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Menton Fete de Citron - Citron Castle

We don’t like to gloat much – but whilst our friends and family shiver under a blanket of snow covering much of Northern Europe the sun is shining and it’s a gentle 13C in St Tropez today.

And there’s more good news for those contemplating booking a St Tropez villa this winter. Today’s warm temperature is not a one off. The average temperature for January and February is in fact around 13C, with as much as six hours of sunshine every day. In March, it’s even warmer with the thermometer regularly reaching the high teens.

And whilst it can feel quite chilly if you are setting off for a blowy walk on Pampelonne Beach, sitting on the sheltered terrace of your villa with a sea view in St Tropez can feel delightfully warm. You might even be inclined to take off your sweater and do a spot of sunbathing.

But the clement weather is not the only factor to consider when looking for holiday accommodation in the often bleak months of January through to March.

Those who book a villa with a sea view in St Tropez will realize on arrival that this period of the year is anything but dismal in the South of France, with a number of festivals and carnivals being held up and down the coast.

Menton Fete de Citron - Lemons

Here are some of our favorites which clients staying in a St Tropez villa might like to check out:

  • The Nice Carnival takes place from February 14th to March 4th, and although it’s quite a distance from Saint Tropez is definitely worth the 90-minute drive. Alternatively book a helicopter and be at carnival in just 20 minutes.
  • The Menton Lemon Festival, involving a staggering 145 tons of citrus fruits, is another superb day out from St Tropez from February 15th to March 5th. The town on the border with Italy is a blaze of yellow, it’s a wonderful sight.
  • The Mimosa Festival Mandelieu la Napoule is held every February in the South of France, and is best known for the beautiful flower parade. This year’s event will take place from February 2nd and 23th. Again, it’s a short drive from our St Tropez villas but worth the effort.

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