Refusing to See the Warning Signs

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Mopping up the kitchen floor at 6am one dreary morning, I had a sudden insight…For a few days I had found water leaking from one of the washing machines in the kitchen. Since there wasn’t much water leaking, I didn’t take much notice. Now I was paying the price for this little oversight. Water was everywhere, the dog was walking in and out with muddy paws, time was running short and the kids had to get to school…you get the picture.

If only I had done something before when I saw the first signs of leaked water” I repeated to myself, until something dawned on me. Observing when something is wrong and taking the time to understand what is the actual cause is a valuable principle of the LearningMethods work. Usually applied to our own state of wellbeing, it applies equally to the wellbeing or upkeep of machines!

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