The St Tropez House team reveals the Most Unusual Client Requests

The St Tropez House team reveals the Most Unusual Client Requests

Regardless of what your net worth is, we can all agree that the comforts of home and personal belongings can provide an unparalleled contentment and peace of mind while travelling. When UHNWI visit Saint Tropez during the summer months, the ability to keep these comforts becomes stretched to the utmost degree in order to keep guests happy during their glamorous holiday.

St Tropez House is proud to have witnessed over 20 stunning summer seasons in Saint Tropez, welcoming hundreds of UHNW guests wishing to buy or rent a luxury villa in Saint Tropez. Over the years we have experienced countless unusual requests from guests wanting to ensure their total comfort while visiting this iconic village. From transportation to staff, these are the top 3 unusual requests we have received from guests:

“I am having my car flown over from the United States”

The majority of our guests come from countries which require a flight to France. Once in Saint Tropez it is recommended to either hire a chauffeured car or rent your own luxury car so you can access all of your best spots easily.

A few years ago a special guest requested to have not only one but three of his favorite customised cars flown to Saint Tropez for their one month holiday. After looking at the various car rental options, from the latest models of Rolls Royce, McClaren and Lamborghini, the guest decided that nothing was going to provide him with the same satisfaction that his custom cars would. After much logistical planning, the air transfer of three priceless vehicles was facilitated from California to Saint Tropez! Villas with parking amenities are in high demand each season for our clients wishing to drive their prized vehicles around Saint Tropez during the summer months.

st tropez cars villas with parking amenities
Rent Villa Las Brisas in Pampelonne Beach

“I am waiting for my yacht to be shipped from Australia”

Chartering a yacht while vacationing in Saint Tropez is common for HNW visitors. Having your own yacht shipped to you from across the world however is quite rare! On one occasion a VIP client from Australia requested assistance to have his 150ft yacht shipped to Saint Tropez from Australia for his summer stay on the French Riviera. This special delivery took 45 days and once the yacht arrived safely, St Tropez House assisted the captain in finding a berth in the exclusive port of Saint Tropez.
St Tropez House recommends renting a villa with a jetty for guests wishing to enjoy the open waters with their yacht while in Saint Tropez.

saint tropez villa with a jetty
Rent Villa Waters Edge in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez


“I need a specialised team of 10+ members of staff”

St Tropez House is proud to welcome guests from all over the world to Saint Tropez each season. Many of our UHNW guests are accustomed to having teams of staff at their homes and therefore require the same level of care and service while vacationing. St Tropez House has a number of fully staffed villas in our collection, however for a family we welcomed in 2017, this staff wasn’t even close to enough. This UHNW family was from Asia and used to the highest level of service and staff. For a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 teenager daughters), there was a total of 10 in-house staff. The staff consisted of 2 butlers, 4 cleaners and 3 chefs (one for the day shift, one for the evening shift and one dedicated to occasional parties. There was also a chauffeur and a beautician hired full time. In this team of staff, 3 travelled with the family and 8 were sourced locally by St Tropez House.

saint tropez team of staff concierge service
Rent villa Las Brisas in Pampelonne Beach

The life of the lavish leaves no room for maybe or mediocracy, every request must be handled with the utmost care, professionalism and expediency in order to keep guests happy. St Tropez House is proud to offer a special concierge service to all of its guests to ensure that any request, however unusual it may be, can be accommodated during their Saint Tropez holiday.

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