Fully-staffed rental villas in Saint Tropez: What does that mean?

Fully-staffed rental villas in Saint Tropez: What does that mean?

Welcome to the St Tropez House guide to fully staffed villas for rent in St Tropez, where luxury meets convenience for your summer getaway on the French Riviera. Indulge in the ultimate holiday experience, where your needs are not only met, but anticipated by a dedicated team of professionals. From private chefs crafting culinary delights to attentive housekeepers ensuring impeccable cleanliness, fully staffed villas offer a seamless blend of opulence and relaxation. Join us as we explore what a ‘fully-staffed’ rental villa really means and what to expect from your dedicated team of specialists.

Villa Manager: Dedicated to all villa-related questions

In a luxury villa rental in St Tropez, the Manager of the villa plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for guests. Their duties and responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, all aimed at maintaining the highest standards of hospitality and service. Firstly, the Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the villa, ensuring that it is impeccably maintained and that all amenities are in perfect working order. They are also responsible for coordinating the villa staff, including housekeepers, chefs, and concierge services, to ensure that every guest request is promptly and efficiently addressed. Additionally, the Manager serves as the main point of contact for guests, assisting with villa-related inquiries, organising excursions and activities, and providing personalised recommendations to enhance the guest experience. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to excellence are instrumental in creating a luxurious and memorable stay for every guest at the villa.

Butler: Full Service for all personal requests

butler full service st tropez

Catering to clients renting a luxury villa in St Tropez is the ultimate goal of a butler. Their role is to provide impeccable service and attend to the personal needs and requests of guests. Duties encompass a wide range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the utmost comfort and satisfaction of every guest staying in the villa.

Butlers serve as the primary point of contact for guests, providing personalised assistance and anticipating their needs before they arise. From arranging transportation and making restaurant reservations to organising leisure activities and excursions, butlers ensure that guests’ preferences are meticulously catered to. They also oversee the smooth functioning of the villa’s amenities, ensuring that everything is in perfect working order and if necessary liaising with the villa manager to fix any villa-related issues. Butlers must ensure the seamless stay of their guests.
Attention to detail is paramount as well as providing discreet and attentive service, always striving to exceed guests’ expectations. Whether it’s preparing and serving meals, coordinating housekeeping services, or arranging special events or celebrations, butlers execute their duties with professionalism, grace, and discretion.

Private Chef: Specially catered meals for guests

private chef st tropez

The role of private chefs in the world of high-end villa rentals goes far beyond cooking; they are culinary maestros dedicated to creating unforgettable dining experiences for guests. From crafting personalised menus tailored to individual tastes and dietary requirements to sourcing the finest ingredients from local markets and suppliers, private chefs ensure that every meal is a feast for the senses. They are adept at preparing a wide range of cuisines, from traditional Provencal dishes to international favourites, using their culinary expertise to impress the taste buds of even the most discerning guests. In addition to their culinary skills, private chefs also excel in presentation, transforming each dish into a work of art that delights the eyes as much as the palate. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a lavish feast for a large gathering, private chefs elevate the dining experience to new heights, leaving guests with cherished memories of exquisite gastronomy enjoyed in the comfort of their luxury villa rental. Chefs will liaise with the butler and villa manager in some cases to ensure there is staff to assist with large events when service and cleaning is required.

Housekeeping: Pristine surroundings

housekeeping staff st tropez

Housekeeping staff are the unsung heroes of luxury villa rentals, ensuring that every corner of the property is pristine and kept in the highest of conditions. Beyond simply tidying up, their meticulous attention to detail can transform a rental villa into a sanctuary of cleanliness and order. From making beds with crisp linens to flawlessly arranging furnishings and decor, housekeeping staff create an ambiance of comfort that envelops guests from the moment they step through the door. Cleaning staff maintains every inch of the villa, from gleaming floors to sparkling bathrooms, ensuring that every surface shines. With their discreet and diligent service, housekeeping staff ensure that guests can relax and unwind in an immaculate environment, free from the cares of daily life. This staff is also attentive to clients specific cleaning needs and requirements, ensuring linens are changed based on clients requests and cleaning schedules align with guests preferences.

