Luxury Supercar Club launches along the Riviera

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The first supercar club for the Cote d‟Azur was launched at Top Marques Monaco. Aimed at residents and those who frequently visit the French Riviera, the club, which is run by Swiss company Type-41, offers car enthusiasts hassle free access to an array of limited edition supercars.

Unlike other car clubs, Type-41 only features limited and special edition supercars, many of which are simply not available to buy or rent on the open market. The club has five categories of vehicles, including ‘Hardcore Street Racers‘, ‘Open Top Street Racers‘ and ‘Great Limited Cruisers‘, giving its members access to a range of rare and exceptional cars. The impressive collection houses the fastest ever road going Ferrari, the Porsche GT2 RS and right through to a mad off road Land Rover Defender with Engage tuning and all the extras, that even Lara Croft would get excited about !

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