the Cinema la Renaissance at 3pm.
Day 4: More Disney fun at the Cinema La Renaissance at 4pm, this time Beauty and the Beast.
Day 3: Today yet another festival begins in Saint Tropez. The Festival Declarations d’Humours will run from 22 to 23 December in Cinema La Renaissance.
Day 2: Take the family on a tour of Saint Tropez on the mini Christmas train.
Day 1: Father Christmas arrives by boat at the Quai Suffren — and Christmas begins!