The Ultimate Itinerary for One week in St Tropez

The Ultimate Itinerary for One week in St Tropez

Step into the world of timeless glamour and Tropézienne beauty this summer during your visit to Saint Tropez! St Tropez House has curated a one-week itinerary designed exclusively for the discerning traveller in Saint Tropez, showcasing the very best of what summer 2024 in Saint Tropez has to offer.
From Michelin-starred restaurants serving culinary masterpieces to stylish boho-chic beach clubs and electrifying night entertainment to bespoke activities tailored to your every need, this ultimate Saint Tropez one-week itinerary promises an unforgettable experience creating memories with family and friends on the renowned shores of Saint Tropez this summer. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable holiday where every minute counts!

Holidays in Saint Tropez: Why Saturday to Saturday?

holidays saint tropez saturday to saturday

Choosing Saturday to Saturday for your holiday in Saint Tropez is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic decision that aligns perfectly with the rhythm of this vibrant destination. In Saint Tropez, Saturday emerges as the pinnacle of excitement, where the town comes alive from morning to the wee hours of the morning. From the pulsating beats of top nightclubs like Les Caves du Roy to the anticipation of new guests arriving at rental villas, Saturday sets the St Tropez stage each week.

Moreover, this Saturday to Saturday schedule is a strategic business decision by villa owners, designed to maximise the rental potential of their properties. The most sought-after villas are rented out 100% of the season, and aligning check-ins and check-outs on Saturdays allows for seamless back-to-back bookings. For guests, choosing your dates from Saturday to Saturday significantly increases the chances of securing an exceptional rental villa. Opting for dates outside this traditional cycle may considerably reduce the likelihood of finding the perfect villa, as availability becomes more limited and sporadic. Thus, embracing the Saturday to Saturday rhythm not only enhances your St Tropez experience but also ensures you enjoy the finest accommodations this glamorous destination has to offer.

What does the perfect week in Saint Tropez look like?

perfect week saint tropez pampelonne beach clubs
After 13 years of experience, research, and feedback in Saint Tropez, the St Tropez House team has put together the ultimate one-week itinerary for regular visitors and newcomers alike to enjoy a full spectrum of what Saint Tropez has to offer. This itinerary balances relaxation, adventure, culture, and indulgence, ensuring every visitor experiences the best of this glamorous destination. From lounging at top Pampelonne Beach clubs to exploring the charming streets of St Tropez centre, savouring gourmet meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and partying at exclusive night clubs, this itinerary captures the essence of Saint Tropez. Each day brings a new adventure under the Saint Tropez sun!


Upon arrival, check into your luxurious fully-staffed rental villa and settle in for a perfect start to your Saint Tropez getaway.

Upon arrival at your rental villa, you will be greeted with a glass of champagne and a warm welcome from the villa staff and St Tropez House team. Take this time to meet everyone who will be attending to your needs, allowing you to unpack and unwind in the serene surroundings.

As the evening approaches, head to Cucina Byblos for a delightful aperitif, setting the mood for the night. For dinner, make your way to the elegant restaurant Villa Azur, where you can indulge in exquisite cuisine and soak in the vibrant atmosphere, marking the perfect beginning to your week in Saint Tropez.


Start your Sunday with a visit to the picturesque Saint Tropez port. Take a seat at the renowned Sénéquier Café and enjoy a healthy selection of breakfast options. Delight in organic granola with fresh strawberries or choose from a variety of eggs paired with a refreshing smoothie or delicious espresso, all while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic spot.

In the late morning, head to Verde Beach Club and secure a sun bed to lounge by the sea, immersing yourself in the vibrant beach scene of this top Pampelonne beach club. Enjoy a delicious cocktail and indulge in a lunch featuring fresh fish, such as roasted turbot, and other delightful dishes like lobster linguine. Verde Beach Club offers a chic dining experience with both first and second seatings, ensuring you have ample time to relax and savour your meal.

The first and second seatings at beach clubs cater to two distinct types of experiences. The first seating is dedicated to serene surroundings and steady rhythms, allowing guests to enjoy a peaceful ambiance. In contrast, the second seating at many beach establishments turns up the music, often accompanied by live DJ sets, dancing, and the renowned waving of white napkins in the air by delighted guests, adding to the lively atmosphere.

Finish your night with a delightful dinner at Le Tigrr in Hotel Ermitage, where you can enjoy exquisite Vietnamese cuisine in a sophisticated setting.


Embark on a memorable boat excursion to explore the stunning coastline of Saint Tropez. After soaking in the breathtaking views, make your way to Ste Marguerite Island and indulge in a leisurely lunch at the famous La Guérite restaurant. Delight in Mediterranean flavours and seaside ambiance of this acclaimed restaurant.

Return to your rental villa for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment. After a long day of sun and fun, treat yourself to a private chef experience at your villa. Allow the chef to craft a bespoke culinary journey, tailored to your preferences, while you unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures.


Begin your day in the vibrant atmosphere of Saint Tropez’s renowned market day, held every Tuesday and Saturday. Indulge in a leisurely breakfast at La Tarte Tropézienne, located in front of Place des Lices, where you can savour the iconic flavours of the region while immersing yourself in the bustling energy of the local scene. After your delightful meal, wander through the colourful stalls and boutique shops that line the charming Place des Lices. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide array of artisanal treasures and unique finds, adding a touch of local flair to your Saint Tropez experience. This beautiful local market in Place des Lices takes place every Tuesday and Saturday and is a highly-anticipated event for locals and visitors alike.

