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Night Race in St Tropez

In Saint Tropez everything is possible, which perhaps goes someway to explaining why next week dozens of rally cars will be racing through the roads near this picturesque town in the South of France at break neck speeds.

The cars, which we assure you won’t be whizzing too close to any of our St Tropez house luxury villas, will be taking part in the P Zero By Night Rally, organized by Pirelli tyres.

It is the third year the event has been organized in Saint Tropez, a town which is already familiar with a number of unusual sporting events which are held in its midst.

Earlier this year, Saint Tropez played host to its annual celebrity tennis tournament – Le Classic Tennis Tour – which sees old greats such as Bjorn Borg compete in the port’s main car park.

Night Race in St Tropez

It is also the venue for the final stage of the Princess Rally which takes at the end of May every year. This glamorous and colourful event sees dozens of women travel down from Paris in an assortment of rally cars, finally pulling into Saint Tropez after five long days on the road.

The P Zero By Night Rally, taking place on September 7th, is equally as colourful and gives participants an opportunity to discover the delights of Saint Tropez, home to many of our exclusive luxury villas to rent.

The first participants of the event will begin to amass at 3pm on Saturday in the very same Parking du Port which hosts the Classic Tennis Tour.

The starting flag will then be raised at 8.30pm, with the first drivers expected to return after a tour of the surrounding countryside some two and a half hours later.

The rally is great fun, but it is not without its inconveniences. Some roads will be shut for the rally so if you are staying in one of our St Tropez House villas over this weekend and are concerned about access, do not hesitate to contact us.

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