The Artistry of Architecture: Saint Tropez’s Renowned Architects & Buildings

The Artistry of Architecture: Saint Tropez’s Renowned Architects & Buildings

Nestled along the shores of the French Riviera, the village of Saint Tropez is a place of rich history, timeless allure, which keeps people coming back every year, and a storied architectural landscape. From sleek contemporary masterpieces to the beautiful quintessential Provençal style, this small French town boasts an impressive and diverse array of high-end properties designed by some of the world’s most renowned architects. These architectural gems not only reflect the opulence and sophistication synonymous with St Tropez but also capture the essence of its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.
In this article, St Tropez House will explore the fusion of architectural styles and famous buildings that define the luxury real estate market of Saint Tropez, with each building telling its own unique story of elegance, innovation, and history.

Which famous architects are known for their contributions to the architectural landscape of St Tropez?

saint tropez india mahdavi

Off-market rental villa Matisse by India Mahdavi

Some renowned architects associated with St Tropez include François Spoerry, an architect and sailor, whose vision transformed the coastal town with his creation of Port Grimaud, and Ugo Colombo, an influential figure in modern luxury residential design. In addition to these architectural pioneers, modern-day influential architects such as Anthony Ugo, Philippe Starck, and India Mahdavi have left their mark on St Tropez, infusing the town with contemporary elegance and vibrant design. Their contributions have further enriched the architectural interest of this iconic destination, creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Which renowned architects have worked in Saint Tropez?

There are a number of internationally acclaimed architects and designers who have completed projects in Saint Tropez. Each boasting their unique designs, color palettes, lines and flare, Saint Tropez is undoubtedly an ‘it’ spot for top architects to showcase their work.

Notable architects and their works in Saint Tropez include:

Ugo Architecture: Villa Vertigo

saint tropez ugo architecture

Villa Vertigo in Pampelonne by Ugo Architecture

Ugo Architecture, led by Anthony Ugo, is a primarily family-owned and operated architectural firm located in Saint Tropez. Local experts are frequently enlisted by numerous affluent villa owners with a penchant for modern architecture and sleek designs. Ugo’s impressive portfolio includes several ultra-luxurious rental villa in Pampelonne and the surrounding area. Their innovative designs and intelligent layouts are readily recognizable and have contributed to their esteemed reputation in Saint Tropez and beyond, internationally.

Philippe Starck: Lily of the Valley

saint tropez architecture lily of the valley

5 star hotel Lily of the Valley in La Croix Valmer

Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the charming Provençal vineyards of La Croix Valmer, lies the prestigious 5-star hotel, Lily of the Valley. In 2019, this luxury hotel received a transformative touch by world-renowned designer and architect, Philippe Starck, attracting much international attention and praise as a result. Set against a serene Mediterranean landscape and dedicated to rejuvenation and well-being, the organic-chic design envisioned by Philippe Starck offers an unparalleled experience to discerning travellers. Focused on the ethos of wellness, sports, and holistic health, this 5-star gem attracts a discerning clientele seeking the perfect fusion of luxury and serenity in an awe-inspiring setting.

Hailing from Paris, Starck is celebrated for his visionary approach to design, marked by a profound commitment to societal and environmental consciousness. His portfolio spans from opulent super yachts to iconic furniture pieces and even avant-garde installations like the futuristic winter gondola in Venice, Italy. Yet, it is his contributions to the realm of hospitality that have truly solidified his legacy. Among his illustrious creations stands Lily of the Valley, positioned just a brief 15-minute drive from St Tropez.

India Mahdavi: Off-market rental villas in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

saint tropez le capon architecture india mahdavi

Villa La Ferrera in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

India Mahdavi, a renowned designer and architect, is celebrated for her distinctive style that effortlessly blends bold colours, playful patterns, and quality materials. Born in Tehran and raised in the United States, Mahdavi’s multicultural background influences her eclectic aesthetic, which has earned her international acclaim. Known for her innovative approach to interior design and architecture, Mahdavi has left a significant mark on the industry with her iconic projects spanning hotels, restaurants, and private residences. In Saint Tropez, Mahdavi has discreetly undertaken a select few off-market luxury properties, predominantly in the prestigious area of Le Capon. Her exquisite touch infuses these exclusive residences with a sense of sophistication and charm, showcasing her mastery in creating spaces that seamlessly blend opulence with comfort and functionality.

st tropez architecture villa matisse

Villa Matisse in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Such projects include Villa La Ferrara in Le Capon, Saint Tropez, a whimsical 10-bedroom estate featuring a private tennis court and chic indoor cinema room, and Villa Matisse, also in Le Capon, where Mahdavi outdoes herself with a masterful play of vintage furnishings, handmade tapestries, and diverse color palettes.

