In Search of the Sun King’s Blue Diamond

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A diamond of incredible beauty, star of the French Crown Jewels, has been brought back to life in a replica that’s currently on show in Nice. The French Blue Diamond, cut in the shape of a pigeon’s egg, was Louis XIV’s favourite jewel. At the heart of the dazzling diamond was a Sun with seven facets – the Sun being Louis’ emblem.

Louis XIV was France’s Sun King. He reigned for seventy-two years, personally driving the government of the nation, and building up exquisite art and jewelery collections. The finest piece in his crown jewels was the French Blue Diamond – a massive 67 carat blue gem of exquisite beauty. Brought from India by a French merchant in 1686, the stone was 116 carats uncut, which makes it one of the biggest diamonds ever discovered. It later became part of a piece called “The Golden Fleece“, made for Louis XVI.

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