Insider Insights for 2024 and 2025 to renting a villa in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Insider Insights for 2024 and 2025 to renting a villa in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Where is Le Capon in Saint Tropez located?

The prestigious residential area of Le Capon, St Tropez, requires more than just securing a lavish villa rental; it demands insider knowledge of its hidden gems and prime locations. Nestled between Les Salins Road and Tahiti Road, Le Capon offers an exclusive location for those seeking serenity without compromising on accessibility. With seamless access to St Tropez centre via Les Salins Road and to the famed shores of Pampelonne via Tahiti Road, residents of Le Capon are treated to the best of both worlds—seclusion and convenience. In this article, St Tropez House will provide insider insights and essential tips for renting a luxury villa in Le Capon, St Tropez, ensuring an unforgettable rental experience in this picturesque Riviera destination.

What makes renting a villa in Le Capon for summer 2024 and 2025 so special?

rent villa summer 2024 le capon saint tropez

View from an off-market villa in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Renting a villa in Le Capon, Saint Tropez in 2024 and 2025 is a special experience due to several distinctive features that set it apart from other areas. One of the key elements that make Le Capon stand out is its status as a hidden gem within Saint Tropez, renowned for its exclusivity and charm. Situated in the most prestigious district, Le Capon boasts some of the largest estates, each resembling its own private domain. It is characterised by exclusive rental villas and abundant lush greenery. The combination of grandeur, privacy, and natural beauty makes Le Capon a highly sought-after destination for those seeking an unparalleled villa rental experience in Saint Tropez.

What type of luxury rental villas are there available in Le Capon in Saint Tropez?

rent villa summer 2025 2025 le capon saint tropez

Rental villa Astor located Le Capon, Saint Tropez

There is a selection of top villas for rent in Le Capon that offer a wide range of styles and amenities to suit any guest. Villa Astor, a picture-perfect 7-bedroom Provencal-style villa located in Le Capon, sprawls over 2500m2 of manicured land overlooking the bay of Canoubiers. Situated just 100 metres from the beach and a short walk to the heart of St Tropez town, it promises convenience and breathtaking views. Villa Marvellous is another stunning rental villa located in Le Capon, Saint-Tropez. This 9-bedroom villa features a special art-deco flare and luxurious extra amenities, sure to impress even the most discerning of guests. With such exquisite options, Le Capon is the ideal setting for a memorable stay in Saint Tropez.

Are there exclusive, off-market villas for rent in Le Capon for summer 2024?

exclusive villa for rent le capon saint tropez

Villa Matisse in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Yes, for summer 2024 and 2025, there is a selection of off-market villas available for rent in Le Capon, offering a bespoke experience for discerning guests. Among these prestigious offerings are designer rental villas crafted by renowned interior designer India Mahdavi, ensuring a unique blend of sophistication and outstanding style. Villa Matisse is an example of a designer villa for rent in Le Capon, which features its very own helipad and lavish cinema room. Another standout property is La Ferrera, with a whimsical touch and elegance in every detail. St Tropez House currently boasts an additional five high-end off-market villas situated in Le Capon, which are not on the website, a deliberate choice highlighting the area’s exclusivity and desirability. These villas promise unparalleled privacy, impeccable design, and bespoke amenities, making them a top choice for those seeking an exceptional holiday experience in Saint Tropez.

What kind of views can guests expect when renting a property in Le Capon, Saint Tropez?

rent villa sea view summer 2024 2025 le capon saint tropez

When renting a property in Le Capon, Saint Tropez, guests can expect to be treated to breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, mountains, and sea. One of the most remarkable vistas to anticipate is the “sea of parasol pins,” a term used to describe the mesmerising sight of colourful parasols dotting the sandy beaches along the azure coastline. These panoramic sea views are often regarded as some of the most stunning in the region, offering a picturesque backdrop for any Saint Tropez getaway. Whether lounging on a villa terrace or strolling along the shoreline, guests are sure to be captivated by the beauty and tranquillity that Le Capon has to offer.

What special amenities do rental villas in Le Capon offer?

villa for rent private tennis court le capon saint tropez

Rental villas in Le Capon offer an array of special amenities that contribute to the ultimate rental experience. One notable feature is private helipads, allowing guests the exclusive option of arriving and departing via helicopter directly from the premises. For instance, villa Marvellous sets itself apart by boasting its own helipad, ensuring seamless transportation for discerning travellers. Additionally, a selection of luxury villas in Le Capon come equipped with full-size tennis courts, providing guests with the opportunity to indulge in recreational activities amidst the stunning surroundings. Standalone gyms and fitness areas are also present in both villas La Ferrera and Matisse, offering guests the convenience of maintaining their fitness routines during their stay. These amenities, including helicopter access, tennis courts, and fitness facilities, exemplify the opulence and attention to detail that define the rental villa experience in Le Capon.

Why is Le Capon one of the most lush green areas to rent in a villa in Saint Tropez?

villa for rent le capon saint tropez

View from an off-market villa in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Le Capon stands out as one of the most lush green areas to rent a villa in Saint Tropez, owing to its verdant landscapes and captivating natural beauty. Nestled amidst this picturesque setting are the majestic parasol trees, which tower like giants and contribute to the area’s beauty. Their sprawling canopies provide shade in the prestigious rental villas and add to the overall enchanting ambiance of Le Capon, Saint Tropez. The abundance of greenery creates an idyllic atmosphere, making it the perfect place for villa renters seeking total relaxation. Whether lounging in the gardens of a luxury villa or exploring the scenic surroundings, guests are sure to be enchanted by the splendour of Le Capon, making it a truly exceptional destination for villa rentals in Saint Tropez. The district maintains its green and natural character through a very strict construction policy, ensuring great distances between houses and guaranteeing privacy, with no property overlooking another.

How to book the ideal rental villa in Le Capon this summer 2024?

To learn more about the selection of villas for rent in Le Capon, St Tropez this summer, contact Emilia Jedamska, Director of St Tropez House and rental specialist for over a decade. She will be happy to learn more about your specific needs and rental criteria and pair the perfect villa for your Saint Tropez holiday.

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