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St Tropez and its love of the skull trend

Ever since fashion designer Alexander McQueen turned the sinister skull motif into something cool more than three years ago, the fashion trend has become a worldwide phenomenon adorning everything from clothing to wallpaper.

skull fashion st tropez

The greatly revered designer brought the skull to the masses when he designed a scarf bearing the symbol in 2009, just a year before he died. His trademark scarf quickly became a celebrity must-have which stars such as Nicole Ritchie, Cameron Diaz and Johnny Depp have all been snapped wearing.

McQueen’s scarf, and a skull clutch bag which he also designed, were copied by labels around the globe with lighting speed and a new trend was born.

Not surprisingly one of the first places in which the skull trend arrived was Saint Tropez, arguably Europe’s most fashion conscious fishing village where many of our exclusive Saint Tropez villas are situated.

And during the summer months, those staying in our Saint Tropez villas will no doubt notice a number of skull articles that are particularly in mode in the South of France, such as McQueen’s legendary skull scarves, skull shoes and skull beach towels which are all the rage on Pampelonne beach.

Called tête de mort in France, these creepy motifs can even be found on tags for the little lap dogs which are so popular in this part of the world.

Skulls have also featured heavily in the work of British pop artist Damien Hirst, who has previously exhibited his work in the Galerie des Lices, a popular venue amongst St Tropez House clients. The artists famously created a sculpture involving a baby skull covered in more than 8,000 diamonds, which sold for a staggering £50 million in 2007.

skull fashion st tropez
Damien Hirst and his diamond Skull

Slightly more affordable is a range of Skulls and Bones wallpaper designed by Noel Gallagher’s ex Meg Matthew which is sold at Liberty of London.

Meanwhile, closer to home is a collection of printed shirting bracelets with tiny horn skulls, made by local Frenchmen Vincent Ribat and Thomas Franc. The pair began their accessories line, Vanities, on a beach not far from our St Tropez House villas in 2009 and the hand-carved bone and horn skulls are now used as a recurring motif on tie bracelets and cufflinks.

Also bearing the motif is a stunning collection of stainless steel skulls on sale at the e-boutique of St Tropez’s Mood Gallery for a slightly more modest price of 299 euro.


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