Villas for rent with fabulous parking amenities

Villas for rent with fabulous parking amenities

Iconic holidays in Saint Tropez beckon thoughts of stunning views of the Mediterranean, luxurious surroundings, haute cuisine and of course cruising in a stylish supercar along the picturesque coast. Indulging in the rental of a supercar during your holiday in Saint Tropez is essential for many guests choosing to spend their summer holidays in this illustrious french village. The space and protection needed to park these pricey toys is something which must be considered when choosing the perfect villa to rent. When hosting family and friends it is also essential to know how many vehicles your chosen holiday villa can host.

It is with this in mind that St Tropez House has compiled a top picks list of villas which are suited to guests needing both space and protection of their cars during their getaway in Saint Tropez.

Villa Bastide de Belieu

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Villa Bastide de Belieu in Gassin

This picturesque Provençal villa leaves guests wanting for nothing. Located in a secluded area of Gassin, only 10 minutes from St Tropez centre and the beaches of Pampelonne, this 6 bedroom villa provides the ideal setting for guests wanting to host family and friends in total privacy and serenity. The entrance of this villa leads to an immense open space which can host up to a staggering 20 vehicles! Visit Villa Bastide de Belieu to learn more about the features of this villa.

Villa Las Brisas

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Villa Las Brisas in Pampelonne Beach

Las Brisas is a stunning contemporary villa ideally located only 200m from iconic Club 55 and the famous stretch of Pampelonne beach. Its luxurious amenities, spacious layout and splashes of colorful art allows guests to enjoy their holiday in Saint Tropez to the fullest.
Guests wanting to rent supercars or host a large number of vehicles during their stay have nothing to fear when renting at this villa. The entrance opens into a large open space which provides ample space to park safely behind the secure gates of the villa. Visit Las Brisas to learn more about this villa.

Villa Asana

Renting a villa in Saint Tropez
Villa Asana in Les Parcs de St Tropez

This villa is the epitome of elegance and opulence. Found in the prestigious private domain of Les Parcs, Villa Asana awes its guests with 6,000m2 of landscaped gardens, a home cinema, spa and billiard room! Those wanting to park their supercars can also rest assured thanks to this villa’s two tier parking area. Guests park in the area closest to the villa and the second tier is reserved for staff needing to exit and enter the villa without disturbing guests. To find out more about Villa Asana visit the St Tropez House website.

Villa Virasana

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Villa Virasana in Les Parcs de St Tropez

Villa Virasana is a one of a kind modern villa located in the gated domain of Les Parcs. This ultra-indulgent property comes equipped with everything one could ask for, including: a spa with hammam, fully equipped fitness area, bar and home cinema and even a massage room!
The parking options provided at this villa do not disappoint, offering not only a secure covered parking area large enough for 2 cars, but also two separate parking areas and gates for guests and staff. Staff have the opportunity of coming and going without the risk of blocking or crossing paths with a guest’s supercar. Learn what else Villa Virasana has to offer by visiting our website.

Villa Casa Victoire

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Villa Casa Victoire in St Tropez La Belle Isnarde

Casa Victoire is a charming Provençal villa located in the beautiful area of La Belle Isnarde, only 5 minutes from Tahiti Beach and Places des Lices. This property boasts over 4,000m2 of lush grounds and features designs from German designer Hans Peter Proff. The mix of traditional Provençal with Bohemian chic styles make this villa a unique gem in the St Tropez House collection. This villa includes a large space to host up to 5 cars and a grandiose roundabout with a picturesque fountain at its centre. Visit Casa Victoire to learn more about this villa.

Villa Ama

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Villa Ama in Pameplonne Beach

This villa is the ultimate home away from home for the most distinguished of guests wishing to escape to the golden sun of Saint Tropez. Villa Ama enjoys easy access to the best Pampelonne beach clubs and features numerous luxurious amenities, from private outdoor cinemas, priceless pieces of art, helipads and state of the art fitness facilities. Both guests and staff can park with ease at this villa thanks to its 3 tier parking system. The lowest parking area is reserved for staff, the middle area for guests which can accommodate up to 5 cars and the upper level can accommodate 3 cars and is covered for those wishing to have extra protection for their cars. Visit Villa Ama on the St Tropez House website to learn more.

From ultra-contemporary to picturesque Provençal, the most sought-after villas for many guests are those which can safely and comfortably accommodate their cars. Removing the stress of parking is something which can significantly add to the enjoyment of any villa rental, especially when considering the rental of supercars!

Visit our collection of villas for rent with large parkings in St Tropez.

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