François Vieillecroze: Villa Bellazard & Villa Agape

saint tropez architecture tahiti

Villa Bellazard in Tahiti, Ramatuelle

François Viellecroze, a renowned architect, is celebrated for his exceptional work in Saint Tropez. Known for a selection of prestigious projects in the area, Vieillecroze’s superb properties include the stately Villa Bellazard in a private, secure residence and the elegant Villa Agape in Les Parcs de St Tropez. François Viellecroze is known for his elegant and sophisticated architectural designs, characterised by a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements. His work often features luxurious amenities, meticulous attention to detail, and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Villa Bellazard, by Viellecroze, features five luxurious bedroom suites on the ground floor, complemented by amenities such as a wine cellar and private library. The first floor features a magnificent 540-square-metre master suite, a covered terrace, and an outdoor dining room overlooking a heated pool, connected by striking dual staircases that also grant access to facilities like a hammam and a massage room.

saint tropez architecture les parcs

Villa Agape in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez

Villa Agape is his other project and an extraordinary rental villa located in the best gated community of Saint Tropez, Les Parcs. The villa is centred around a heated swimming pool and is just a short distance from the beach. The inviting, open interior combines opulence and comfort. There are five bedrooms and a cinema room, as well as a pergola and a petanque court.

What architectural styles are predominant in St Tropez’s historic buildings?

St Tropez’s historic buildings feature a mix of architectural styles, including Provençal, Mediterranean, and Neo-Classical influences, reflecting the town’s rich cultural heritage and diverse architectural evolution.

What are the most famous historical buildings in Saint Tropez?

Among the most famous historical buildings in Saint Tropez are Château Borelli and the Citadelle. Château Borelli, with its elegant façade and rich history dating back to the 17th century, stands as a symbol of the town’s aristocratic past. Its grandeur and charm captivate visitors, offering a glimpse into Saint Tropez’s noble heritage. It is now home to ultra-luxurious private residences.
The Citadelle, perched atop a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea, is another iconic landmark in Saint Tropez. A historic fortress overlooking the town and the Gulf of St Tropez, was designed by the military architect Raymond de Bonnefons in the late 16th century to protect the town from pirate attacks, it now serves as a museum, showcasing Saint Tropez’s maritime history and offering breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline. Together, these historical treasures enrich Saint Tropez’s landscape, drawing visitors from around the world to marvel at their beauty and significance.

What architectural styles are predominant in St Tropez’s luxury villas for rent?

st tropez architecture pinette

Villa La Pinette in Saint Tropez

In the luxury villas for rent in St Tropez, a diverse range of architectural styles is showcased, reflecting the town’s rich history and cosmopolitan charm. While traditional Provençal architecture remains popular, characterised by stone facades, terracotta roofs, and rustic charm, such as Villa La Pinette, sleek contemporary designs are also prevalent, featuring clean lines, expansive glass windows, and minimalist aesthetics. Additionally, there is a notable influence of Mediterranean and Mediterranean Revival styles, with whitewashed walls, arched doorways, and vibrant blue accents evoking a sense of coastal elegance. Overall, St Tropez’s luxury villas offer a captivating blend of architectural styles, catering to diverse tastes and preferences while embodying Saint Tropez’s timeless beauty and high-end lifestyle.

Which contemporary rental villas stand as architectural landmarks in Saint Tropez?

pampelonne st tropez architecture
Contemporary rental Villa Ama in Pamepelonne

Two ultra-luxurious villas in the St Tropez House collection that stand above all others in terms of contemporary architecture and design are Villas Ama and Vertigo in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle. Villa Ama is a breathtaking contemporary rental villa in Pampelonne, featuring 500m2 of sleek designs, clean lines, and quality artworks. With 7 bedrooms and 10,000m2 of manicured gardens, this fully-staffed villa is guaranteed to impress even the most esteemed guests.

st tropez architecture ramatuelle

Villa Vertigo by Ugo Architecture in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

Villa Vertigo is a stunning modern villa situated in the heart of Pampelonne, was envisioned by Anthony Ugo and stands as an ideal representation of luxurious contemporary architecture in the South of France. It features sleek lines, expansive glass facades, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, reflecting Ugo Architecture’s emphasis on modern elegance and functionality. With 6 guest bedrooms, a cinema room, and incredible views over Pampelonne Bay, Villa Vertigo is a top-choice rental for those seeking to stay in a modern marvel. Ugo Architecture drew inspiration from the natural surroundings of St Tropez, incorporating elements that harmonise with the landscape while offering contemporary luxury.

How to rent a designer villa in Saint Tropez this summer

designer villa st tropez

Learn more about how to rent a designer villa in and around Saint Tropez this summer by contacting the rental specialists of St Tropez House.

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