For lunch, indulge in a delightful meal at Le Café in the heart of Place des Lices. Relax and savour the flavours of Provence while taking in the charming surroundings.

As day turns into night, treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience at the Michelin-starred La Vague d’Or, nestled within the prestigious Cheval Blanc hotel. Owned and operated by LVMH Hotel Management, a subsidiary of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Cheval Blanc embodies luxury and sophistication. Renowned for its exquisite cuisine, La Vague d’Or promises a gastronomic journey like no other, where every dish is crafted with the finest ingredients and innovative techniques, ensuring an evening of refinement of culinary exploration.


Escape to the legendary Club 55 beach club for a day of relaxation and seaside beauty. Lounge in their boho-chic dining area, soaking up the sun with your feet in the white sand, and revel in the ambiance where countless celebrities have gathered for decades.

In the evening, immerse yourself in the flavours of Japan with dinner at Kinugawa. Located in the heart of Saint Tropez, this renowned Japanese restaurant offers a stunning culinary experience, featuring authentic flavours and innovative dishes in an outdoor garden setting. Treat your palate to a journey of taste and refinement.


Spend your Thursday at the stylish Gigi Rigolatto beach club, where you can bask in the Tuscan romance and amazing amenities it boasts. Delight in the laid-back atmosphere and coastal charm as you indulge in delicious Italian cuisine or relax at the Bellini Bar by its swimming pool.

As the day transitions into evening, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Saint Tropez. Head to L’Opéra for dinner followed by a night of excitement at the nightclub. Dance the night away to the beats of renowned DJs and soak in the electrifying atmosphere of one of Saint Tropez’s premier nightlife destinations.


Spend your Friday at the romantic Loulou beach club, where you can enjoy a delightful lunch during the first seating and revel in the flawless flair of this top Pampelonne beach club. Savour delicious Mediterranean dishes and soak up the sun by the sea.

As the day turns into night, get dressed to impress and make your way to the mythical nightclub, Les Caves Du Roy. Be welcomed by the illuminated palm trees of this legendary party hotspot in Saint Tropez and be prepared to be swept away by the rhythm of top DJs into the wee hours of the morning.


Spend your Saturday enjoying the last views of the Mediterranean Sea with lunch at Jardin Tropezina on its stunning terrace on Tahiti Beach in Ramatuelle before heading to your next adventure or back to reality. Say adieu until next summer, 2025.

How do I choose the ideal rental villa for my stay in Saint Tropez?

ideal rental villa my saint tropez

Choosing a luxury villa to rent in Saint Tropez that suits your style, rental criteria, guests, and desired experience is crucial for a memorable stay. Whether you are seeking a family-friendly retreat with ample space and amenities for children or a chic, modern villa near the top beach clubs for an exclusive party atmosphere, the right villa ensures your needs are met. It provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation, entertainment, and creating unforgettable moments tailored to your preferences.

Beach Club Adjacent: Villa Sands

rent villa villa sands pampelonne, ramatuelle
Villa Sands in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

Located on the sandy shores of Pampelonne, Villa Sands is the newest and most unique addition to the St Tropez House collection for summer 2024. This newly renovated, 4 bedroom villa is conveniently located next to the renowned Gigi Rigolatto beach club and boasts gardens covered with white sand to replicate Pampelonne Beach. It is complemented by stylish outdoor lounge areas within a sprawling 4,000m2 garden, creating an ambiance of complete relaxation and Tropezienne charm. A small path provides direct access to the beach and top Pampelonne beach clubs, including La Réserve, Verde and Byblos. Be the first to book your stay at this exceptional villa.

Immersed in Mediterranean Beauty: Villa Terra Cotta

rent villa terra cotta gated community cap tahiti
Villa Terra Cotta in the gated community of Cap Tahiti

Villa Terra Cotta is a delightful neo-Provencal property located within the prestigious domain of Cap Tahiti. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean landscapes, this charming retreat offers breathtaking sea views spanning the entire crescent of Pampelonne Bay. Ideal for those seeking immersion in the coastal ambiance of St Tropez, Terra Cotta’s spacious interiors have large windows that flood the living spaces with natural sunlight, amplifying the beauty of its surroundings.

Ultra-modern, Ultra-luxurious stay in Saint Tropez: Villa Vertigo

rent villa vertigo modern saint tropez
Villa Vertigo overlooking the Bay of Pampelonne

Villa Vertigo is a breathtaking contemporary villa conveniently situated within walking distance to Club 55 in the highly-sought after area of Pampelonne, Ramatuelle. This ultra-luxurious villa boasts 6 guest bedrooms and a spacious living and dining area overlooking the sea. Indulge in exclusive amenities including a private cinema room, wine cellar, and spa area featuring a hammam, ensuring a truly indulgent and modern experience during your stay in Saint Tropez.

Contact Emilia of St Tropez House to book your villa

villa sands pampelonne emilia jedamska
Emilia Jedamska in Villa Sands in Pampelonne

To learn more about the collection of villas St Tropez House has to offer and be matched with the ideal villa to suit your Saint Tropez getaway this summer, contact St Tropez House Director Emilia Jedamskda or visit the St Tropez House Instagram page.

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