International School Holidays Summer 2024

International School Holidays Summer 2024

Saint Tropez is a family-friendly holiday location, offering an array of fun activities for both children and teens to enjoy during the summer months. Many guests at St Tropez House plan their summer getaway in Saint Tropez solely around their children’s school holiday dates, which dictate the entire calendar year for many families. These dates represent a time for families to spend quality time together, honouring special occasions and traditions. School holidays in many European countries also coincide with favourable weather conditions, allowing for a wider range of outdoor activities in the South of France.

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Synchronising schedules and coordinating all family members can be daunting, which is why it’s important to know the key school holiday dates early in the year, and to book in advance for the busiest times in Saint Tropez. Knowing when to book your top choice villa in Saint Tropez is crucial, as villas tend to be booked quickly early in the year for the peak season.

St Tropez House has explored the summer 2024 school holidays for a selection of countries to provide an overview of the busiest dates in Saint Tropez this upcoming season.

Please note that these dates are intended as guidelines and are not definitive. They are subject to change based on the specific country and school district your children are in, and should be verified before booking your holiday.

Exploring Summer 2024 School Holidays Around the World:

Germany: Summer holidays: 8 July – 9 September 2024

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The summer holidays in Germany range based on the region.
To learn more about Germany school holidays visit: 

Netherlands: Summer holidays: 6 July – 1 September 2024

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To learn more about school holidays in Netherlands visit:

Australia: Winter School holidays: 6 July – 21 July 2024

Saint Tropez welcomes a large number of Australian visitors to its shores each year. Their visit to Saint Tropez coincides with their winter school holidays. Australian summer holidays go from 13 December – 4 February 2024.
To learn more about Australian school holidays visit:

Switzerland: School holidays: 1 July – 1 September 2024

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To learn more about summer school holidays in Switzerland visit:

America: School holidays: late May – early September 2024

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American summer break varies per district and state. There is also the highly anticipated American spring break which takes place in late March/April.
To the learn more about school holidays in USA visit:

United Kingdom: School holidays: 23 July – 4 September 2024

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The United Kingdom has different summer holidays based on the area and type of school (public or private).
For more accurate information about the UK’s school holidays, please check directly with your children’s school, as dates may vary.

France: School holidays: 7 July – 1 September 2024

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French schools enjoy a large number of public holidays. There is also the spring holiday which ranges based on the zone in which a school is found and this runs from 7 April – 5 May 2024.
For more information about school holidays in France visit:

Monaco: School holidays: 29 June – 14 September 2024

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One of the smallest countries in the world with a fascinating history, Monaco operates an independent schooling system separate from the rest of France. Both public and private schools are available in Monaco, each having its own set of holidays.

ISM (The International School of Monaco) is popular among both local and international students, and their 2023/2024 calendar can be found below:
ISM Monaco 2023/2024 School Calendar

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