The Grande Braderie in Saint Tropez

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The Grande Braderie in Saint Tropez
Grande Braderie coming soon in St Tropez
Photo by Monica Arellano-Ongpin, terms of use.


Many wrongly assume that Saint Tropez is a summer-only destination, believing that once the high temperatures and long beach days are over there is little to do in this beautiful corner of France.

How wrong can those assumptions be? All those who own property in Saint Tropez will no doubt be aware by now that the town of Saint Tropez and its surrounding countryside are anything but just a summer resort.

In fact, the months of September and October are positively crammed with events that will appeal to those taking a late holiday in Saint Tropez or renting a villa out of season in this stunning region on the French Riviera.

For example, last week has seen some of the world’s most beautiful yachts descend on Saint Tropez for the annual Voiles de St Tropez, whilst the Antipodes Film Festival at the Cinema la Renaissance, in the central Place des Lices, will open from October 13-19.

But without doubt one of our favourite events at this time of the year is the Grande Braderie, which will bring Saint Tropez to a standstill from 24-27 October when visitors and those with villas in Saint Tropez flood into the town for a spot of bargain hunting à la Tropézienne.

The event is a massive jumble sale which sees shops throughout the town of every shape and size spill onto the pavements to display discounted goods.

And in true Saint Tropez style, many of the bargains to be had aren’t just any old items which shop keepers hope to flog before new stock comes in. Many high-end labels including Versace and Prada take part in the Grande Braderie meaning that there are some true bargains to be found over the weekend.

It’s for this reason that we advise our clients staying in St Tropez House properties to heed the saying ‘The early bird catches the worm’. The sale is very popular and Saint Tropez is as busy as it would normally be at the height of summer, if not more.



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