Villa Cap Bastide in Tahiti Beach

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Villa Cap Bastide in Tahiti Beach
Villa Cap Bastide
Villa Cap Bastide

In the summer months, a fast paced and rambunctious atmosphere flourishes in the small coastal resort of St Tropez. Supercars race into the town centre and champagne flows by the bucket load. St Tropez is a hive of activity as an influx of celebrities and young wealthy travellers arrive upon its sandy shores.

Some question whether this lifestyle is compatible with the scores of families who also descend upon St Tropez in search of some fun in the sun. But if this fallacy were true, then Villa Cap Bastide is certainly the exception.

A holiday in Villa Cap Bastide promises the rare virtue of luxury within a family setting. It combines close proximity to St Tropez’s exciting town centre and its most glamorous beaches with a homely luxury villa, ideal for families.

Villa Cap Bastide is a family villa in the sense that it boasts nearly 3,000m2 of landscaped gardens and a large but shallow private swimming pool. Its secured perimeter means that children can roam free in this enormous playground under the sun while parents relax on large open terraces.

Villa Cap Bastide is as much a playground for the adults as it is for the children however. The private bar is a compromise on the family atmosphere of the villa, ensuring that not all the fun is reserved exclusively for the children. Nearby St Tropez (10 minutes by car) and the glamorous Tahiti beach (3 minutes by foot) are also host to lively bars and exquisite restaurant dining.

Meanwhile, mutual fun can be had by all of the family in the surrounding area. With glorious beaches and several beautiful towns in the region to explore; there is plenty of culture, relaxation and water sports fun to be had. Villa Cap Bastide is the proof that St Tropez is not an exclusive holiday destination but rather an all-inclusive family’s paradise.

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