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Nicolas Anderson, author and co-screenwriter, has lived on the French Riviera for six years – five in the Var and one in Villefranche-sur-Mer. As an adult, he has previously lived for lengthy periods in London, Copenhagen, Berne, New York City, Newport Beach, Belize and Gibraltar. He says that his wanderlust ground to a halt here.

Where were you born?

In the Far East. Dad was a 
diplomat, English. My Scottish Mum was a – well to be honest – a full-time
 society circuit goer; cucumber sandwiches at the gymkhana and all that.
 Though she did say to me as a kid that if I wanted anything to not summon the 
- hate to say it, too – servants and to get it myself. Since then I always
 have got things myself. I grew up in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Mumbai
 but attended school in County Durham, northeast England. I’m really a citizen
 of the world.

Why are you here?

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