Who is Who in St Tropez: Moma Group

Who is Who in St Tropez: Moma Group

Moma Group: 30 restaurants

If you find yourself sitting in a flawlessly chic restaurant in Saint Tropez and are blown away by the concept, design and menu, chances are you are sitting in a Moma Group restaurant.

A proven industry leader, Moma Group boasts a portfolio of over 30 top restaurants and event venues around the world which have taken the culinary and hospitality world by storm. Acclaimed Saint Tropez hot spots by Moma Group include: Noto St Tropez, Manko St Tropez, Café Lapérouse St Tropez, Cipriani St Tropez, Shellona Beach St Tropez & Casa Amor Beach St Tropez.

Who found Moma Group?

Founded in 1997 by French businessman Benjamin Patou, Moma Group has become a veritable empire and leader in the global sectors of hospitality, entertainment and restauration. With a large expansion in France, most notably Paris, and around the world, Moma Group currently boasts top restaurants in London, Athens, Doha and Saint-Barth and looks to extend its reach even further.

What sets this group apart from other industry leaders is its ability to continuously create new establishments with unique design concepts and completely distinctive identities. From a lavish Parisian salon such as Lapérouse to charming Southern Italian atmosphere of Noto in Saint Tropez, Moma Group turns anything it touches to pure culinary gold.

Having focused on a powerful expansion into the restaurant industry in 2014, Moma Group has established itself as a high-end group from whom people expect only the best. By working with top chefs, architects and artists, the Moma Group has been able to grow to an unprecedented degree over the past decade.

Moma Group: Today and Tomorrow.

This influential group was not untouched however by the grave financial impacts of the pandemic; experiencing a drop of turnover by 70% in 2020 and 45% in 2021. These struggles are now but a distant memory as CEO Benjamin Patou was determined to keep the strength of the group and in 2022 joined forces with three new investors: Parick Bruel (French actor & singer and longtime friend of Patou), Éric Sitruk (Moma’s administrator) and Jean-David Sarfati (General director). Together these savvy businessmen hold 30% share of Moma group. The remaining 70% lies in the family holding of Patou.

Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, Patou announced in Le Parisien that they plan to open another 40 establishments worldwide before 2025, generating roughly 375 million euros! These bold initiatives and ambitious goals are what have allowed this group to come to employ over 1200 people worldwide and boast an increasing global turnover of 130 million euros in 2022.

Moma Group first began its expansion into Saint Tropez in 2021, just in time to debut its new restaurants for the glamorous high season. Here is a breakdown of the restaurants which took Saint Tropez by storm:

Noto St Tropez

Located in the famed Place des Lices, Noto welcomes guests into a warm Italian-inspired atmosphere. With rising star Chef Emilio Giagnoni at the helm, authentic Italian flavours are guaranteed at this vivacious hot spot. Large plates and live music keep Noto on the top of many VIP’s must-visit list. Located in the heart of Saint Tropez is the beautiful villa Armani Casa which is walking distance to this top restaurant.

Manko St Tropez

Located along the charming Port of Saint Tropez is this elegant café-boutique offering a variety of upscale snacks, wines, champagnes and frozen yogurts. The perfect stop for a refreshing pause during the heat of the summer months.

Cipriani St Tropez

The beauty and bold flavors of this legendary establishment have come to Saint Tropez for the second season. Hidden within an elegant garden are the authentic dishes reimagined into a refined haute dining experience at Cipriani.
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Shellona St Tropez

This beautiful boho-chic beach club on Pampelonne captures the very essence of Saint Tropez and invites guests to savour the most delicious ingredients the Mediterranean has to offer. Greek Chef Yiannis Kioroglou creates inspired, seasonal dishes while the music plays the day and night away.


Casa Amor Beach Club St Tropez


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This unique concept for Moma Group is a restaurant and beach club located on the renowned shores of Pampelonne Beach. Acclaimed chef Akrame Benallal designed a South-American inspired menu of delicious tapas type dishes at this boho-chic restaurant where guests can dine with their feet in the sand while listening to a live Bossa Nova Band. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury accommodation close to Pampelonne, consider Villa Vertige for your 2023 summer villa rental.

It goes without saying that Moma Group has succeeded in creating a new standard of what we expect from a culinary experience. Their flawless execution of each restaurant launched serves as a reminder as to why their restaurants are continuously packed with crème de la crème clientele. We cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in 2023!

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