Top 5 Rental Villas with Easy Access for Supercars

Top 5 Rental Villas with Easy Access for Supercars

What are supercars?

Supercars, some of which are known as “exotics,” are high-performance sports cars from prestigious manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. These cars are celebrated for their exceptional speed, power, and cutting-edge technology and are designed to push the boundaries of speed and design. They feature powerful engines with high horsepower, precision engineering for top-notch performance, and unique, eye-catching designs. Often produced in limited quantities, these supercars represent a blend of art and engineering, catering to a high-end clientele. However, their advanced technology and performance capabilities, along with exclusivity, can come with limitations, such as being low to the ground, which restricts access to certain terrains.

Can I travel with or ship my exotic supercar to Saint Tropez for my holiday?

la ferrera capon luxury villa rental st tropezWhimsical terrace of La Ferrera in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Yes, you can travel with or ship your exotic supercar to Saint Tropez for your holiday. There are several methods to ship a supercar, such as air freight, sea freight, or overland transport. Air freight is the fastest and often the most expensive option, providing a high level of security and minimal travel time. Sea freight is more economical but takes longer, suitable for less urgent deliveries. Overland transport via specialised car carriers is also a popular choice, especially within Europe, offering a balance between cost and speed. It’s essential to choose a reputable transport company that specialises in handling exotic cars to ensure your vehicle’s safety and security during transit. Once you have booked your luxury villa rental in Saint Tropez, it is best to arrange the shipping of your supercar to Saint Tropez as early as possible.

Can I rent a luxury car with St Tropez House?

super car rental pampelonne las brisas pampelonne

Yes, St Tropez House has been working with a trusted car rental partner for over a decade in order to provide our guests with top quality super car rentals in Saint Tropez. For more information about renting a luxury car please contact St Tropez House.

What selection of supercars can I rent in Saint Tropez?

There is a selection of supercars available for rent in Saint Tropez. Ferrari 296 GTS Spiders and Aston Martin DB12 Volantes to a Rolls Royce Cullinan or Lamborghini Urus, St Tropez House can accommodate the type of luxury vehicle you desire for your St Tropez holiday. Each vehicle is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring a premium and hassle-free driving experience during your stay.

What is the average weekly cost of renting a supercar in Saint Tropez?

The average weekly rental price of a supercar in Saint Tropez is 10,000 EUR. This cost will vary depending on the specific model and brand which is chosen.

Why is knowing the access to your luxury rental villa important in Saint Tropez?

Knowing the access to your luxury rental villa in Saint Tropez is crucial when driving a supercar due to the unique characteristics of the roads in this region. Saint Tropez, renowned for its top, boho-chic beach clubs and nightlife, often features narrow, winding roads that can be challenging for wider, low-ground-clearance vehicles typical of supercars. These roads and access to some luxury villas may also have steep inclines or uneven surfaces, presenting potential difficulties for high-performance cars designed primarily for smooth, flat surfaces.

Do Saint Tropez rental villas have private parking areas?

pampelonne luxury car rental saint tropez

Yes, luxury rental villas in St Tropez typically have parking areas. It is important to know whether they offer covered parking areas as well as uncovered parking. Covered parking provides added protection for vehicles, especially exotic cars, against elements like sun exposure or unexpected weather changes.

What are the top 5 rental villas with easy access in Saint Tropez?

St Tropez House has put together a selection of top luxury villas for rent in Saint Tropez, which feature easy access and conveniently designated parking areas for exotic cars.

Las Brisas

pampelonne ramatuelle las brisas villa rental
Las Brisas is an exceptional contemporary villa ideally located within a short walking distance to Pampelonne Beach and Club 55. This fully-staffed villa features 7 spacious guest bedrooms, a fully-equipped gym, a tennis court, and a large parking area with a covered section large enough to accommodate two cars.


most fashionable beach clubs in pampelonne
Villa Sassari is a 350m2, newly renovated villa located in Pampelonne, only 2 minutes walk from the sands of Pampelonne and its most fashionable beach clubs. This 6 bedroom villa is the ideal property for families and features a cinema room, heated swimming pool and easily accessible parking area large enough for four cars.

Mistra 55

mistra 55 pampelonne villa rental ramatuelle
Villa Mistra 55 is a contemporary villa located in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle, within walking distance to the most famous beach, Pampelonne. This villa features boho-chic interior designs, 5 guest bedrooms, beautiful sea views, and a large, flat parking area with an additional covered parking garage for one car.

La Ferrera

La Ferrera Saint Tropez luxury villa rental

Villa Ferrera is an enchanting rental villa located in a prestigious residential area of Saint Tropez. This 9-bedroom designer rental villa, envisioned by famous designer India Mahdavi, features a fully-equipped gym, unique cinema room, tennis court, and large parking area with easy flat access.


modern luxury villa rental vertigo pampelonne
Villa Vertigo is an ultra-contemporary villa located in the heart of Pampelonne. Offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and exquisite interior designs, this 6-bedroom villa features a spa area with a hammam, cinema room, infinity swimming pool, and a large parking area with a covered garage.

For more information about renting a luxury car and luxury villa in Saint Tropez this summer, contact the rental experts of St Tropez House via website or Instagram.

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