The 7 secrets to finding the right buyer

The 7 secrets to finding the right buyer

Luxury properties are always in demand, especially in the exclusive enclave of St Tropez. But, while sellers may have interest from many parties, they and their real estate agents need to understand the best strategies for finding the right buyer.

Take some time to consider these important steps once you’ve made the decision to sell your villa.

Here are the top seven secrets to finding the right buyer:

1. Choose the right agent

Signing on with a professional real estate agent is key. Agents have access to databases designed to target potential buyers for specific kinds of properties, and they can also vet potential buyers.

An experienced real estate agent will be familiar with comparable properties in your general location and the prices they have sold for. Heeding the recommendations of a real estate agent who has in-depth knowledge of St Tropez’s hyper-competitive market is critical. Agents can also help walk you through negotiations and sales contracts when the time comes.

villa for sale st tropez la belle isnarde
Villa Amabelisna for sale in St Tropez La Belle Isnarde

2. Marketing is everything

We understand that marketing is everything. At St Tropez House we harness the power of sophisticated marketing strategies across various digital platforms and touch points to attract the right qualified buyers.

Professional photographers and videographers ensure spectacular photos and videos on social media, such as on our Instagram and You Tube channel that show off the best features of your property. They will ensure your villa is the star of the show by capturing it in natural light and showing off all the rooms in multiple photos from various angles. If you’re not adept at interior design, we can hire someone to help stage your villa and present it in the most elegant and inviting manner.

3. Target the right audience

Know your potential buyers (another area where we can help). Is your villa best suited as a party house for holidaymakers, or is it more suited for a family? If major renovations are in order, investors may be your target audience.

Getting the message out to the appropriate demographic is key to finding the right buyer. An experienced luxury real estate agent will take the time to evaluate your property’s strengths (as well as any flaws) when identifying the right potential buyers and then target the right audience accordingly.

villa for sale st tropez
Villa Les Marres Luxe for sale in St Tropez

4. Make visiting easy and accessible

Given all of the health precautions today, even if you and your real estate agent agree on in-person visits, allow for video visits. Be sure to take steps to accommodate the widest possible target audience.

Additionally, try to build flexibility into your schedule to accommodate as many showings as you can. Consider an open house — the easiest way to show off your villa to a group of potential buyers in a single afternoon. We work together with our clients to ensure a flawless and hassle-free sale and can adapt to busy schedules, carrying out viewings at a time that suits all parties.

5. Stay involved in the process and engage in open communication with your agent

Communication is key to the success of every stage of a sale. Keep your real estate agent apprised of how you prefer to handle negotiations (or stick to your price point); what kinds of renovations and inspections you would like to discuss, as well as options for marketing your property and how and when showings will be made available.

villa for sale st tropez domaine de la castellane
Villa Origan for sale in St Tropez Domaine De La Castellane

6. Keep your personal touches in the villa to keep it feeling warm and inviting

Staging your villa is critical to enhancing its appeal, which is key to attracting buyers. Your villa should be immaculate and free of clutter. Set out vases of fresh, colourful flowers and keep a few intriguing items or artwork from some of your travels. For the final touch, have a lightly scented candle (vanilla is always good) to enhance the inviting atmosphere. We offer expert advice on villa staging to help ensure a swift sale for the very best price.

villa for sale gassin sinopolis
Villa Cerise for sale in Gassin Sinopolis

7. Be realistic about pricing, do the research and compare to current market value

While you may have a figure in mind based on how much you adore your villa, do your research (again, here’s where we can offer our expertise) to understand the right price point for your market.

Buyers generally have a price range in mind, so it’s important that your sale price aligns with their expectations. Of course, there is room for negotiation, but the key is to keep your price in line with the competition.

Ultimately, your real estate agent can help you understand the best strategies — and the best price point — for finding the right buyer.

If you want to sell your luxury St Tropez villa, then contact us today.

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