Where To Stay In St Tropez: Villa Or Hotel?

Where To Stay In St Tropez: Villa Or Hotel?

A holiday in St Tropez is a chance to relax, unwind, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the Cote d’Azur. Whether you are travelling with family, friends, on a romantic retreat or by yourself, there is such a variety of things to see and do in St Tropez that you are sure to fall in love, coming back year after year. But where to stay in St Tropez when you visit?

Accommodation falls roughly into two categories – villas or hotels – and it is true that both have their own benefits. Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for from your holiday, so below we’ll evaluate villas vs hotels to help you plan your next escape.

Where to stay in St Tropez depending on your preferences

Do you crave privacy and intimacy, or a bustling social life?

Villas are your own personal retreat – a home away from home. You won’t find anyone to mingle with other than the group you came with, and there will be no communal bar onsite at which to stay up drinking late into the night with strangers.

However, if you prefer to spend your time with the friends and family who accompanied you on holiday, then a villa is ideal, offering multiple spots to bond, from sun loungers to alfresco dining areas to cinema rooms. If the fun of going on holiday for you is meeting new people, then a hotel is perhaps a better choice, providing more opportunity for social interaction.

Do you plan to spend lots of time at your accommodation?

Are you someone who only uses their accommodation as a place to sleep, or do you like to luxuriate in your surroundings? When considering where to stay in St Tropez, think about how you like to use your space.

A villa will offer a lot more space, with its own plot of land, usually featuring gardens, a swimming pool, a BBQ area and more, plus spacious bedrooms, lounges, and a fully equipped kitchen. This is somewhere where you could happily spend most of the holiday, offering a relaxing base from which to explore as and when you choose.

A grand family suite in a hotel will not come anywhere close to the size of a villa. For those who don’t plan on spending much time at the accommodation, this will suit them well – after all, there is no need to have a large property that is only used for sleeping, and with smaller accommodation there will be less temptation to stay in and miss sightseeing adventures.

If you wish to have a spa area in your accommodation, you may think this is only offered in a hotel. However, there are also some villas that have private spas onsite, allowing you to enjoy the facilities with only your friends and family for company.

Will you be travelling with a small group or a large party, and what is your relationship with the group?

When looking at villas vs hotels, a smaller group will likely be better suited to a hotel, with the value of villas tending to increase the more people stay there, and most St Tropez villas offering four or more bedrooms. However, for a bigger group, a villa will provide a much more enjoyable space to relax in, with plenty of communal areas inside and out.

It is worth noting that if you are not very close to or comfortable with your group, you might feel as if you have a little more privacy in a (lockable!) room of a hotel. However, some villas will offer self-contained apartments, or en-suite rooms located in a separate guesthouse, that will also offer you solitude if you require it.

where to stay in St Tropez

How much service do you require?

Villas in St Tropez can come equipped with a set of dedicated staff, including a house manager, a butler, a chef and a maid, who are there to serve only your group. Many properties also have staff accommodation onsite, meaning they are perfectly equipped for guests bringing their own staff with them. Equally, if you prefer to holiday without any staff, this can be easily arranged.

Hotels typically offer a set amount of staff, who are spread amongst the guests, often meaning they can offer a slightly less personalised service. However, you can of course bring your own staff with you to a hotel, booking rooms close together for ultimate convenience.

What kind of views would you like?

The final consideration that should help you pick between a villa or hotel is how you want to experience the views, Both options can deliver incredible views, with luxury St Tropez villas and hotels located in idyllic spots enjoying panoramas over the sea, various beaches and gardens, and St Tropez itself.

You will likely have many more views to choose from at a hotel, simply because an entire hotel will likely have more windows and vantage points than just one villa. However, the only views that you will be able to enjoy privately are the ones available from your room. Meanwhile, in a villa you may have fewer spots to take in dazzling vistas, but each view will be yours to enjoy in peace for as long as you wish.

Should you decide that a villa suits you better for your St Tropez escape, please get in touch with Emilia today to find a property that meets all of your requirements.

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