Guide to the Top 5 reasons to rent a villa in Pampelonne

Guide to the Top 5 reasons to rent a villa in Pampelonne

A blend of beauty, sophistication, and adventure, Pampelonne in Ramatuelle is the ideal location to rent a luxury villa this summer. From exclusive access to the best beach clubs lining the azure shores to breathtaking sea views that redefine coastal living, Pampelonne offers the ultimate retreat for discerning travellers wanting to enjoy the iconic Saint Tropez beach club vibe. Choose between contemporary and Provençal villa designs, with helipads conveniently allowing easy access to your holiday haven. Moreover, explore the myriad paths intertwining the landscape, perfect for leisurely strolls, invigorating jogs, or simply soaking in the natural beauty of Provence.

Access to the Best Pampelonne Beach Clubs

rent villa close to pampelonne beach clubs
Pampelonne, Ramatuelle stands out as one of the premier destinations for renting a luxury villa, thanks to its easy access to the best Pampelonne beach clubs along the Mediterranean coast. With iconic establishments like Club 55, Nikki Beach, and Gigi Ramatuelle which dot its pristine shores, guests of Pampelonne have unparalleled access to Saint Tropez’s beach club culture. Whether seeking a vibrant atmosphere for daytime lounging or an exclusive spot to enjoy sunset cocktails, these renowned beach clubs offer an unforgettable experience just moments away from the comfort of one’s rental villa. With their glamorous settings, impeccable service, and lively ambiance, the beach clubs of Pampelonne add an extra layer of fun to the luxury villa lifestyle, making it a truly exceptional destination for discerning travellers.

Stunning views from the comfort of your Pampelonne rental villa

rent villa pampelonne sea views

The sea views of Las Brisas in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

Indulge in the beauty of Pampelonne from the comfort of your rental villa, where every moment, from waking up in the morning to swimming in your infinity swimming pool, can be accompanied by breathtaking views of the sea. Whether you choose villa Ama, a 7-bedroom modern masterpiece dotted with one-of-a-kind art pieces, or Las Brisas, a lavish 7-bedroom retreat boasting panoramic vistas and a professional gym, your experience is elevated by the mesmerising scenery of these villas for rent in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle. From the infinity pool’s edge to the expansive terraces, these villas offer front-row seats to the splendour of the Mediterranean.

Choice of contemporary & provençal designs in rental villas

rent contemporary villa pampelonne ramatuelle
Contemporary rental villa Vertigo in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

In Pampelonne, Ramatuelle, the choice of contemporary and provençal designs in rental villas offers a diverse range of quality accommodations to suit every taste. From the chic and stylish Mistra 55 villa with its contemporary architecture and boho-chic interior design to the sleek and ultra-modern villa Vertigo villa, there is something to appeal to every discerning traveller. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of Provençal style or the sleekness of contemporary architecture, Pampelonne’s rental villas promise an unforgettable summer holiday.

Easy access thanks to a selection of Pampelonne helipads

rent villa pampelonne helipad
Along the 4.5 kilometre stretch of Pampelonne beach, accessibility is taken to new heights with the presence of helipads scattered along its coastline. This aerial convenience not only adds a touch of luxury to travel but also offers a seamless mode of transportation for those seeking swift and effortless access to this prime beach club destination. From public helipads catering to a wider audience to the exclusivity of private helipads found in select luxury villa rentals, the options are as varied as they are convenient. With a private helipad at their disposal, guests of such villas can enjoy the ultimate privacy and convenience, arriving directly to their stunning accommodation in Pampelonne. Whether for a quick getaway or a lavish entrance, helipads are the ideal choice for those wishing to enjoy their coastal retreat in style.

A myriad of paths for jogging, walking your dog or cycling

rent pet friendly villas pampelonne
Another top reason for renting a luxury villa in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle, lies in its abundant network of paths, perfect for jogging, walking your dog, or cycling. Strolling through the stunning landscape of Ramatuelle, these paths offer not only a picturesque setting but also an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in Provençal beauty. Whether you’re seeking a brisk morning run, a leisurely stroll with your pet, or an exhilarating bike ride along the coast, Pampelonne’s myriad paths cater to every preference. From winding trails that lead to hidden coves to paths that traverse hillsides, each route unveils new vistas and unforgettable experiences, making it an ideal destination for those who appreciate an active and immersive lifestyle.

What is the average weekly price to rent a villa in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle?

villa rental in pampelonne ramatuelle
Villa La Vigna for rent in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

The average weekly price for a villa rental in Pampelonne Ramatuelle varies depending on factors such as size, amenities, location, and the time of year. Generally, high season rental prices range from €20,000 per week to €150,000 per week for luxurious accommodations. Pampelonne is renowned for its selection of fashionable beach clubs, upscale atmosphere, and vibrant party scene, making it a highly sought-after destination for villa rentals in the French Riviera. From charming Provencal style villas to sleek waterfront estates, there is a diverse selection of rental properties available to suit different preferences and budgets.

The following villas are ideal examples of properties available for rent in Pampelonne, which fit within the €20,000 to €50,000 per week budget:

rent villa close to club 55
Mistra 55 located only 8 minutes walk to Club 55, Pampelonne

Villa Mistra 55 is a stylish 5-bedroom villa located within a short walking distance to the shores of Pampelonne beach, offering a perfect example of a villa within the €20,000 to €50,000 per week budget. This villa features lovely boho chic interior designs reminiscent of Pampelonne beach clubs, which are just minutes away from this villa.

rent recently renovated villa pampelonne

La Vigna in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

La Vigna is an elegant, recently renovated neo-Provençal villa located in Ramatuelle, just a short walk from Pampelonne Beach. This 5-bedroom villa features floor-to-ceiling bay windows that offer lush views of the villa’s manicured gardens and 9m x 6m swimming pool.

rent villa ramatuelle close to beach
Villa Sassari for rent in Ramatuelle

Villa Sassari is a beautiful 350m² property ideally situated just 300 metres from the golden sands of Pampelonne. This elegant villa offers six bedrooms, including one with independent access, providing ample space for guests. It also features a chic billiard room with a pool table and a cosy cinema room, perfect for entertainment and relaxation during a summer vacation.

How to rent a luxury villa in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle?

how to rent villa pampelonne ramatuelle
For a curated collection of rental villas in Pampelonne, reach out to the villa experts at St Tropez House. Simply provide your weekly budget, desired number of bedrooms, and any additional amenities you seek, such as a sea view or gym. Contact Emilia Jedamska for further details and assistance.

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