Who is India Mahdavi & What is her St Tropez connection?

Who is India Mahdavi & What is her St Tropez connection?

Who is India Mahdavi and is her work present in St Tropez?

india mahdavi st tropez villa rental mattise

India Mahdavi is a distinguished architect and designer, known for her eclectic and vibrant designs of villas for rent in St Tropez and several establishments around the world. Her unique philosophy has made a significant impact in the world of contemporary interior design. Born in Iran and raised across various countries, Mahdavi’s multicultural upbringing has deeply influenced her unique design language, allowing her to integrate different cultural components to her work. Mahdavi’s work in the South of France, particularly in St Tropez, is a testament to her ability to blend this global perspective with the local charm and luxury of the region. Her contribution to the designer villas for rent in St Tropez is significant, and celebrated for their playful yet sophisticated use of color and form, capturing the essence of St Tropez’s chic and vibrant lifestyle. This reputation has made India Mahdavi a highly-sought designer for high-end interior design projects in St Tropez.

What is India Mahdavi best known for in the design world?

India Mahdavi is best known for her ability to create spaces with a bold use of color and texture, often incorporating playful elements and global inspirations. Her internationally acclaimed and unique design approach make her a sought-after designer for high-end projects in luxurious destinations like St Tropez. One of her most iconic projects is the interior design of The Gallery at Sketch, a popular restaurant in London, notable for its plush pink interiors and unique egg-shaped toilets.

What makes India Mahdavi’s design philosophy in St Tropez so unique?

India Mahdavi’s design philosophy stands out in St Tropez thanks to its focus on designing spaces that resonate emotionally, skillfully interweave colors, patterns, and textures to create environments that are not only welcoming but also leave a lasting impression on guests. This approach is a refreshing change from the traditional interior design philosophies typically seen in St Tropez which focus more on ‘earthy luxury’ design.

What is India Mahdavi’s connection to the South of France?

villa designer matisse india mahdavi
The sunlit master bedroom study and lounge in villa Matisse

Having once lived in the South of France as a child, India Mahdavi maintains a deep connection and special affinity for the region and its distinctive golden sunlight, which has lured artists to its shores for decades. This connection may explain why Mahdavi has been drawn to undertake several projects in the South of France, consistently making a point to incorporate the region’s unique light and landscape into her designs

How does India Mahdavi’s style complement the luxurious lifestyle of St Tropez?

Mahdavi’s design style, with its emphasis on bold yet sophisticated elements, complements the luxurious, chic lifestyle of St Tropez, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy in a manner never before seen in rental villas. Her eclectic influences resonate well with the South of France’s rich cultural and artistic heritage.

What materials and colours does India Mahdavi use in her designs of St Tropez luxury villas?

matisse rental villa capon cinema
Private cinema room of St Tropez rental villa Matisse

Designer India Mahdavi often uses a diverse range of materials from plush velvet’s to smooth marbles, and her color palette is wide-ranging but often includes pastel tones and vibrant hues. She often opts for a curated selection of unique vintage furnishings and has also used specially commissioned, handmade tapestries in her designs, as seen in the whimsical home cinema of villa Matisse in St Tropez.

How has India Mahdavi influenced modern interior design in St Tropez and globally?

india mahdavi villa la ferrera
The playful use of colour and texture by India Mahdavi at villa La Ferrera

Mahdavi has influenced modern interior design in St Tropez and around the world by demonstrating how eclectic global influences can be seamlessly integrated into contemporary spaces and modern interior design concepts. Her playfulness and use of bold patterns, colours and textures in villas for rent in St Tropez has redefined the world of luxury interior design.

Are there any signature furniture pieces designed by India Mahdavi?

india mahdavi villa matisse designer rental
Villa Matisse featuring India Mahdavi’s signature ‘Bishop’ stool

Yes, India Mahdavi has designed several signature pieces, such as the ‘Bishop’ stool, known for its geometric form and playful color options. This contemporary and versatile table is present in the St Tropez rental villas designed by India Mahdavi.

What advice does India Mahdavi offer to those decorating their rental villas in St Tropez?
Mahdavi advises those wishing to design their rental villas in St Tropez to focus on creating a space that reflects personal style and comfort, suggesting the use of color and texture to bring life and personality to a space.

Which designer villas for rent in the St Tropez House collection have been designed by India Mahdavi?

India Mahdavi, renowned for her exceptional design flair, has a profound connection to the South of France, making her presence in St Tropez both exclusive and influential. The following luxury villas for rent in St Tropez, already remarkable in their own right, have entrusted their interior spaces to the creative vision of India Mahdavi:


living area villa matisse st tropez india mahdavi
Living area of villa Matisse in St Tropez

Step into the world of India Mahdavi’s imagination at this stunning, 9 bedroom estate for rent in St Tropez. This unique property is a veritable gem of interior design, calling back to the glamorous days of St Tropez with its sun-bathed living spaces, pastelle colour palettes and pin-striped tiles. It features a fully-equipped gym, private helipad, childrens playroom and sprawling views of mountain and sea.

La Ferrera

ferrera villa rental designer india mahdavi
The fantastical lounge area of villa Ferrera for rent in St Tropez

India Mahdavi’s formidable interior design of villa Ferrera sets it apart from any other luxury villa for rent in St Tropez. Curated works of art, furnishings, fixtures, textiles and decorative wall papers make this villa a playful and emotion-provoking place to spend one’s St Tropez holiday. Featuring 9 bedrooms, a private tennis court and a lavish home cinema, this villa provokes awe behind every corner.

For more information about India Mahdavi and her various works, visit her website.

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