The New Seasons of Saint Tropez

rent villa st tropez 2023

Leaving behind a record-breakingly successful 2022 season, St Tropez House is looking optimistically towards the future and what delights the 2023 Saint Tropez season will bring.

At the rate pre-bookings are currently coming in for 2023 coupled with the 95% capacity of villas in our collection this past season, we predict that over 80% of our top villas for rent in Saint Tropez will be fully booked by Christmas 2022!

The trend and precedent that 2022 has set for Saint Tropez summers is something that is undoubtedly to grow in the years to come. It was a revolutionary season, as it redefined what we have understood to be ‘high season’ in Saint Tropez for the last decade. The classic July & August peak season extended itself to the whole of June and September, with more villa bookings and packed beach clubs than ever before!

St Tropez House presents to you the ‘new seasons’ of Saint Tropez! This monthly breakdown will allow you to know what to expect for the upcoming 2023 season and more importantly choose the right time to visit. Whether it be in the heat of the peak or during the mellower months, Saint Tropez is always ready to impress.

JUNE 2023: Rent a luxury villa overlooking the yacht-dotted Bay of Pampelonne

rent luxury villa overlooking bay of pampelonne
The dining room of Villa Vertige in Pampelonne

What was once the month of preparation for the upcoming peak season has now become one of the most bustling and fashion-forward months to visit Saint Tropez. We noticed the largest and most impressive collection of superyachts pouring into the Bay of Pampelonne in June, dotting the sparkling sea with floating jewels. Rather than leaving after top events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival, yachts stayed to continue the party in Saint Tropez! Guests staying at villa Vertige enjoyed their morning coffee on the sprawling terrace overlooking this superyacht show and could feel the full force of the season kick off.

As this article is being published, top Pampelonne villa Ama has already been fully rented for June 2023! We suggest locking in your preferred dates in June for either villa Vertige, a modern splendour of the illustrious villa Las Brisas. These villas boast the best views to admire the yacht-dotted Bay of Pampelonne and enjoy the fresh new 2023 season.

JULY 2023: Pre-book your St Tropez villa at the perfect time for celebrity-spotting

pre book st tropez villa celebrity spotting 2023
The swimming pool & gardens of Villa Ama in Pamepelonne

July is, and will be for the foreseeable future, the ultimate peak of the Saint Tropez season. With every top location filled to the brim with UHNWI dressed to impress, be sure to book your favourite beach clubs and restaurants well in advance if visiting in July. The pumping of top chart music and the distant sounds of incoming helicopters are guaranteed during this time of the year. It is the time to see Saint Tropez at its boastful best and keep eyes open for stars casually walking through Place des Lices.

The secret to spending July in Saint Tropez is booking all of your top spots well in advance, at least 4 weeks is recommended. Highly sought-after beach clubs such as Lou Lou and Gigi become impossible to secure a reservation for from the end of May until beginning of September. To avoid disappointment be sure to call in advance with details of your booking and complete the online deposit procedure to hold your reservation. Choosing and locking in your top choice villa during the autumn months is also highly recommended as all of the best villas are guaranteed to be taken in July. Be within walking distance to the action and top beach clubs such as Club 55 at villa Sassari or the romantic villa Vibes.

July also plays host to the newest, world-class celebrity gala which takes place in Saint Tropez. Hosted by the Aurora Institute and dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and wellness, this star-studded event has quickly become the ‘IT’ event of the season, welcoming such A-list guests as Queen Latifah and Leonardo DiCaprio. This invitation-only event attracts a great deal of international attention and builds around it a plethora of extravagant pre and post event parties and VIP get togethers.

AUGUST 2023: Book your holiday villa for the last sun-filled summer days of the season

book holiday villa st tropez 2023
The enchanting gardens of Villa Parasol in Ramatuelle

The summer weather and overall vibe of the peak Saint Tropez season can still be felt however to a lesser extent than that of July. The town is somewhat calmer however reservations at iconic locations such as Club 55 and Palmiers must still be made well in advance as all beach clubs and restaurants are still working at capacity. During this time UHNWI’s begin moving to their next lavish location such as Capri & Mykonost, leaving the sparkle of Saint Tropez behind until the following season. The Bay of Pampelonne slowly begins to empty of superyachts and the line-up outside the Chanel boutique becomes shorter. It is the perfect time for heat lovers who come to soak in the warmest month of the year and for families coming to revel in the last precious weeks of holiday before going back to school. This is also a peak moment for last minute bookings and special offers on villa rentals in Saint Tropez!

Enjoy the full August experience in Saint Tropez at villa Terra Cotta, overlooking the sands of Pampelonne.

SEPTEMBER 2023: Rent a luxury villa during a low season dotted with top events

rent luxury villa during a low season dotted with top events st tropez 2023
Lounge area around the swimming pool of Villa Parasol

This is the month of lovely weather, smaller crowds and fantastic prices for top rental villas. The true connoisseurs and loyal regulars of Saint Tropez visit during this time to enjoy all the magical atmosphere has to offer only with less people and heat.

Top events during this time of year include the internationally acclaimed regatta, Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, which marks the closing of the season and takes place the last week of September and first of October.

The prestigious equestrian Hubside jumping competition in Grimaud is also an event which gathers VIP’s from all over the world to witness this elegant affair.
The best beach clubs and restaurants are still open and happy to welcome guests for the last splash of the season. Expect night clubs and general nightlife to be calmer than that of high season.

This is also the period that villa owners are more open to negotiating their rental prices and top villas offer very interesting rates. Villa Sunset located in the domain Belle Isnarde and the luxurious villa Ama are perfect examples of such opportunities to take advantage of in September.

The seasons of Saint Tropez are slowly shifting and this small French village is always ready to impress no matter what time of year. The most important points to remember when choosing the perfect month to visit St Tropez are:

  1. June has taken its place as the new July for many VIP guests.
  2. The seasons have shifted, becoming longer and more intense.
  3. UHNWIs have begun to prioritise June & July for their glamorous splashy arrivals and Capri & Mykonos in August.
  4. Middle Eastern guests enjoy the month of August for its heat and book last minute the most lavish of villas.
  5. August is the perfect time to visit for heat-lovers and families before going back to school.
  6. September is for real connoisseurs wishing to savour St Tropez without crowds and enjoy the classiest events of the season.

When is the best time to book your villa?

Top villas in Saint Tropez are frequently booked one full season in advance due to a much higher demand of villas than supply. The key months to book for the 2023 season are September, October and November, as in our experience the best 20 villas from our collection are fully booked by Christmas.

If you are planning on soaking in the Saint Tropez sun this summer 2023, St Tropez House highly recommends locking in your top choice villa as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you!

Contact the St Tropez House team for advice on which time of the season would best suit you for your Saint Tropez summer getaway!

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