The Capri Summer Gala 2024: St Tropez House Events Guide

The Capri Summer Gala 2024: St Tropez House Events Guide

What is the UNICEF summer Gala 2024?

The UNICEF gala is a special, fourth annual, event which gathers the elite in support of UNICEF’s programs to help children in need across the globe. A celebrity-studded event, this UNICEF initiative (supported by LuisaViaRoma) has been a huge success in raising awareness and funds to positively influence and empower children.

Where is the UNICEF Gala 2024 taking place?

St Tropez House reveals the ultimate guide to the UNICEF Gala 2024 in Capri which will be taking place on July 27th, 2024. Capri is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea and is home to such stunning natural wonders as the Blue Grotto. This Italian town is the most magical backdrop to this A-list celebrity gala. Past editions of the UNICEF Gala in Capri were held at the majestic monastery La Certosa di San Giacomo, founded in 1363. Elegant gowns and celebrity photo shoots served as a stunning contrast to the enchanting medieval monastery.

What are the dates of the UNICEF summer Gala?

The UNICEF summer Gala will be held in Capri on Saturday 27th July 2024.

Who is the host of the Capri summer Gala 2024?

The host of this celebrity gala is LuisaViaRoma, a titan retailer on the luxury market owned by Andrea Panconesi. Their efforts to support UNICEF began at their inaugural UNICEF gala held in Porto Cervo, Sardinia in 2018. This special celebrity event sparked the beginning of what would become the highly-anticipated ‘IT’ event of every year.

What celebrities will be attending this gala?

ricky martin unicef summer galaRicky Martin at UNICEF Summar Gala (image source)

The UNICEF Gala hosted by LuisaViaRoma has welcomed numerous VIP celebrities and high-profile elite in support of children’s safety, health and protection around the world. Such performers as Rita Ora, Grammy-winning artist John Legend, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Drake, to name a few.

What are the main events and attractions of the LuisaViaRoma UNICEF 2024 Gala in Capri?

This glamorous gala includes a private cocktail reception, gala dinner with a live auction featuring exclusive items and music performances by renowned international artists. Over the past 4 years the event has seen the participation of benefactors and celebrities from all over the world who share a passion for philanthropy and join together in efforts to raise awareness about vulnerable children all over the world.

What is the cause of this UNICEF Gala?

The UNICEF Gala, hosted by LuisaViaRoma, is a special event whose main objective is to support the many initiatives of the United Nations Children’s Fund. From child health and survival to emergency relief efforts in places of war and gender equality, this gala has made a meaningful impact on UNICEF’s ability to intervene and assist children all over the world.
The 2022 Luisaviaroma UNICEF Gala had a particular focus on emergency aid and programs in Syria and Ukraine and raised an incredible sum nearing 8 million euros, which supported UNICEF’s work in providing care and protection to vulnerable children.

How can I buy tickets for the UNICEF 2024 LuisaviaRoma Gala?

To purchase your tickets for the 2024 UNICEF Gala in Capri, contact the following team:

[email protected] or call Mini Vohra and the Cornucopia Events™ team on +44 (0)871 288 3965 or 07863 240 513.

How much are the tickets for UNICEF Gala in Capri?

Tickets for this prestigious event range from £10,000 per person to £25,000 per person, all which include the gala dinner and being listed in the event program of the evening. There is also the option of purchasing a package whereby you pay for a table of 10 or 12 guests.

What are the available table packages and prices for the 2024 LuisaViaRoma UNICEF Gala?

There are 3 packages available for the LuisaViaRoma UNICEF Gala 2024. The first is the “Youth Benefactor” package which is £75,000 per table and accommodates up to 10 guests. The second is the “Child Protector” table package which is £150,000 per table and also hosts 10 guests, while the third is the “Children’s Rights Crusader” package which welcomes 12 guests at a premium table.

What stars performed at Gala Capri UNICEF in 2023?

The groundbreaking 2023 LuisaViaRoma Gala for UNICEF took place in Capri and welcomed superstar performer Jennifer Lopez to dazzle its guests with an incredible show. The event was hosted by celebrity Jamie Foxx who, in his charismatic manner, conducted an auction of 22 exclusive items to the honoured guests of the evening.

How far is Capri from St Tropez?

The exact distance between Capri, Italy and Saint Tropez, France is 578 km. There are several ways to travel between these two jet-set destinations, including: airplane, helicopter, car and yacht. Flight time from Capri to St Tropez is approximately 45 minutes and driving would be an estimated 6 hours to arrive from one destination to the other. For those traveling in style via private or chartered yacht, the travel time from Capri, Italy to St Tropez, France is approximately 7 hours.

How can I travel from Saint Tropez to Capri?

There are several ways in which one can choose to travel from Capri to Saint Tropez. Choose to travel by air via a commercial airline, private jet or chartered helicopter and land at the St Tropez Airport, only 15 km from the heart of St Tropez. Flights via commercial airline will typically land in Nice, which is then a 2 hour drive to arrive at St Tropez.
Travelers can also choose to travel by car or chauffeured car, or via sea on a boat or chartered yacht.

Can I charter a yacht from St Tropez to Capri?

Yes, it is possible to charter a yacht from St Tropez, France to Capri, Italy. Contact St Tropez House to receive more information about chartering a yacht to or from St Tropez. Cruise into the crystal waters of the glamorous Marina Grande of Capri and choose to spend the days exploring the stunning natural beauty along this Italian coast such as The Blue Grotto (or Grotta Azzurra) or jump into the crystal blue waters of the Marina Piccola which a favourite spot for yachts to anchor.

From which villas in St Tropez I can take a helicopter?

There is a selection of villas for rent with private helipads in St Tropez. Find below two top villas in the St Tropez House collections which boast private helipads.


matiise villa rental capon sttropez
The lush surroundings of villa Matisse in St Tropez

Villa Matisse is a breathtaking estate for rent in a prestigious residential area of Saint Tropez. This 9 bedroom villa designed by internationally praised designer and architect India Mahdavi is a true marvel which delights guests at every turn with its bright patterns and unique designs. Enjoy easy access to this via your private helicopter to the helipad of villa Matisse and arrive at St Tropez in style.

La Ferrera

la ferrera rental villa sttropez helipad
The exquisite interiors of villa La Ferrera, designed by India Mahdavi

La Ferrera is an enchanting 9 bedroom villa for rent in St Tropez. Featuring one of a kind interior designs by India Mahdavi, this luxurious villa evokes strong emotions of creativity and happiness with its bold patterns and bright colours. Arrive directly to La Ferrera via helicopter thanks to its private helipad and start your holiday on the perfect note.


For more information about the LuisaViaRoma UNICEF Charity Gala, contact [email protected] or call Mini Vohra and the Cornucopia Events™ team on +44 (0)871 288 3965 or 07863 240 513.

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