How Will Pampelonne Beach Change In 2019? An Exclusive Report

Pampelonne 2019 Pampelonne new beach clubs by St Tropez House

St Tropez has been confused for far too long about the changes that will be made to Pampelonne Beach to protect its ecology. Environmental regulations were passed in 2015, but their effects on our beloved sands have been a constant guessing game for both tourists and locals. That’s why we decided enough is enough!

To cut down the gossip, we commissioned meticulous research, checking through the new plans, maps and reports for all the coming Pampelonne changes. We even prepared an infographic showing what Pampelonne will look like and the much-anticipated new beach clubs in St. Tropez. Spoiler: your favourite beach clubs are still there, alongside a few new surprises!


Pampelonne Beach: a brief history


This 4.5km stretch of beautiful golden sands and riviera glamour has drawn in crowds since the 60s, put on the map by Brigitte Bardot’s 1956 film And God Created Woman. Today, the rich and famous – alongside everyone else for that matter – flock to Pampelonne Beach every summer to soak up its beauty and vibrant atmosphere.


However, the sand dunes on our beloved Plage de Pampelonne aren’t as healthy as they could be, impacted by its wild popularity. That’s why the world’s most famous beach is in need of some serious TLC.


How will the Plage de Pampelonne change?

New Beach Clubs in Pampelonne

As of Spring next year (work is already underway!) the number of beach clubs will drop from 27 to 23. This will allow for the stretch of sand occupied by beach clubs to fall from 1350m to 900m, helping to preserve Pampelonne’s natural features.


Around 80% of the beach will be kept public and free of charge, with 20% reserved for beach clubs. These beach clubs will open from March through to October, and when they close their constructions will be removed, returning the beach to its natural state over the winter.


Although we will lose some beach clubs, cherished spots such as Club55, Nikki Beach and Les Palmiers will still be here and better than ever. Our handy infographic shows the updated layout of Pampelonne. New beach clubs are joining our old favourites; LOULOU in the Tamaris area, L’hôtel de Paris and Byblos in Boulevard Patch, and La Réserve and Christopher Artis in l’Epi area are all additions for Pampelonne 2019.


This influx of exciting new beach clubs does mean saying goodbye to a few fantastic spots. Key West, Maison Bianca, Pago Pago, Tabou, Shellona, Bagatelle, La Plage des Jumeaux and Eden Plage will all be missed greatly, but there were always going to be a few losses during the Pampelonne changes.


St Tropez tourism and the new Pampelonne

St Tropez season 2019

The new Pampelonne is set to attract more holidaymakers than ever, meaning St Tropez’s bustling tourism industry will continue in full force. To cater to this and to the locals who live here all year round, more restaurants will open directly behind the beaches and these establishments will be open every month of the year.


For tourists who don’t manage to secure one our luxurious Pampelonne beach villas, new big-name hotels Byblos, L’hôtel de Paris and La Réserve will mean there are plenty of places to stay with good access to the beach.


The government has also forged longer-term contracts with the beach club owners, encouraging them to invest more into first-rate design and materials for the clubs. This should mean that your favourite spots will look even more chic next time you see them.


We can’t wait to see our infographic brought to life at the start of the season next year, with all these Pampelonne changes set to make the beach better (and healthier!) than ever. We’ll see you in St Tropez!


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