The Ultimate St Tropez Villas to Rent for Golfers

The Ultimate St Tropez Villas to Rent for Golfers

Saint Tropez and its surrounding area are full of lush green landscapes that are ideal for golfers wishing to be surrounded by natural beauty during their day on the green. This region in the Var boasts top-tier golf courses, each offering a blend of holes to suit all levels of players and manicured lawns enjoying picturesque views. The climate and soothing surroundings of the French Riviera provide the ideal backdrop for a golfer’s summer getaway. With this in mind, St Tropez House has compiled a selection of A-list villas for golf enthusiasts wishing to rent a luxury villa in Saint Tropez this summer.

Are there golf courses in Saint Tropez?

Yes, there is a selection of golf courses located in and around Saint-Tropez. Here is a list of the golf courses one can visit while vacationing in St Tropez:

Golf Club Saint-Tropez

The most prestigious and private golf course in Saint Tropez is the Golf Club Saint-Tropez. Designed by the celebrated South African golfer Gary Player, this 18-hole course spans over 110 hectares of protected area and is conveniently located just ten minutes from the port of Saint Tropez. Normally reserved for members, there are sometimes exceptions, and prospective visitors are encouraged to call and inquire about the possibility of booking a tee time as a non-member. This unique course offers a challenging round amidst amazing Mediterranean landscapes. Indulge in fine dining at Restaurant G, which is open annually from April to early October, or unwind in the lavish bar after a day on the green.

Address: 600 Route du Golf, 83580 Gassin, France
Phone: +33 4 94 55 13 44
Email: [email protected]
Hours & Opening: open Tuesday – Sunday from 9am – 5pm

Golf de Beauvallon

Golf de Beauvallon is a tranquil golf club located only 10km from the action of Saint Tropez and extending over 40 hectares of waterfront land. Its 18-hole course caters to different levels of difficulty and is impeccably maintained. Their elegant restaurant Club House is open throughout the year and welcomes guests to taste local Provencal cuisine while enjoying scenic views. This golf club offers private golf lessons and also hosts a number of tournaments each year.

Address: Boulevard des Collines, 83120 Sainte-Maxime, France
Phone: +33 4 94 96 16 98
Email: [email protected]
Hours & Opening: Open 7 days a week from 7.15am – 6.45pm

Golf Bluegreen Sainte-Maxime


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The Bluegreen Golf Course in Sainte-Maxime fully immerses guests in the beauty of Provence, nestled among attractions such as the Massif des Maures mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Originally used as a military training ground, this site was transformed into a golf course in 1991 and initially featured only 9 holes. Today, Golf Bluegreen in Sainte-Maxime boasts a dynamic 18-hole course, a well-equipped training area, a pro shop, and a delightful restaurant with a large, sunlit terrace that offers the perfect setting to unwind after a day on the fairways.

Address: Route du Débarquement, 83120 Sainte-Maxime, France
Phone: +33 4 94 55 02 02
Email: ste.maximeò
Hours & Opening: Open 7 days a week from 8.30 am – 5pm

Are there any golf courses in the Saint-Tropez area that allow pay-and-play or are all of them membership-only?

In the Saint-Tropez area, like in many other golf-friendly destinations, there is a mix of private, membership-based clubs and public courses where “pay-and-play” is possible. Pay-and-play courses do not require a membership and allow golfers to pay a flat fee to play one round of golf.

Golf courses such as Golf Bluegreen Sainte-Maxime and Golf de Beauvallon typically offer pay-and-play options, allowing visitors to book a tee time and play without a membership. These courses welcome tourists and often have more flexible playing options.

Private clubs on the other hand such as Golf Club Saint-Tropez tend to have more restrictive policies, often requiring guests to play with a member or have certain membership privileges to access the course. It is important to ring beforehand to find out what options are available during specific times of the year.

How can I book tee time at a Saint Tropez golf course?

The best way to book your tee time at a golf course around Saint Tropez is to call and reserve by telephone. All golf courses have representatives who are fluent in English and are happy to assist in booking your tee time.

You will be asked to provide the specifics of your booking and be sure to inform the golf club of any special requests or equipment rental needs you may have, including the handicap of each player. It is also a good idea to ask if there are any special events or tournaments taking place on the day you wish to play to ensure that the course will not be too busy during your round.

Do any golf courses in or around Saint-Tropez offer equipment rental or should I bring my own clubs?

