Pampelonne: Why purchasing land here is a highly-sought after investment

Pampelonne: Why purchasing land here is a highly-sought after investment

What areas in and around Saint Tropez are the most sought-after to purchase a property?

When analysing the real estate market of Saint Tropez, two standout areas emerge as the most attractive and highly sought-after for property investors. Pampelonne in Ramatuelle and the prestigious gated community, Les Parcs de St Tropez, are undoubtedly the most popular areas to consider. Pampelonne’s allure lies in its close proximity to Saint Tropez’s legendary beach clubs such as Club 55 and vibrant party ambiance. Meanwhile, Les Parcs de Saint Tropez boasts a more exclusive and luxurious living atmosphere within the secure confines of its gates. Les Parcs had a modest number of 5 sales transactions recorded in recent years with an average sale price of approximately €13,000,000, proving that the demand far outweighs the supply of properties for sale in this illustrious gated domain. Pampelonne in Ramatuelle is, on the other hand, a more accessible area in which investors can turn their sights, as there are more opportunities available to cater to the high demand to purchase property in this vivacious area.
In both Pampelonne and Les Parcs de Saint Tropez, the vast majority of property sales available are found in the form of old properties that need to be renovated in accordance with strict requirements and guidelines; these properties rarely allow for any extensions.

Why is Pampelonne, Ramatuelle a top choice location for property investors?

pampelonne ramatuelle top choice location property investors

Pampelonne in Ramatuelle stands out as a top choice location for property investors due to the strong rental potential of the properties in this area, particularly during the summer season. Investing in property here offers a compelling opportunity to earn a significant return on investment, attracting investors from all over the world. Rental villas in Pampelonne often command higher-end rental prices due to their attractive location close to the iconic golden sands of Pampelonne and its historic beach clubs. St Tropez House offers a large collection of Pampelonne properties for rent, ranging from €28,000 per week to €145,000 per week. Pampelonne presents investors with the prospect of earning substantial rental income, making it an appealing choice for those seeking profitable real estate investments.

Is there currently land for sale in Pampelonne?

Although constructible land for sale in Pampelonne is highly rare, we can currently present an off-market portfolio featuring an exclusive plot of constructible land located in the most sought-after part of Pampelonne, within walking distance to the best Pampelonne beach clubs. This opportunity provides investors with the chance to capitalise on the desirable location and potential for development in one of Saint Tropez’s most coveted areas.

What are the details of this new land for sale in Pampelonne?

This precious land for sale in Pampelonne has a total size of 2,735m2 and is conveniently situated within walking distance to Club 55 and the renowned Pampelonne beach. The prime location of this plot offers easy access to the vibrant beach scene, which an estimated 6 million visitors to Saint Tropez seek each year. Additionally, the land enjoys picturesque sea views over the bay of Pampelonne, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers seeking a desirable coastal setting for their investment.

Does this land for sale in Pampelonne have a valid construction permit?

Yes, this land for sale in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle holds a valid construction permit for an impressive contemporary villa of 730m2 in size.

What do the villa plans include on this land for sale in Pampelonne?

The villa plans for this land for sale in Pampelonne include 6 ensuite guest bedrooms, 3 staff bedrooms, a fitness room, spa, wine cellar, and a rare luxury in Pampelonne: a 7-car underground parking garage. Additionally, there is an 18 metre swimming pool overlooking the sea, creating a significant ‘value added’ feature to this property.

What is the price of this land for sale in Pampelonne?

The sale price bracket within which this impressive land for sale in Pampelonne lies is between €10,000,000 and €15,000,000.

What average prices should one expect when looking to purchase land in Pampelonne?

When considering the purchase of land in Pampelonne, one should be aware that average prices cannot be easily determined. Various factors such as sea views, proximity to the beach, orientation, building allowances, and other criteria heavily influence the price. Two seemingly similar pieces of land can have vastly different prices, with one priced at €2,000,000 and the other at €12,000,000, yet both may be considered fairly priced. Therefore, potential buyers should carefully assess their specific needs and preferences when evaluating land in the sought-after area of Pampelonne to determine the appropriate price range for their desired features and amenities.

Why is constructible land for sale in Pampelonne so rare?

Constructible land for sale in Pampelonne is exceedingly rare due to strict building regulations enforced by the Ramatuelle Marie. The municipality prioritizes maintaining the natural beauty of the area, thus restricting the issuing of new building permits. This preservation effort contributes to the scarcity of available land for development in Pampelonne. The only viable option for acquiring property is to purchase an existing old house and undergo renovation. However, renovation criteria are often stringent, with little to no allowance for extensions, further limiting development opportunities. Consequently, the 730m2 of land currently for sale represents a significant rarity in Pampelonne, as it would immediately rank among the top three largest villas in the area, highlighting the exceptional nature of this investment opportunity.

Where can I find out more information about this property for sale in Ramatuelle?

property for sale pampelonne emiliaFor more information about this rare investment opportunity in Pampelonne, contact Emilia Jedamska:

Email: [email protected]
FR: +33 677 47 99 96

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