Rent a Mini Moke in Saint Tropez

Rent a Mini Moke in Saint Tropez

What is the history of the Mini Moke and how did it evolve into a popular vehicle?


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The Mini Moke was created by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in the 1960s and was initially intended as a lightweight military and police vehicle. Its minimalistic and open design, which included no doors and a canvas roof, made it less suitable for military use and later found its place in the commercial market. It rapidly gained popularity as a leisure vehicle, especially in sunny and coastal regions such as the Caribbean, Australia, and especially the French Mediterranean. Its association with a fun, carefree lifestyle made it a symbol of the swinging 60s, aligning perfectly with the St Tropez lifestyle.

What celebrities have been seen driving Mini Mokes?

Celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot and James Bond actor Roger Moore have been spotted driving Mini Mokes, contributing to the vehicle’s chic and stylish image.
Mokes have also featured in several iconic movies, contributing to their popularity and cultural significance. They have appeared in four James Bond movies: “You Only Live Twice,” “Live and Let Die,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” and “Moonraker.” Mokes were featured in the 1965 John Boorman film “Catch Us If You Can,” driven by the Dave Clark Five.

What factors contributed to the fame of Mini Mokes in Saint Tropez?


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The fame of Mini Mokes in Saint Tropez is due to their suitability for the sunny, beach side environment and their association with the luxurious, leisurely lifestyle of the area. Brigitte Bardot, the French star of Saint Tropez, was often seen driving around the coastal town with several dogs in her Mini Moke. Their unique design and ease of driving make them perfect for the relaxed, boho-chic atmosphere of Saint Tropez.

How did the Mini Moke become synonymous with the lifestyle and culture of Saint Tropez?

The Mini Moke became synonymous with Saint Tropez’s lifestyle and culture due to its frequent use by celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot and its fit with the town’s beach-centric, fashionable vibe. It embodies the spirit of freedom and luxury that Saint Tropez is known for. Its popularity also grew in St Tropez due to its practicality for the town’s narrow, winding streets and scenic coastal roads.
Modern Mini Mokes have now been customised to include a variety of colours, models and designs, further resonating with the artistic flair of Saint Tropez.

How are Mini Mokes used by guests renting villas in Saint Tropez?

summer mini moke rental saint tropez

Mini Mokes are typically used by guests renting a luxury villa in Saint Tropez during their summer holidays as a stylish way to travel to and from their favourite St Tropez destinations. Colourful Mini Mokes can be seen lining the parking areas of the most fashionable Pampelonne beach clubs, top restaurants, and in the Place des Lices area. Renting a Mini Moke in Saint Tropez allows guests to not only travel in style but also to more easily navigate the town’s narrow streets and winding coastal roads. The compact and open design of the Mini Moke also offers an immersive experience, allowing guests to fully enjoy the sunshine and warm summer breeze of Saint Tropez.

Are there electric Mini Mokes for rent in St Tropez?

Yes, both regular and electric Mini Mokes are available for rent in Saint Tropez. The more modern, electric Mini Mokes cater to clients wishing to adhere to an eco-friendly mode of transportation while driving through Saint Tropez in style.

The main difference between driving an electric Mini Moke and a classic (petrol-powered) Mini Moke lies in their power capabilities and driving experience. The electric Mini Moke is powered by an electric motor and battery, providing a quieter, smoother ride with instant acceleration. The classic Mini Moke offers a more traditional, nostalgic driving experience with the characteristic engine sound and feel.

What colour options are available for Mini Mokes rentals in St Tropez?

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Besides the classic and elegant white, Mini Mokes are now available in a variety of colours, including both vibrant and pastel shades. These modern new models allow for more personalisation and style preferences. This range of colours adds to their appeal as a fashionable and fun vehicle.

How can renting a Mini Moke enhance the experience of guests staying at rental villas in Saint Tropez?

mini moke rental st summer holiday

Renting a Mini Moke in Saint Tropez enhances any guest’s summer holiday experience by providing a fun, stylish, and convenient mode of transportation for exploring the area. It allows guests to immerse themselves in the local lifestyle and enjoy the scenic beauty in a unique way. Choosing this nostalgic mode of travel when renting a luxury villa in Saint Tropez is one of the most enjoyable ways to get around with family and friends.

Can St Tropez House organise my Mini Moke rental in Saint Tropez?

mini moke st tropez rental summer 2024

Yes, St Tropez House can organise your Mini Moke rental in Saint Tropez during your summer getaway. Simply provide the dates you would like to book a Mini Moke, any colour preferences, and whether you would prefer an electric or classic model, and your St Tropez House rental specialist will ensure it is ready and waiting for you at your rental villa.

For more information about renting a luxury villa or Mini Moke in Saint Tropez, contact St Tropez House.

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