If you have a strong preference for your own clubs and will be staying in Saint Tropez for an extended period it is advised to bring your own clubs with you. However, many golf courses offer club rental services to accommodate travelers who do not wish to bring their own sets. It is important to note that availability of rental equipment can vary depending on the course. It’s advisable to reserve your clubs when you book your tee time to ensure availability, especially during the high season when the courses are busier.

What is the best time of year to plan a golf holiday in Saint-Tropez?

The best time to plan a golf holiday to Saint-Tropez is during the spring months (from April to June) and autumn (September to October). There are a number of reasons to play golf in Saint Tropez during these periods of the year which include: mild and pleasant weather, great condition of fairways during these times of year, fewer people and crowds and better rates during non-peak periods.
Always check with the specific golf courses for seasonal hours and any maintenance schedules which might affect your intended dates to visit.

What is the most scenic golf course near Saint-Tropez?

Golf de Beauvallon is arguably the most scenic golf course around Saint Tropez. It enjoys panoramic views over the Bay of Saint-Tropez and is nestled in a location that combines the beauty of the Mediterranean with the charm of Provence.

The Golf Club Saint-Tropez, with its very exclusive setting, may also be considered very scenic due to its prestige and the level of care given to the course and its surroundings.

Are there villas for rent near Saint Tropez golf course?

Yes, there are villas for rent near golf courses in and around St Tropez. With a diverse selection of styles, sizes, and amenities, golfers can choose the perfect luxury villa to complement their golfing holiday in Saint Tropez.

Which villas for rent in St Tropez have the largest gardens for putting practice?

Certain areas in and around Saint Tropez boast properties with large lands and gardens, ideal for practicing one’s putting skills while vacationing in a luxury villa rental.

St Tropez House has curated a selection of top villas featuring large, flat gardens, perfect for golf enthusiasts who wish to take advantage of the sprawling greens for putting practice at their rental villa.


rent villa canoubiers st tropez close to golf club

Sitting on 2,500m2 of manicured gardens overlooking the Bay of Canoubiers is the picturesque villa Astor. This 7 bedroom villa is located only 100 meters from the beach and is a short walk to St Tropez village. Its features include an outdoor gym, summer kitchen, flat gardens and special access to the Golf Club of Saint-Tropez.


rent villa la moutte st tropez close to golf club

Villa Voss is the ideal setting for guests wishing to have a sprawling outdoor space which is both quiet and private during their St Tropez holiday. With an impressive 3,000 m2 of flat garden, this villa is equipped with a football field which can also be used as the ideal putting green. Surrounded by vineyards and lush green landscapes, this chic villa is the perfect place to escape during a golfing trip.


rent villa les parcs de saint tropez close to golf club

Located in the highly sought-after gated community of Saint Tropez, Les Parcs de St Tropez, Villa Agape has been voted the most family-friendly villa in the St Tropez House collection for two consecutive years! This sunlit 5-bedroom villa is perfectly designed to accommodate golfers wishing to practice their swing while still being close to the action by the pool and lounge areas, thanks to its flat garden and outdoor fitness area being near the villa.

La Ferrera

rent villa le capton st tropez close to golf club

This ultra-luxurious estate located in Le Capon is an off-market marvel. This 9-bedroom villa designed by renowned architect and designer India Mahdavi offers guests sprawling land as far as the eye can see and whimsical interior designs which will leave you breathless. In addition to several large garden spaces to practice your golf swing, this villa also has a private tennis court, indoor gym and cinema room.

La Bella Vita

rent villa les parcs de st tropez close to golf club

La Bella Vita is a neo-provencal luxury villa located in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. With panoramic views over the Mediterranean sea and a private garden space connected to the master bedroom, this romantic villa can easily accommodate golfers wishing to practice putting at their luxury villa before heading to the golf course for tee time.

How do I book a luxury villa in Saint Tropez for 2024 near a golf course?

Villas in Saint Tropez are in high demand during the warmer months, from mid-May right up until the end of September. Once you are sure of your dates it is recommended to book your luxury villa up to 6 months in advance to avoid disappointment of your top choice villa no longer being available. Villas ranging in price from 100,000 EUR and upwards are often even booked up to one year in advance.

To learn more about the large selection of villas for rent in the St Tropez House collection visit our Instagram page or contact one of our rental specialists.

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