St Tropez House launches its one-of-a-kind Sales Report

St Tropez House launches its one-of-a-kind Sales Report

St Tropez House Sales Report

‘This report will revolutionize the way international buyers understand the unique property of Saint Tropez!’ – Rumble Romagnoli (CEO of Digital Marketing Pioneers Relevance).

The various steps involved in searching for, choosing and purchasing a property on the French Riviera are challenging to navigate. In such a unique market as that of the luxury real estate market of Saint Tropez, a significant amount of research and expertise are essential for buyers determined to make the most informed and fitting purchase decision.

Emilia Jedamska St Tropez House Director
Emilia Jedamska, Director of St Tropez House

Director of St Tropez House, Emilia Jedamska, noted a gap of information available to her clients wanting to purchase property and launched an ambitious initiative to create a never before seen Sales Report specific to the luxury market of Saint Tropez. Drawing from the most recent government statistics released from the General Direction of Public Finance in France, the St Tropez House team translated this data into tangible and comprehensive terms which buyers can now use to their utmost advantage! It is important to note that the latest confirmed governmental statistics available are dated from 2019, as the full registration of sales transactions in France takes up to 2 years. It is for this reason that the St Tropez House Sales Report was created as an estimative document which conveys the differences between areas and pricing in the most comprehensive manner possible.

This report keeps readers intrigued from beginning to end thanks to its use of interesting key facts and figures; for example did you know there were 108 houses sold in St Tropez in 2018-2019 and the most expensive villa sold was 29 million euros! Its sleek design and use of colour coordination also provides the ideal landscape to fully understand and analyse the important statistics presented.

The St Tropez House Sales Report divides the real estate market of Saint Tropez into 7 distinct districts, treating each as its own unique entity. The geography, atmosphere and amenities of each of these districts are so diverse that it is essential to present them individually. The average sales price of the prestigious area of Les Parcs being 13 million euros compared to that of La Belle Isnarde at 2 million euros makes the divide of these districts quite obvious. The geographical location, brief description and important sales statistics are provided for each district, allowing buyers to easily compare them to one another and draw their own conclusions about which best fits their criteria.

St Tropez House Sales Report showing sales of houses snapshot
St Tropez House Sales Report showing sales of houses snapshot

The international team at St Tropez House is proud to provide this groundbreaking report to those interested in the property market of Saint Tropez and is available to answer any of your questions. Contact us for more information.

To request an online version of the St Tropez House Sales Report please visit St Tropez House Sales page.

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