St Tropez House CEO Guest stars on Channel 5

playgrounds for the rich and famous st tropez

The glamorous world of Saint Tropez has for decades attracted the attention and admiration of people all over the world. When it comes to the world’s wealthiest jet setters, Saint Tropez is an undeniable location for those wanting to see and be seen during the summer months of the French Riviera. In September of 2021, renowned British television network Channel 5 released a Saint Tropez special as a part of their six-part documentary ‘Playgrounds Of The Rich & Famous’, a documentary highlighting the most luxurious locations the rich like to vacation.

The network approached our very own Luxury Travel Expert and CEO of St Tropez House, Emilia Jedamska to star in this episode and shed light on the properties and rare clientele which visit Saint Tropez each season. Emilia guides viewers through an ultra-luxurious villa in her collection and answers questions about the wonderful world of Saint Tropez. Other guests on the episode include respected local travel writer and author Lanie Goodman and icon Joan Collins who speak about their love and experiences in this golden village.

St Tropez House is proud to have contributed to this amazing piece with Channel 5 and looks forward to hosting the Rich & Famous for many years to come!

playgrounds for the rich and famous emilia jedamska st tropez house
Emilia Jedamska, CEO of St Tropez House

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