Security Guard: Rest Assured

Security guards are the silent, unseen protectors of luxury villa rentals, dedicated to ensuring the safety and peace of mind of guests. Their vigilant presence provides a reassuring sense of security, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their stay without worry. Beyond mere surveillance, security guards employ advanced security measures to safeguard the property and its occupants. They monitor access points, patrol the grounds, and maintain a watchful eye on the surroundings, deterring any potential threats and swiftly addressing any security concerns that may arise. Whether it’s safeguarding guests and their personal belongings, ensuring privacy, or responding to emergencies, security guards play a vital role in creating a safe and secure environment where guests can truly feel at ease.

What are the Top 5 fully-staffed villas for rent in St Tropez?

Las Brisas

Las Brisas in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

Las Brisas is an exceptional 650m2 contemporary villa overlooking the golden stretch of Pampelonne beach. Ideally situated 200m from the famous beach clubs including Club 55 & Nikki Beach, the villa offers a spacious living and dining area with a breathtaking panoramic sea view, overlooking the pool, dining area, and terrace. Featuring 7 guest bedrooms and full staff accommodations on the lower level, the villa also includes a fully equipped gym and a professional tennis court next door. With its delicate color palette and impressive collection of modern art, Villa Las Brisas offers a stylish yet comforting ambiance, setting it apart as a truly exceptional rental option.


Villa Ama, fully-staffed luxury villa for rent

Villa Ama Pampelonne embodies modern luxury, offering easy access to premier beach clubs like Club 55 and Nikki Beach while boasting panoramic sea views over Pampelonne Bay. With 7 bedrooms, this highly sought-after property features a 500m2 indoor space and expansive 10,000 m2 garden. Amenities such as a heated swimming pool, outdoor cinema, and gym ensure ultimate entertainment, while exquisite pieces and contemporary art adorn the gardens and interiors of this stunning villa. Villa Ama Pampelonne is fully staffed, providing exceptional service with a dedicated housekeeping team, butler, and top private chef.


Villa Malko Les Parcs Fully staffed villa
Villa Malko in Les Parcs de St Tropez

Experience luxury living in this superb 500m2 Provençale style villa located in the prestigious domain of Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. Designed by the internationally recognised designer Stéphanie Coutas, the fully-staffed villa seamlessly blends Bohemian Couture spirit with the timeless elegance of Provence. It features 6 bedrooms, a spacious living and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and multiple outdoor spaces for dining and lounging. Enjoy leisurely moments by the 15m x 6m heated swimming pool or retreat to the large pool house with a Weber BBQ for al fresco dining.


Villa Astor fully-staffed villa for rent
Villa Astor for rent in Le Capon, Saint Tropez

Villa Astor, nestled in Canoubiers, Saint Tropez, offers a fully-staffed retreat on 2500m2 of picturesque land overlooking Canoubiers Bay, just 100 meters from the beach. Ideal for families, it features 7 guest bedrooms and boasts a spacious living and dining area with sea views, a fully equipped kitchen, a play/TV room, and a summer kitchen. Outdoors, guests can enjoy the swimming pool, large terraces, manicured garden, yoga/massage pergola, and an outdoor gym area. The dedicated staff of this villa will ensure guests the most enjoyable stay in Saint Tropez.


rent villa canoubiers st tropez

Located in an exclusive residential area of St Tropez, neighboring the iconic residence of Brigitte Bardot, Villa Felicia is a fully-staffed property which offers the ideal blend of luxury and seclusion. Tucked away on a tranquil cul-de-sac and enjoying direct access to the sea, Villa Felicia is also conveniently close to the vibrant heart of St Tropez, reachable in a 10 minute drive. This exclusive villa boasts lavish amenities, including a gym for wellness enthusiasts, direct access to the sea, and a total of 8 guest bedrooms, ensuring ample space for relaxation and rejuvenation. From the expansive terraces overlooking beautifully landscaped gardens to the inviting infinity pool, every facet of Villa Felicia promises discerning travelers an unforgettable St Tropez retreat.


St Tropez House Rental Specialists: How can we help?

villa myriad le capon saint tropezSt Tropez House Director Emilia Jedamska in front of Villa Myriad in Le Capon,Saint Tropez

The team at St Tropez House specialises in matching each guest with their ideal Saint Tropez villa. Our services extend far beyond finding the perfect accommodation; we also assist with all pre-arrival transportation arrangements to ensure a smooth journey to their destination. From private helicopter charters and yacht rentals to arranging mini moke rentals and airport transfers, our team is ready to help. It is our duty to arrange any staff or services required during our guests’ stay, ensuring it is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Feel free to contact Emilia with your dates, budget, and desired number of bedrooms, and she will be delighted to assist in finding the ideal villa to rent in Saint Tropez.

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