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Best places to shop swimwear in St Tropez
Photo by Steve Lorillere


With the weather warming up by the day, it is perhaps time to hunt out your swim wear ready for hitting the pool. Many of our luxury villa rentals boast their own private swimming pools or even have access to the sea, so unless you like going au naturel, a costume is a must.

However, if on the off chance you arrive at your luxury villa in Saint Tropez without one, do not fret. Saint Tropez has a number of excellent boutiques where you can find the latest swimwear fashion, our three favourites of which are listed below:

1. Kiwi Boutiques

This brand of beachwear was founded in Saint Tropez in 1985 and has been doing very well ever since. With multiple boutiques across the French Riviera including in Monaco, Cannes and now four outlets in Saint Tropez, the label does a wonderful collection for women, men and children.

Kiwi Shop
34 Rue Général Allard
Saint-Tropez, France
Tel : +33 4 94 97 42 26

2. Pain de Sucre

Another hugely popular brand for women is Pain de Sucre, which has a boutique near some of our more central Saint Tropez luxury villa rentals, The label was founded in 1983 and has gone from strength to strength, with more than a dozen boutiques scattered across France and in the Caribbean, London and Casablanca.

Pain de Sucre
94 Rue Général Allard
Saint-Tropez, France
Tel : +33 4 94 97 32 31

3. Nicole Olivier

French design label Nicole Olivier has been producing some of the best loved swimwear for the last 40 years. The label was started by Nicole Leveque in 1965, and the brand came to Saint Tropez 13 years ago.
17 Rue Général Allard
Saint-Tropez, France
Tel : +33 4 94 97 47 26

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