The Green Streets of St Tropez: Getting around in an Electric Car

The Green Streets of St Tropez: Getting around in an Electric Car

As the sun begins to shine brighter and the summer 2024 vibe take over, there is a new trend sweeping through Saint Tropez: electric vehicles (EVs) are taking the spotlight! Say goodbye to gas guzzlers and hello to eco-chic rides that not only turn heads but also help in reducing our carbon footprint. With Saint Tropez’s ongoing eco-friendly mission, hopping into an electric car has never been more fun or fashionable. So, rev up your vacation plans and join the electric revolution in Saint Tropez – where sustainability meets luxury!

Are electric cars available for rent in St Tropez?

Yes, electric cars are available for rent in St Tropez and St Tropez House can assist you with the rental of an electric vehicle while vacationing in St Tropez. Numerous rental agencies in the area include electric cars as part of their vehicle fleet, responding to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options. This growing interest in sustainable transportation aligns with the eco-consciousness often associated with luxury travel, providing visitors to St. Tropez with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

What types of electric cars can I expect to find in St. Tropez during my summer holiday in 2024?

telsa electric car summar holiday 2024Source:Tesla

During your summer holiday in 2024, you can expect to find a diverse range of electric cars available for rent in St Tropez, catering to various preferences and group sizes. Alongside luxury compact cars ideal for navigating the narrow streets of the town, you can also find high-end electric SUVs, offering both style and spaciousness for comfortable journeys along the scenic coastal roads of the South of France. Additionally, there are options such as the Tesla Model S, renowned for its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, and the Jaguar I-PACE, combining luxury with high performance. For those seeking a unique and nostalgic experience, rental agencies may even offer electric versions of iconic vehicles like the MINI Moke, blending retro charm with modern sustainability. These offerings ensure that visitors to St Tropez can enjoy the convenience and eco-consciousness of electric transportation while exploring the beauty of the French Riviera.

How can I rent an electric car or electric mini moke this summer in Saint Tropez?

mini moke rental saint tropez summer holiday
Renting an electric vehicle in Saint Tropez this summer is straightforward. Simply reach out to St Tropez House, specifying your desired rental dates, preferred vehicle brand, and whether you would like the electric rental vehicle delivered directly to your luxury rental villa upon arrival. The experts at St Tropez House will handle the entire process seamlessly from start to finish, ensuring a smooth A-to-B experience for you.

How accessible are charging stations in St Tropez and its surrounding area for electric car owners?

electric charging stations st tropezSource: ChargeFinder

St Tropez and the surrounding area have been expanding their electric car charging infrastructure, and you can find charging stations conveniently located throughout the town, including in parking lots, hotels, and public areas. The above map shows the numerous electric charging stations available in and around Saint Tropez, making it a breeze to keep your eco-friendly ride powered up while exploring this jet-set destination.

Are there electric charging stations near the prestigious gated community Les Parcs de St Tropez?

electric charging stations prestigious gated community les parcs de st tropezRent a luxury property in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez

Yes, there are a selection of electric car charging stations near the most prestigious and highly sought-after gated domain in Saint Tropez, Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. Known for being the ‘IT’ spot for VIP guests, titans of industry, and celebrities, this community attracts the most affluent and trendsetting guests to its gates who wish to rent a luxury villa in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. It is no surprise that two charging stations can be found in very close proximity to Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. They include the following:

Electric car charging station Hotel Sezz – Saint Tropez:

electric car charging station hotel sezz saint tropezSource: ChargeFinder

Charging station at the end of Chemin des Salins:

charging station chemin des salinsSource: ChargeFinder

Where are other main electric car charging points located in and around Saint Tropez?

In addition to the convenient charging facilities offered at select luxury rental villas in Saint Tropez, there are several other main electric car charging points strategically located in and around this prestigious destination.

As you venture around the area, you will find an array of charging stations catering to electric car owners. Starting from the picturesque Cap Tahiti and La Capilla, where a selection of charging points await, to the vibrant Pampelonne area, visitors will discover charging facilities near Les Moulins, along Boulevard Patch, and at the renowned Epi beach.

electric car charging points st tropezVilla Sunset, walking distance to Saint Tropez centre

Further, as you explore the charming Domaine La Belle Isnarde and beautiful rental villas such as Villa Sunset, near the bustling center of Saint Tropez itself, you’ll encounter additional charging options to ensure your electric vehicle remains powered throughout your stay. Don’t forget to check out charging stations near Escalet for added convenience during your travels in and around Saint Tropez.

With these diverse charging points strategically placed across the region, electric car owners can confidently navigate Saint Tropez and its surroundings while enjoying the convenience and eco-friendly advantages of electric vehicle technology.

Can I charge an electric car at my luxury rental villa in Saint Tropez?

villa equipped with an electric charging stationVilla Jade for rent in Saint Tropez, equipped with an electric charging station

In Saint Tropez, there are a selection of rental villas which offer charging facilities for electric cars,, ensuring guests the convenience of powering up their vehicles while enjoying their luxurious accommodations. Committed to sustainability and guest satisfaction, several prestigious villas in this locale have installed cutting-edge charging stations for electric cars. These stations not only offer convenience but also promote environmental responsibility, guaranteeing a holiday experience in harmony with one’s eco-conscious values. So, why not charge up your electric rental vehicle and effortlessly fuse modern convenience with the timeless charm of Saint Tropez?

Where can I find more information about electric car and electric Mini Moke rentals in St Tropez for summer 2024?

mini moke rental st tropez pampelonne summer holidayElectric mini moke in parking area of Las Brisas in Pamelonne, Ramatuelle

To find out more about electric car and electric mini moke rentals in Saint Tropez this summer 2024, please contact St Tropez House specialists with information about your dates in Saint Tropez, number of passengers, type of vehicle you require and any other important information pertaining to your electric vehicle requirement.

electric car electric mini moke rentals saint tropez broker

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